Inspiring Designs from Louis Vuitton's New Menswear Capsule Collection 2021
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Inspiring Designs from Louis Vuitton's New Menswear Capsule Collection 2021

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Louis Vuitton has unveiled some classic tailored pieces for their Men’s Capsule Collection 2021 to match urban sensibilities. This collection keeps it clean and cool with formal silhouettes contrasted against a pop of eclectic colors and trendy lines. 

The collection is inspired by a 1914 greeting card that Gaston-Louis Vuitton penned at the time. The underlying theme behind this collection is expressionism, and the designers have made this vision come alive through clean lines and hues. The fits blend workwear formals and classic schoolboy outfits, with some Japanese designs and shapes thrown into the mix.

Virgil Abloh gives classic shapes an urban edge and breathes life into the collection this season. Interestingly, despite innovative twists and daring experiments, the collection stays true to the more formal tailoring style. It is truly avant-garde in form and function. Check out the Louis Vuitton New Collection 2021.

Here are some handpicked innovative design trends that feature in the Louis Vuitton New collection 2021.

1. Camel beige blazer/suit 

Louis Vuitton's New Menswear Capsule Collection 2021

The collection boasts warm-hued compositions in the classic fit suit and overcoats. The belted suit is paired with a scalloped collar shirt and belt. When paired with an overcoat, a light blue sweater offers a contrast, and keeps all eyes trained on the warmth of the brown coat. Earthy tones are downplayed in this collection, but this adds even more drama to the outfit. Earthy colors contrast with watercolor tones on the accessories, which gives the collection an edgy nonchalance.

2. Color burst tie and dye

Virgil Abloh has extended the lease on his early inspiration - the tie and dye pattern - and made it a staple for this collection. The tie and dye design has been envisioned as a multi-colored sunset of monogrammed hues. This pattern is used in chic jackets and shirts, and is a signature addition to fall 2021 collection. It is a truly refreshing print idea that has infused a new personality in otherwise plain clothes. Cargo pants, printed tees, bags and belts, all sport this monogrammed tie and dye pattern, which is extensively used throughout the collection.

3. Turquoise Damier

The classic checkered appeal of Louis Vuitton has been given a facelift with turquoise-colored checks appearing in the capsule collection. The light freshness of the color turquoise finds bold expression through the Damier pattern. The blue Damier is an ideal addition this fall, for it makes an appearance on many iconic products. It stands out with elegance on the Keepall duffle bags that complement the collection’s clean cuts and warm colors. Jackets, pants and crew-neck sweaters also seem to draw from this re-envisioned Damier.

4. Classic checkerboard pattern

Louis Vuitton's New Menswear Capsule Collection 2021

The classic brand design gets an upgrade in the Louis Vuitton new collection 2021. The looks all feature a very laid-back autumn vibe with formal checked prints spread across clothing and accessories. While keeping it strictly simple with the color, the lines of the pieces are far from mundane. While there is a structure in the silhouette, the tailoring is fun and adventurous.

5. Louis Vuitton monogram

The hand-drawn greeting card by Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the owner of LV inspires this capsule collection’s iconic monogram. The spirit of the card is celebrated for its flair, and finds itself etched on the products of the 2021 collection. The Louis Vuitton Marque Deposee signature adorns the items in this new collection.

6. Quirky quilted Suit

The quilted design gives the Louis Vuitton checkerboard pattern a very trendy twist. The look follows clean, uncomplicated lines, but the interesting mashup of the quilted look with checks makes the suit a statement piece that has the potential to capture the fashion market.

7. Leather-forward collection

From luggage to jackets and wallets, the Louis Vuitton new collection 2021 features leather products with reinterpreted looks. Fresher colors find their way onto quirky leather bags. Archival prints appear on some leather products, while the updated rainbow tie and dye patterns adorn the rest. The leather jackets are show-stopping pieces of luxury that elevate the collection with their signature style.


Designers Abloh and Nigo have given the Louis Vuitton new collection 2021 a makeover with products that feature unique tie and dye details and other upgrades. Bold bursts of color are set against conservative beiges, while signature patterns are reimagined. If you’re looking for an apparel manufacturer for your own fashion label, you must get in touch with Fashinza. We work with the best suppliers in the industry to manufacture your collections. We take ownership of the entire process from design to delivery, while you focus on other aspects of your business.


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