A Sneak Peek Into Louis Vuitton’s New Collection 2021-22
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A Sneak Peek Into Louis Vuitton’s New Collection 2021-22

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Founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton, also known as LV or Louis Vuitton Malletier, is a French fashion business and luxury goods firm. The LV monogram can be seen on almost all of the label's products, including leather goods and luxury trunks, shoes, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses and clothes. 

Louis Vuitton is one of the most prestigious worldwide fashion houses in the world. It offers its items through standalone boutiques, high-end department stores, and through its website's e-commerce section.

Recently they launched their men's and women's Fall-Winter collection 2021. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Men’s Fall-Winter Collection

Louis Vuitton’s New Collection 2021-22

For his Louis Vuitton New Collection (Fall-Winter 2021), Virgil Abloh, artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton and all-around adventurous designer, embraced the opportunity to explore a new medium of the runway. 

The "Ebonics/ Snake Oil/ The Black Box/Mirror collection" as he's dubbed it, made its Paris debut as a dramatic, multi-disciplinary artistic performance. The short film, titled ‘Peculiar Contrast, Perfect Light’, is set against a modernist backdrop of marble at the Tennis Club de Paris and a stark, snowy mountainside in Switzerland.

The noir-style play was inspired by James Baldwin's essay Stranger in the Village, in which he speaks about his experiences growing up in a Swiss village and his life as a black man in America. Saul Williams goes through an abstract marble metropolis, warily stepping among a swarm of archetypes depicting "the artist, the salesman, the architect, [and] the drifter," in this 14-minute performance piece.

Abloh's talk addresses "the presumptions we make about people based on the way they dress: their cultural background, gender and sexuality" and deconstructs old social standards. The film's exquisite drama makes the viewer examine the world we live in and introduces a new Louis Vuitton aesthetic.

The Louis Vuitton New Collection features base designs with structured silhouettes and formalwear. The color scheme is based on emerald greens, mild greys and bright whites. However, it's the imaginative textures, materials, and layering that provide the most enjoyment.

The collection's key standouts include plastic, leather, poplin, wool and silk. The most memorable pieces are a transparent monogrammed suit, a sculptural cityscape jacket, steel-toe western boots and reflecting monograms of the redesigned LV emblem. 

Some of the house's traditional accessories have been reimagined, such as the new Christopher backpack, which has been redone in Epi leather with a spray-painted finish, and the Attaché bag, which has been given brilliant neon components.

Women’s Fall Winter Collection

Louis Vuitton’s New Collection 2021-22

Nicolas Ghesquière, Creative Director of Womenswear, used art as his muse in a video shot in the Louvre's Daru Galleries for the Louis Vuitton New Collection. Ghesquière "started the season thinking what could be a wonderful trip, what could be the most dreamy escape." 

Given that many people haven’t been able to travel, he concluded that the most indulgent theme of all would be to reanimate the creative quality of Italian, Greek, Roman and Etruscan Mythology after probing the confines of his imagination.

More specifically, the varied depictions of femininity associated with this picture served as inspiration. Rather than using the apparent draping techniques that come with portraying this era, Ghesquière sought advice from Fornasetti.

With over 13,000 artifacts in the Fornasetti archive, Louis Vuitton methodically selected fifteen designs to serve as the mood board for the runway looks as well as a capsule collection that will be launched soon.

With a pastel and gemstone color palette, embellished artwork prints, and whimsical shapes, Ghesquière followed Fornasetti's strategy of modernizing Greek and Roman art. However, this isn't the average street style from the year 800 B.C. 

Tulle skirts worn under sports jackets, laser-printed Fornasetti designs, glittering gemstone patterns, colorful fringed dresses, and a rich textural layering technique make for some very striking ensembles. 

While looking back in time was one of the main inspirations for this Louis Vuitton New Collection Fall/Winter 2021 collection, the present was also a major motif. With society forced to work and live from home due to lockdowns, the concept of comfort attire combined with extreme fashion statements has become ingrained in popular culture. 

Ghesquière found this continuing style to be an intriguing topic. He achieves this in his collection with clothing that is ornamental, artisanal and sculpturally silhouetted all at the same time, but with soft padding for a more everyday aesthetic. 


The Louis Vuitton New Collection was well-received. The styles, designs and patterns were hailed as luxurious and relevant. If you are looking to create high-end, luxury fashion apparel, get in touch with Fashinza. We work with leading manufacturers in the industry to create fashion-forward collections.


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