Wildest Prints In Louis Vuitton New Dress Collection To Draw Inspiration From
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Wildest Prints In Louis Vuitton New Dress Collection To Draw Inspiration From

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Louis Vuitton is the world’s best luxury brand known mainly for its leather handbags, trunks, shoes, jewelry, watches, and accessories. The brand has its typical LV monogram and is the most profitable luxury brand in the world. Every designer wishes to reach the height Louis Vuitton has over its functional years. It was started in 1854 as a high-end brand, and today the brand is a $30 billion company.  

Initially, a suitcase maker, Louis Vuitton slowly and gradually moved into making a wide range of products. The brand has been consistently creating unique prints which make its items distinguishable from the rest. Apart from the easily recognizable monogram, Louis Vuitton is known for its wild and antique printed bags, shoes, and accessories. One can recognize an LV item through its print amidst a big crowd — that is how well the brand has built its signature among consumers.

In this article, we will look at some items with the wildest prints in the Louis Vuitton new collection of dresses for 2021.

Slanted Signature Bust Jacquard Dress

Wildest Prints In Louis Vuitton New Dress Collection

This dress is a short sporty dress with short sleeves. It has one of the boldest designs. The dress makes a statement through its unique print. The material of the dress is viscose-blend compact jacquard knit. It also has the season’s graphic slanted signature features all over it. The emblazonment on the front contains a vibrant gathering of Roman busts and Ancient Greek patterns. The dress is one to seek inspiration from and is clearly a signature item in the LV dress collection.

Silk Monogram Architecture Sweater Dress

Wildest Prints In Louis Vuitton New Dress Collection

This dress is typically made for the winter. It’s an everyday sweater dress made with lightweight and shiny silk twill. The print is the statement motif from the Fornasetti collaboration. The iconic monogram over the dress serves as a signature backdrop to the graphic arches in monochrome. It has contrast ribbing which adds a sporty spirit to the dress. Finally, to complete the look, LV adds a dainty key-shaped zip fastening. 

Zebra Bust T-shirt Dress

Wildest Prints In Louis Vuitton New Dress Collection

Another dress from the Fornasetti archives, the cornerstone print on this dress revitalizes a staple jersey dress. Back-to-back busts in high definition stand out in grayscale against a backdrop of vivid zebra stripes. It has contrast collars to give the dress a sporty look and to complete the dress, LV added its iconic chain detail. The dress is an easy-to-wear statement piece from the luxury brand, and an item for small brands to seek inspiration from. 

Keys Flounce Dress

This sleeveless dress is not only chic but has a statement motif from the Fornasetti collaboration. The dress is crafted from wool-silk cady with baroque keys printed all over it. The design is inspired by artifacts from antiquity. With a silhouette cut, flirty side flounces and LA laurel wreath buttons, the dress mimics the shape of an apron. At the back of the dress is an exposed zipper which adds a contemporary flush. A designer brand can create such a dress for their dress collection. 

Velvet Damier Coin Dress

This is a straight cut dress from the Louis Vuitton new collection, making a graphic statement with its unique monochromatic print. It has a retro feel as the dress is made with a glossy velvet material with a bold design printed on it. This dress is another item from the Fornasetti collection. It has the iconic checkerboard backdrop from LV’s Damier motif. The portraits on the dress are inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman coins. 

Chain Print Overall Mini Dress

The mini dress is cut from denim in thin vertical stripes. It is overlaid with a statement take on the iconic LV chain motif. It has brass Louis Vuitton buttons, and the dainty Monogram Flower eyelets on the straps of the dress reflect the typical style of the LV House. This dress from the Louis Vuitton new collection of dresses can be a great design inspiration for all fashion brands. 


As a fashion designer or a fashion brand owner, it is necessary to look out for the Louis Vuitton new collections every year. Their designs are unique, iconic, and appeal to celebrities and fashionistas all over the world. You can never go wrong seeking inspiration from their collections. 

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