The Complete List of Dior Global Ambassadors

The Complete List of Dior Global Ambassadors

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Today, the business of fashion has transformed to keep up with a shift in consumer behavior. More people are comfortable spending on branded goods. The luxury fashion giant Dior has been thriving on long-standing fame and success for years. This has helped boost the luxury market share. But even the big players in fashion need to invest in marketing to win over customers. Appointing ambassadors gives the brand a strong personality and appeal.

1. Jimin

Jimin Park Jimin, K- Pop Star singer, dancer, songwriter, dancer & a member of the boy band BTS is now the global ambassador of Dior.
Dior menswear designer Kim Jones designed stage outfits for the band's "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself" world tour in 2019. Among BTS' previous partnerships are McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Louis Vuitton, which named them brand ambassadors in April 2021.The partnership between Dior and Jimin is a match made in heaven as it uniquely combines fashion and music. It's an excellent opportunity for both brands to reach a wider audience and create a memorable experience for fans.

2. Isabella Adjani

Isabella Adjani features prominently on the list of the most influential Dior global ambassadors. The French actress featured as the face of Poison perfume from 1985 to the 1990s, and helped the brand capture people’s imagination.

3. Carla Bruni

Complete List of Dior Global Ambassadors

Carla Bruni yielded immense power in driving the brand into the audience’s consciousness. She was the face of the Lady Dior handbag and lent Dior her appeal in 1996.

4. Charlize Theron

Actress Charlize Theron’s striking personality helped amass greater interest towards the brand. Dior appointed her for their J’Adore Dior perfume range, and she remains one of their top spokesmodels even today.

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 5. Sharon Stone

Complete List of Dior Global Ambassadors

Sharon Stone has been the brand’s face since 2005. She was quite active in her role as Dior’s brand ambassador for their makeup and skincare range and even hosted the luxury house’s 60th birthday celebration in 2007.

6. Monica Belluci

The brand captured Belluci’s sensuality and magnetic appeal to promote their Hypnotic Poison perfume in 2009. She also featured in advertisements for Dior cosmetics and Lady Dior handbags, which are a testament to the actress’s global appeal and connection with the audience.

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7. Eva Green

The French star became the face of Dior fragrance Midnight Poison in 2007. Eva Green has not only pushed the envelope with her stellar presence but continues to drive the brand’s image with her femininity.

8. Jude Law

Complete List of Dior Global Ambassadors

The face of Dior Homme fragrance, Jude Law worked as a brand ambassador for them from 2008 to 2012. The actor exudes a natural star persona and that has helped the brand campaign garner greater success.

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9. Natalie Portman

Dior global ambassadors are appointed to represent a product that expresses itself best through its unique personality. Natalie Portman was hired for Dior’s fragrance Miss Dior in 2010 and captured the essence of their fragrance as well as their cosmetics line with her mesmerizing charm.

10. Melanie Laurent

Complete List of Dior Global Ambassadors

Melanie Laurent campaigned for the Hypnotic Poison perfume in 2011. She was roped in for this fragrance and featured in their Hypnotic Poison film with unflinching beauty.

11. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was the Dior global ambassador for Miss Dior bags and fronted their ads with her admirable beauty. She looked every bit classic and elegant in their ad campaigns.

12. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a powerhouse of personality. What makes her a truly great ambassador is her ability to go beyond the costume and set. While she carries a strong personality, she manages to temper it with a quiet charm.

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13. Robert Pattinson

Complete List of Dior Global Ambassadors

The trending actor was appointed as the face of Dior Homme fragrance in 2013 and has helped the brand connect to a wider fanbase owing to his mass appeal.

14. Rihanna

Dior has been known to appoint powerful and distinctive personalities to front their ads. Another well-known face from the list of iconic Dior global ambassadors is Rihanna. Her immense popularity made her the perfect choice to be featured in the brand’s Secret Garden campaign. 

15. Johnny Depp

For their Dior Sauvage fragrance, Dior hired the actor as the face of their cologne. The ad is set against the blue-tinged backdrop of a twilight setting that captures the fancy of viewers.

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16. Angelababy

Angelababy is a Chinese star who was appointed as the face of the brand’s Dior Amour collection in 2017. The massive success of the actress in China sent ripples all over the world, making her a good fit for Dior.

17. Cara Delevigne

Complete List of Dior Global Ambassadors

The supermodel with her edgy appeal has been a great spokesperson for the Dior Stellar Shine Lipstick.

18. Kim Jisoo

The resounding success of K-pop catapulted Jisoo to the global scene. Member of the K-pop band Blackpink, Jisoo was dubbed as Dior’s Global Fashion Muse in 2020 and is now makes it to the list of top Dior global ambassadors for fashion and beauty.


Owing to the popularity of its brand ambassadors, Dior has managed to consolidate a big corporate identity and hit even bigger numbers in terms of sales. These celebrities have all been a great asset with their successful brand endorsements. Dior continues to rope in people who have that unique appeal and unrelenting charisma to draw in the public’s attention.

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