How Futuristic is Gucci's New Collection?

How Futuristic is Gucci's New Collection?

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A brand name that instantly elevates the wearer's social status. A brand that elicits an immediate feeling of status, prestige and desirability. Gucci is a brand that is developing a completely contemporary approach to fashion. 

Influential, inventive and forward-thinking, the brand's long legacy and astute business strategy set it apart from its competition. The Italian brand drives customer interest and high demand by combining unique design features and creative marketing strategies. But there's a lot more to it.

Let's look at the trend analysis and learn about the Gucci New Collection, which takes a futuristic approach.

The growth of Gucci and its futuristic approach 

Guccio Gucci established the groundwork for the 'House of Gucci' in Florence, Italy, in 1921. Guccio returned to Italy and began developing distinctive designs influenced by the British nobles of the period. Gucci appealed to aristocracy and celebrities to help the company get off to a strong start. 

As the business expanded, Gucci enlisted some of the world's most talented artists to design their products in order to increase brand awareness and consumer demand. Furthermore, it was the company's marketing efforts that made the brand "Gucci'' attractive to the younger generation, who preferred streetwear design styles.

Gucci's material selection, unique design features, and outstanding manufacturing quality translate into high-quality items and gorgeous accessories that are in great demand. This is what permits the business to demand high prices while providing added value to its clients. Gucci, being a top-tier Italian designer, exclusively uses high-quality raw materials in production processes. 

The Gucci New Collection is no exception. But before proceeding further let's first delve deeper into the brand's popularity.

Gucci New Collection

Gucci nearly quadrupled its sales in 2018, with buyers under the age of 35 accounting for 55% of those sales. Celebrities like Lil Pump and Kylie Jenner have helped to push the brand further through Instagram and music. Gucci is almost everywhere these days. Kylie Jenner even made news when she was photographed carrying her kid in a $625 Gucci baby carrier!

Gucci is one of the world's most coveted fashion houses. Eclectic, modern, and romantic—Gucci goods reflect the peak of Italian workmanship and are unrivaled in terms of quality and attention to detail.

Gucci has been badly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with sales down by more than 22%. However, François-Henri Pinault and his colleagues at Kering know how to capitalize on Gucci’s timeless appeal.

So, How has the Italian brand remained relevant to successive generations of premium customers? Well, Gucci's strategy has been to create products that appeal to a wide range of demographics. The company's objective, similar to that of mass-market companies, is to capitalize on trends. To achieve this, the Italian house's assortment must contain more ready-to-wear items than its competitors.

Highlights of the Gucci New collection 

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Gucci. Michele's new collection is a celebration of that milestone. Michele adapted Gucci's equestrian rules and gave them a sensual twist. He also wore a crimson velvet tuxedo from Tom Ford's fall 1996 collection. Michele incorporated elements of Gvasalia's trademark forms and emblems, such as the padded hip jacket from autumn 2016 and the spandex peplum top and leggings from spring 2017.

All of this combined with his own symbols — quantities of marabou, glitter for the day, enormous and anatomical heart minaudières studded with rhinestones—along with a crucial new focus on traditional tailoring. 

Some names from the Gucci New Collection are -

  • Resort 2022 menswear
  • Fall 2021 Menswear
  • Fall 2021 Ready-to-wear collection
  • Resort 2022
  • Pre Fall 2021

How futuristic is the Gucci New Collection?

Kering's chairman and CEO stated that he has witnessed how inclusive, inventive, and iconoclastic views are matched with people's expectations and aspirations today. Michele enjoys the fact that he is a cultural builder as well as a clothing and accessory designer. “Young people see the brand as a platform, a destination. They imagine Gucci in a million different ways and at a million different times,” he explained.

Gucci New Collection

As a result, he collaborated on a music video with his buddy, filmmaker Floria Sigismondi. The models halted in a darkened anteroom after crossing the gauntlet of old-fashioned cameras that lined the runway, like superstars on a red carpet, before pouring out into an imagined forest where they cavorted with white horses, peacocks, and cockatoos. The picture concludes with one of those crystalized heart minaudières flying into the air. Michele said, “it's a post-pandemic fantasy and it's a playground shared by all of us”.


The Gucci New Collection is causing quite a stir. Every fashion enthusiast is looking to Gucci's collection for design inspiration. If, on the other hand, you are well-versed in the world of fashion, it is high time that you partner with the top manufacturers in the business. Fashinza is one such platform, where you can connect with the top manufacturers and let us handle it all from inception to manufacturing!


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