Top 10 Textile and Apparel Exporting Countries of the World

Top 10 Textile and Apparel Exporting Countries of the World

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The Textile Industry is never without a moment of thrill. The competition always keeps the players at the edge, each trying to stay ahead at every point in time. The textile industry has several advantages which help boost the economy of a country. Exporting textiles and apparel is an important source of foreign exchange earnings. The countries aim to capture the global market to ensure their platform in world business.

Here is a list of the top 10 exporting countries of the textile and apparel industry, ranked from 1 to 10 :

Exporting Countries

1. China

China is the leading manufacturer and exporter of textiles in the world. China’s export value was approximately $266.41 billion in 2020. Factors like low-cost production, superior raw material, industrial infrastructure, advanced machinery, well-organized work process in domestic as well as global markets, have led to the thriving textile industry. The eight major categories of China’s textile industries include cotton fabrics, silk fabric, chemical fabrics, wool fabrics, knitted fabric, textile machinery, fiber, and garments. The industry is growing every day and the government does its best to aid the growth.

2. Germany

With an export value of $38.99 billion, Germany follows China as the second-largest exporter of textiles in the world. The country excels in exporting synthetic yarn, knitted apparel cloth, and man-made fiber. Most of the industries in Germany range between medium and small size businesses. The country has been focusing on the production of high-quality textiles.

3. Bangladesh

Bangladesh has emerged as a prominent competitor in the textile and apparel industry. Low labour cost and a massive workforce have enabled Bangladesh to become the third-largest exporter of textiles and apparel in the world. Bangladesh has an export value of $38.73 billion as calculated in 2020. Interestingly, the country is the 2nd largest textile exporter of western fast fashion brands and excels in bulk order. The vertical capacities of Bangladesh help global brands to maintain more coordination and transparency in their supply chain. 

4. Vietnam

Vietnam is the fourth largest exporter of textiles in the world, with a rich history of high-quality manufacturing. Vietnam has many advantages like a skilled labor force and low wages. Vietnam mainly exports to countries like Japan, the USA, South Korea, and the EU. The export value of Vietnam according to 2020 is $37.93 Billion. The main focus of the country is to produce high-quality items to keep up in the competitive market and to improve its supply chain.

5. India

India has one of the oldest textile industries in the world. Today India holds the fifth position in the global textile exporting business, with an export value of $37.11 Billion. India has the advantage of domestic supply of fabric, being the second-largest producer of cotton in the world and producing some exclusive silk fibers. India has two textile sectors, one is the unorganized handloom and handicraft and the other is mechanized. The former operates with traditional looms, tools, and methods. India has improved a lot in terms of technology and is emerging as a global competitor in producing good quality textiles and apparel.

6. Italy

Italy’s export value is USD 36.57 billion, according to the 2020 evaluation. Italy has the advantage of a wide range of fibers- linen, cotton, wool, and silk. Italy manufactures textiles that have a strong export orientation. The company is focused on the technical performance of fabrics and yarns. The country has promising space and inclination for innovation and is likely to evolve further in the future.

7. Turkey

Turkey is always able to meet high standards and cater to a bulk range of products. As an important player in the global supply chain, Turkey is the seventh-largest exporter of textiles and apparel in the world. The 2020 report mentioned Turkey’s export value as USD 27.56 billion. Turkey has a favorable atmosphere for textile manufacturing with high-tech solutions, design capacity, and dynamic and flexible production.

8. United States of America

Items like textile raw materials, apparel, home furnishings, yarns, and fabrics are exported by the USA, making it the 8th strong competitor in the textile exporting market. The export value of the USA is USD 27.14 billion according to the 2020 report. The USA has a booming sector of medical and industrial textile along with the protective apparel industry. Large investment in technology has made the industry adept at producing high-quality textiles. 

9. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has a strong reputation for its dyed and printed fabric. The country is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of denim weaving, cotton spinning, fine-gauge cotton knitting, and knit-to-shape panel knitting. Hong Kong produces some of the finest quality textiles and apparel making it the 9th largest exporter of the same. The export value of the country is USD 20.43 billion. 

10. Spain

Spain has been striving towards finesse and is likely to move up the rank. For now, it is the 10th largest exporter of textiles in the world and is one of the leading exporters and manufacturers of spinning, weaving, finishing, dyeing, and clothing. The production capacity of Spain is amazing with a skilled workforce. The export value of Spain is USD 20.20 billion.


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