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Explore 5000+ designs across multiple categories!

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Explore 5000+ designs across multiple categories!

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Explore 5000+ designs across multiple categories!

How will this Apparel catalogue help you?

Presenting our ever growing catalogue to you for design inspirations! We encourage our manufacturing partners to upload their latest catalogues here on a weekly basis. While catering to leading global brands, we’ve come to understand the importance of a diversified catalogue. As a brand you might want to focus on a niche category or choose to experiment with multiple options. No matter what your business strategy is, our catalogue is here to supply you with an unending number of design ideas. Our core categories include t-shirts, trousers, westernwear, activewear, loungewear, kidswear, winter wear, lingerie, ethnicwear, bedsheet and linen, home decor, rugs, and medical essentials

We’ve made 10,000+ designs available in the catalogue, and the best part is, most of these designs can be customized on demand. You can customize colors, brand labels, prints/logos, and measurements. You can also add or remove features (pockets for instance) to the existing styles in our catalogue.

Long story short, we’re here to offer you a free-hand in picking your designs but to make the process easier, we’ve built an extensive catalogue. If you’re a brand that wants to minimize production lead time, our ready stock catalogues will be a perfect fit for you!

How do we curate our catalogues?

There are two kinds of products: the ones that become bestsellers and the ones that add to deadstock. We believe in reducing fabric wastage at every stage of operation, so as a rule we focus on products that are likely to sell out immediately. We curate popular designs based on our internal data. Our catalogues list styles that have been noted to experience high market demand. Even if you don’t wish to produce these designs, they can help you to gauge the hottest market trends. Our catalogues, as such, are an offering in themselves, sharing design ideas and market insights at the same time.