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A Quick Guide On Instagram Ads To Increase Your Brand Visibility

Instagram ads and how do they work? 

Instagram is one of our favorite social media platforms these days. Billions of people incessantly scrolling through the platform also makes it a great marketplace. Making the most of the opportunity, Instagram allows you to advertise from your account without the help of paid partnerships or sponsored posts. You can have total control over your ads and the information you share. These ads can help brands to reach a highly refined audience with a specific goal in mind (like increasing followers, maximizing profile visits, receiving more messages, selling their products, and so on). For budding businesses, this can be an amazing cost-effective way to gain visibility.

Ways to create Instagram ads

Instagram gives you an opportunity to advertise your ads just by turning on the Promote button. For every post, you have the liberty to decide where you’re willing to divert your audience, who can see the promotions, and how much you are willing to spend per promotion. An alternative other way is to create campaigns with the help of Facebook Ads Manager.

Instagram Ads

How much do Instagram ads cost?

According to a research done by Revealbot, the average cost per click is US $1.17 and the cost per one thousand impressions is US $7.01. This can vary depending on the campaign’s motive. Better the clarity of the target audience greater the results. The cost can also depend on the product you are advertising. 

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads and types 

1 Photo ads: A photo ad is a simple picture that refers to or promotes your business or products.  

2 Video ads: These ads display video content to endorse a product or service through moving visuals.

3 Carousel ads: Carousel ads allow you to showcase 2-10 images or videos in a single go.

4 Collection ads: This type of ad leads people from discovering a product to buying it using a smooth flow.

5 Stories ads: These are interactive ads that can retain the audience’s attention. As the name suggests, they pop up in the stories in a vertical format. These can be static as well as video ads

6 Reels ads: Instagram reels allow users to create short 15 seconds videos which can be used for ads. The reels have great reach and is a good option to use for promotion.

Advertisement campaign objectives

Before you create an ad, you should have a clearly defined objective. Delineating the objective helps to make the right decisions while creating the ad. In most cases, these are the primary objectives for ad creation:

Instagram Ads
  •  Brand awareness: To create awareness among the target audience about your product and services.
  •  Reach:  To reach a larger audience. 
  •  Traffic: To drive visitors to your website,with a larger goal of generating more revenue and increasing the number of impressions
  •  App installs: Once people reach the website, app installing alerts can make your audience download the app for the latest updates. 
  • Engagement: Promoting your brand with the help of videos and other interactive ways to engage your audience.
  • Video views: Views can help you know the audience behavior and the data in terms can help you to streamline your content
  • Lead generation: To gain information about potential customers, who in turn can be targeted using the subsequent campaigns.

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