Podcasts for Entrepreneurs: A Quick and Easy Way to Gain Insights and Get Inspired

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs: A Quick and Easy Way to Gain Insights and Get Inspired

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A good entrepreneur is always looking to add to her skillset. She is ready to meet the requirements of the modern day business landscape. As such, it’s crucial for entrepreneurs to update their knowledge in a timely and efficient manner. This is why podcasts have become popular today in the business world.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files made by a content creator. A user can download or stream podcast episodes for easy listening. Podcasts are a personal, convenient and inexpensive (if not free) form of communication. 

Once obscure, podcasts have exploded in the recent decade. They appeal to many because they can be listened to at home, at work, or while commuting. Today, podcasts are the hot new form of digital media. Brands and entrepreneurs have embraced podcasts, making it part of their content and networking strategy.

10 podcasts all Entrepreneurs Must Listen to

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

1. Rework: A Podcast by Basecamp

Rework is a podcast by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Fried and Hannson are better known in the entrepreneur world as the co-founder and CTO of Basecamp. Rework is a great starting point for those looking for entrepreneurial motivation.

In the Rework podcast, Fried and Hansson discuss success stories of various startups. They complement this discussion with rich insight into their own experiences. Special emphasis is placed on entrepreneurs who faced setbacks and grew from them.

2. This Week in Startups

This weekly podcast is made by entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis. It features a rotating cast of guest experts, many of whom are rising stars or veterans in the tech industry. 

‘This Week in Startups’ presents the most engaging stories from the startup world. Calacanis gives listeners a look at emerging business trends. He also provides insights on how companies are built and how investing works.

3. Pivot

Pivot is a weekly podcast by Recode co-founder Kara Swisher and professor Scott Galloway. Pivot is hosted on the Vox Media Podcast Network.

Swisher’s sharp journalistic insights on Silicon Valley makes Pivot worth listening to. The podcast offers an unfiltered view of how technology is shaping business and culture across media, advertising, politics etc.

4. How I Built This

Hosted by Guy Raz, this podcast delves into the startup stories behind some of the world's best-known companies. ‘How I Built This’ showcases the inspiring narratives of innovators and entrepreneurs from the business world.

The best part of this podcast is, hands down, the intimate “Oprah style” interviews conducted by Guy Raz. In these interviews, guests speak of their inner struggles and vulnerabilities that they do not typically share.

5. Entrepreneurs On Fire

This award-winning business podcast is hosted by John Lee Dumas. Dumas interviews successful entrepreneurs on their startup journeys and business philosophies. Guests also speak of novel strategies they used to lift up their business.

‘Entrepreneurs on Fire’ has an impressive catalogue of over 2,500 episodes and over a million listeners. We recommend the episodes featuring Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss and Neil Patel.

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

6. How to Start a Startup

‘How to Start a Startup’ has been described as a business course packed into a podcast. This makes sense since the podcast originally started as a video lecture series at Stanford University.

Emerging entrepreneurs receive first-hand knowledge from Sam Altman and other Y Combinator personnel.

The lectures cover wide-ranging topics such as raising capital, creating company culture, growing your user base, increasing sales and marketing etc.

7. Recode Decode

Can’t get enough of Kara Swisher? Well you’re in luck! Silicon Valley’s “most feared and well-liked journalist” hosts two podcasts. If you love the ‘Pivot’ podcast, you should check out  ‘Recode Decode’.

In Recode Decode, Swisher interviews tech execs, politicians, celebrities etc. on their impact and contributions to an ever changing world. Notable episodes include interviews with Elon Musk, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Jason Fried and Adam Grant.

8. EntreLeadership

EntreLeadership is hosted by podcaster George Kamel. It is geared towards small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Kamel hosts interviews with featured guests such as Mark Cuban and Simon Sinek. In each interview, Kamel discusses topics such as company culture, venture capital etc.

9. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

This is a business podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman, better known as the co-founder of LinkedIn. In each episode, Hoffman invites successful entrepreneurs to share their startup stories. Guests speak of their personal experiences, obstacles and setbacks. Hoffman and his guests also explore the strategies that help entrepreneurs grow their startups into global brands.

10. StartUp Podcast

From Gimlet Media, ‘StartUp’ is a podcast hosted by Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow. It is primarily about what it is like to start a business. We recommend this podcast to young entrepreneurs for its accessible and beginner-friendly approach.

All the seasons of ‘StartUP’ cover startup stories. Season 1 focuses on the beginnings of Gimlet Media; Season 2 deals with the dating company called “Dating Ring.” From season three onwards, each episode takes on one business and its startup journey.

This concludes our list of 10 podcasts every entrepreneur should listen to. Got more entrepreneur focused podcasts worth trying out? Do tell us in the comments or holler at us on Fashinza LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


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