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Produce eco-friendly, sustainable, trendy and affordable clothing with our best-in-class professional manufacturers. Reach out to us for any queries about sustainable clothing.

The new way of sourcing

Efficient Processes

Build better sourcing practices. Improve collaboration, drive efficiencies, avoid mistakes, increase visibility, gather data, and reduce waste.

Sustainable Design

Design smart at the start. Select the right materials and design for end of life. Designers can control up to 80% of the product’s environmental impact.

Strategic Partnerships

Build the best supply chains and long-term relationships with commitment, collaboration, and transparency at the core.

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Green Consumption - Sustainable Production

At Fashinza, we take every step to diminish our impact on the society and environment. We strive to reduce the consumption of water and energy along every stage of the product’s life-cycle. Our partners are encouraged to use sustainable fabrics produced without the use of harmful chemicals. We dream of a greener apparel industry and promote green consumption.

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Absolute Transparency

We have made the entire supply chain transparent for our partner brands. Our tech enabled dashboard tracks all moments and our representatives are always present on ground to ensure all requirements are being met. We regularly verify the social-environmental standards followed by our manufacturers and effectively eradicate the need for brands to follow up with suppliers by providing real-time updates through a tech dashboard that all our customers have access to.

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