5 Ultimate Ways To Style Chelsea Boots Perfectly This Winter

5 Ultimate Ways To Style Chelsea Boots Perfectly This Winter

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What Are Chelsea Boots Exactly?

The one style trend that has been ruling our Instagram feed this season is Chelsea boots. Brands are obsessing over this trendy footwear for all the right reasons. Chelsea boots are versatile, can go along with almost every outfit, and are surprisingly comfortable. In case you are unaware of these timeless boots, let us make you familiar with them first.

Chelsea boots are generally close-fitting ankle-high boots. They have an elastic side panel that helps you slide your feet in and out of them hassle-free. During the Victorian era (yes, that's how timeless these shoes are), Chelsea boots boasted flat soles and were adorned by both men and women. In recent years though, the style has evolved tremendously. These boots are now available in pointy toes, tall lengths, and even wooden heels. Well, given its practicality and versatility, we aren't complaining at all.

What Goes Best With Chelsea Boots?

If you're not living under a rock, you must be aware that these evergreen shoes are everywhere. Every fashion influencer owns at least a pair of Chelsea boots, and you must have spotted them on your favorite celebrity. We're sure that you must have jumped on the fashion wagon (or are about to) and are proud owners of Chelsea boots. So, now comes the million-dollar question—how to pair these babies correctly?

The answer that you're looking for here is 'with everything.' That's right. Chelsea boots can be paired with almost every outfit. With jeans, skirts, dresses…every-single-outfit. But of course, there are some do's and don't's that you need to follow when it comes to Chelsea boots and we're here to tell you all about them.

Without further ado, read ahead to know how to style Chelsea boots.

  1. Chelsea Boots With Jeans

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    If you want to pull a no-brainer, pick your favorite pair of jeans and pair it with classic black Chelsea boots. For skinny jeans, tuck them inside the boots completely.

    In case you are opting for straight-legged jeans, there are two tricks you can try. Either tuck just the frontal hem of the jeans into the boots slightly or let it all fall completely over the shoes. Both of these styles will give your outfit a casual chic appeal.

    For an edgy look, pick a pair of cropped jeans that will help you flaunt your Chelsea boots completely. In our opinion, platform Chelsea boots will suit this style perfectly.

    Lastly, for a bold biker vibe, pair your black Chelsea boots over black skinny jeans and complete the look with a black tee.

  2. Chelsea Boots With Dresses

    Image: Shutterstock

    Chelsea boots suit all kinds of dresses. If you're heading for a mini dress, you don't need to stick to neutral-colored boots. You can experiment with bold-colored Chelsea boots (think pink, red, blue, etc.) and give your outfit a fun and flirty appeal.

    If you are aiming for a boho look, pair suede Chelsea boots with flowy maxi gowns in floral prints. Complete your outfit with a jute crossbody and chunky bracelets.

    For a casual weekend look, pair rugged Chelsea boots with monochromatic playsuits and slip dresses. To add more personality to your outfit, put on black pantyhose and a matching pair of boots.

  3. Chelsea Boots With Trousers & Pants

    To exude that boss-lady vibe, put your A-game on with sharp Chelsea boots in neutral shades like white and beige. Pair them with dress pants, palazzos, and leggings, but make sure to maintain the right balance between silhouettes and proportions.

    Wear a blazer over a casual tee if you are donning slim dress pants. Complete the look with ankle-high Chelsea boots as they will give you a streamlined appeal. If you are inclined towards cropped or wide-legged pants, opt for taller Chelsea boots to avoid an awkward silhouette.

    For an ultimate edgy look, go for black leggings or leather pants and opt for a lighter shade of Chelsea boots. They will tone down the roughness and make you look bold and elegant at the same time.

  4. Chelsea Boots With Socks

    Oh, yes! Chelsea boots can be worn over cute socks as well and you don't have to worry about hiding them. Bright and colorful socks with quirky patterns add an effortlessly chic vibe to your outfit. To add a cozy appeal to your look, go for hiker socks underneath your Chelsea boots and pair them with rugged jeans and joggers.

    Patterned socks look extremely pretty with white or beige Chelsea boots. You can pair them with dresses, skirts, and even rompers.

    Apart from the regular socks, you can wear taller socks underneath Chelsea boots as well. Avoid patterns and prints with these socks, and pair them with mini dresses, shorts, and skirts.

  5. Chelsea Boots With Joggers & Sweatpants

    We know what you must be thinking. Do boots and joggers or sweatpants even go together? Yes, they do! The Kardashian sisters have brought this ultra-cool style trend to everyone's radar and we're not complaining. When coordinated with matching sweatshirts and tops, joggers and sweatpants can become your ultimate go-to look. Finish this laid-back, edgy look with a pair of black or brown Chelsea boots.

    If your joggers or sweatpants have elastic hems, then you can tuck them inside taller boots. With cropped joggers, you can either let your skin show or wear monochromatic socks. With wide-legged sweatpants, tuck the frontal hem slightly into your boots or let it all fall completely. Add a chic crossbody and minimal jewelry to your outfit and enjoy your chill-out look effortlessly.

Boots All the Way!

Image: Shutterstock

Chelsea boots are the most versatile footwear ever and there are no two ways about it. Style them up using these hacks and tricks and thank us later! For more such fun styling tips, visit us at Fashinza.

Key Takeaways -

  1. Chelsea boots are versatile, comfortable and stylish footwear.

  2. They can be worn with almost every outfit—jeans, dresses, trousers, joggers, etc.

  3. Accessories and color blocking plays a major role in styling Chelsea boots.

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