Use This Table to Display the Size Charts on Your Dresses Catalogue
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Use This Table to Display the Size Charts on Your Dresses Catalogue

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The clothing size standard table benefits not only customers but also clothing stores. Many times, due to incorrect size, it becomes disappointing to wear any kind of clothing. Every country has its own set of sizes. But mostly, standard sizes of the UK, US, and Europeans are followed. 

Also, the size of the clothes differs from company to company. That is why we forget to look at their size charts. Sometimes, small (S) clothes can be designed in different measurements and may look like the large size (L). Therefore, it is important to have proper knowledge of clothing size tables to avoid any chaos with sizes. 

But before digging into the benefits of size table for both customers and stores, let pay a look at the clothing Size Standard Table that most stores and designers follow: 

General SizeUS Clothing SizeChest/Bust MeasurementWaist MeasurementHips

Benefits of size charts for customers

Size measurement depends upon the body shape. From bust measurements to hip measurements, it becomes necessary to look at all the points carefully. However, the Size Standard Table is beneficial while buying clothes online or offline. Let’s have a look:

  1. It helps customers to choose the perfect outfit according to their size.
  2. It does not disappoint regarding the size and helps them flaunt their outfit confidently. 
  3. From footwear to designer outfits, it gives them a better idea of which company size would be the best match.
  4. The size chart also gives them an overview or a summary of the measurements of sleeves, cuts, waist, necklines, etc. 

When the clothes are of the right size, it enhances one’s look and makes them look stunning on any occasion. The right size clothes make us confident to face the crowd. 

Benefits of size charts for clothing store business

When it comes to size charts, we cannot overlook the fact that size charts are advantageous for the clothing store business. Whether it is based online or has an offline boutique, its benefit numbers are plenty. 

The store’s management has a responsibility to make their valuable customers understand which size suits them and how to determine the correct size according to the variety of brands as well as outfits option. 

However, let’s not waste time and look at the list of the benefits of clothing size tables in businesses:

  1. Boosts business sales
  2. Returns get reduced
  3. Helps to attach the correct size details to products
  4. Helps customers to understand easily and improves the experience
  5. Increases store credibility

Let’s discuss them in detail:

Dresses Catalogue
  • Boosts business sales

When the clothing business has the right clothing size tables, it boosts sales and growth automatically. When people are satisfied with the sizes, more recommendations will come your way. Thus, when the business uses the standard size, the sales get uplifted with ease. 

  • Returns get reduced:

Reduced returns are directly proportional to an increase in sales. When customers are satisfied with correct sizing, returns will decrease anyway. Returns depend upon many factors such as color, material, length, etc., but in the case of size issues, it brings down the brand reputation. 

  • Helps to attach the correct size details to products:

There are higher chances of product mismatches when the company does not follow a standard size sheet. Standard size helps attach the correct size details to products to reduce any kind of risk or negative impacts. 

  • Helps customers to understand easily and improves the experience:

As is already mentioned above, every brand or company has different criteria for determining clothing fittings. 

Therefore, it helps when brands correctly inform customers about the criteria for choosing the perfect outfit or footwear. From small, medium to large size, every size has different properties and features. 

  • Defines the user experience credibility:

Apart from speed and other factors of the website, small factors such as optimizing size charts, information, blogs, etc., helps to improve store credibility. It satisfies all customers’ needs and expectations. This is one of the most important benefits of having a standard size chart. 

Bottom line

Thus, Size Standard Table not only helps to find out correct fit but also levels up business proceedings. From increased sales to reduced returns, from meeting customer expectations adding to their confidence, it benefits on all counts. 

However, at last, it can be pointed out before buying any clothing or outfits online, it is viable to look at the size charts for fruitful decisions. 
At Fashionza, we connect you with top manufacturers who take care of all requirements to help you scale your business perfectly.


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