Design Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Icons of Early 2000s Outfits

Design Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Icons of Early 2000s Outfits

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Summary: Whether it’s Britney Spears or Sarah Jessica Parker, early 2000 fashion icons have ample inspiration to help you style your latest collection. Take a cue from the popular styles of the decade – crop tops, capris, cardigans, graphic tees, and velour tracksuits to recreate these 10 iconic looks in 2023.

The early 2000s had a lot of iconic fashion moments. From boy bands and pop sensations to fashion icons and red-carpet sweethearts, the early 2000s were a time for the fashionable. Some of these early 2000 fashion trends hold up even today, with fashion icons from that era still considered today’s biggest style influencers.

Let’s look at the most memorable early 2000 fashion styles flaunted by celebrities during the period that you can recreate for today’s buyers.

10 outfit ideas inspired by icons from the early aughts

The fashion industry is always changing and the new is always chasing the old. What if you changed the old into the new? What if you updated old trends and made them relevant? You can bring back some of the looks that were loved in the early 2000s. Trust us, they are all the rage again. Here are the top 10 early 2000 fashion ideas you can translate into fashion styles for this year.

1. Britney Spears: Low-waisted jeans and graphic tees

If you’re going for a collection inspired by early 2000 fashion, let an image of Britney Spears from back in the day serve as your style muse. Some of the looks sported by the singer keep coming back in style. Make low-waist jeans and graphic tees (remember Britney’s legendary “Dump Him” shirt?) a part of your collection to nail the early 2000s style. Add a chunky belt, Shakira style, to amp it up further.

2. Paris Hilton, ladies and gentlemen: Pink tracksuits!

Which style icon can be a better inspiration to model this look after, other than Paris Hilton? We can vividly recall her image wearing a low-waisted pink tracksuit and carrying her dog Tinkerbell to the 2003 Golden Globes awards ceremony. Then there were also Eminem and Kim Kardashian slaying athleisure at the peak of early 2000 fashion. Explore recent color trends to recreate this comfortably chic look.

3. Sparkle like Beyonce

It could be shiny pants, a look that Beyonce rocked in her various appearances, or sequined dresses that made their way into early 2000 fashion. Sparkly things were all over outfits around that time. If you’re going for the shiny look, you can also consider adding Queen Bey’s favorite rhinestones to pants, dresses, and chunky belts.

4. Bandage dresses: Crawford & Co.

You may not be a fan of the bandage dress but you sure cannot ignore it! Brought to life by Designer Hervé L. Leroux in the 1990s, it remained a part of early 2000 fashion. Cindy Crawford not only sashayed down the ramp in the design but also appeared in many events off the runway wearing the bandage dress. Later in the same decade, Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and many other celebrities sported these dresses.

5. SJP’s slip skirts

When it comes to fashion icons of the 2000s, there is always Sarah Jessica Parker at the forefront, nailing the most sophisticated styles. SJP as Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw wore slip skirts like a dream. She even sported the look off-screen, in addition to all-white looks, tube tops, and soft pinks. Throw in her favorite accessories into your 2000-inspired collection – chokers, feathers, and applique flowers.

6. An all-denim outfit like Justin (and Britney)

Remember Justin Timberlake and Britney in their matching all-denim outfits at an awards ceremony? Nothing speaks more of early 2000 fashion than an all-denim look. Go for denim overalls, gowns like Britney’s, jeans with matching denim shirts – anything denim-on-denim works, so far as you are willing to experiment.

7. Leather pants like Aguilera

There were leather pants that signify everything about early 2000 fashion. Then there were the red bootcut leather pants that Christina Aguilera wore with a matching top. OTT was a thing back then, and no amount of leather was too much leather.

8. Iconic Y2K tees and a chunky belt, Lavigne style

The pop-punk genre wasn’t limited to just music. It made its way into early 2000 fashion as well. Just like the music scene, fashion trends in this style were fueled by teen angst. Bring in the graphic tees and add a flashy accessory like the studded belt that can be slung around the hips. Style inspo? Avril Lavinge!

9. RiRi’s crop tops and capris

While the Rihanna of today is known for her edgy looks, she has always been a trendsetter of sorts. Her looks back then were more in sync with the icons of the time. To recreate a 2000s Rihanna look, the crop top-Capri combo would work the best. Go for RiRi-style black-and-white color palettes.

10. Nicole Richie’s trucker hats

Add this funky accessory to any collection and be sure to nail the early 2000 fashion look. It’s not just one idol who used this accessory. Von Dutch hats were flaunted by Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton, to name a few. More recently, trucker hats have been flaunted by Bella Hadid, Miley, and Rihanna herself.

Style it up, the early 2000s way

TV shows, movies, and events from the early 2000s influenced fashion in a way that we are still feeling today. From the nu-metal revival to the rise of boy bands, the early 2000s left an imprint on fashion that we're still feeling today. Take inspiration from the most popular style icons of the decade to recreate a variety of early 2000 fashion looks for your next design.

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Key Takeaways

    • When it comes to early 2000 fashion, style icons like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Sarah Jessica Parker can lend enough inspiration for designs that work in 2023.

    • From crop tops to graphic tees, and velour tracksuits to leather pants, brands can recreate these iconic early 2000 fashion-inspired looks that will instantly hit it off with buyers.


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