Colors Trends Of 2022 And The Fashion Of Expression
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Colors Trends Of 2022 And The Fashion Of Expression

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Summary: Colors evoke psychological reactions among people and have the potential to set the tone or even affect moods and emotions. This article elaborates on the colors that the world collectively preferred, as data suggests, in the year 2022. Color trends of 2022 were an interesting mix of bold, somber and vivacious as discussed in the article.

To put things into perspective, it is through colors that we perceive and define the world.

The pandemic ensured a definitive detour to a world dominated by the virtual medium. Leaving behind the groundedness of easy-going well established colors, quirky pops and calming shades have come to dominate the color palette of citizens of the world, knowingly or unknowingly.

Thus, it is no surprise when Shutterstock.AI found that serenity was the flavor of color that reigned over 2022. It's a no-brainer that the human mind sought peace, calm and tranquility in the colors that soothe the senses and usher in a sense of stability in a world wrought by wars, a pandemic and economic turbulence.

To keep the boat steady in a storm of uncertainty, colors came through as unsung heroes. Let's familiarize ourselves with the color trends of the year 2022.

Velvet Violet

An alliteration to begin with, the color is as sophisticated as it sounds. The experience that pops into mind when one sees the color is elegance. The world of fashion embraced the color swiftly as a sophisticated pairing option for deep colours like dark teal or olive to lend a vintage palette to clothing styles.

A step away from the deep revealed an equally good match with bright/neon tones of yellow, orange and more, which allowed velvet violet to easily replace black or navy in the scheme of things.

The color boasts of a magnetic allure without being over the top or flamboyant. Move aside starry night, we have a regal replacement in velvet violet. Hopefully, it'll be a color trend to stay.

Calming Coral

Right out of the scenes of a Victorian/Elizabethan setting, calming coral has served as an easy breather for people and fashion.

Another exciting color trend, people associated this muted peachy pastel as a jack-of-all-trades that pairs brilliantly with dusty yellows and pinks and lends an air of nostalgia, slowness, and rootedness to your sense of fashion.

While it serves as an excellent pairing companion to other pastel shades the calming palette is a rockstar among solid primary colors as well. The warmth and the tonality of the coral are representative of vulnerability, comfort and peace and often find expression when fashion tries to portray innocence and neutrality.

Green Glory

Green is universally associated with freshness, something new and positive. No wonder green fared well on the color trend charts this year.

Right from fashion brands to the world of all things, green was the show-stopper in more ways than one. With strong ties to nature, the energy of green is motivating and refreshing which allows a sense of steadiness to seep into one's psyche.

Different shades of green have whispered life into fashion, brands, creatives, costumes, and more. The non-restrictive nature of the color allows brands to set the tone right as per audience needs. A touch of jade, emerald, mint, lime, sage, peppermint, gray-green, and velvet green can cater to a range of visions as envisaged by creative directors for a brand.

A slight change in the variation of green can spell a different tonality as per need. This allows for green to be a fun and versatile color to play around with.

Pacific Pink

Hot-diggity! Pink has always fared high on the scale of a fashionable and loud choice.

But let's rewind a few years, and we'll realize that the pink that we know of has been changing shades. A subtle gradient change here, a timid scale back there and here we are in 2022.

Color trends exist to keep us on our toes. Pink, today, is more expressive than ever before. Right out of the exciting color frames of a Wes Anderson movie, pink has taken a turn for the somber through dusky rose, pastel pink, baby pink, faded pink, and more.

As is in the name, the Pacific Pink ushers in a sense of giddy expansiveness to things it is associated with. As far as fashion is concerned, it is a favorite among those looking to stand out in subtle contrast. A marvelous companion to white, ivory, black, other pinks and peachy tones, the Pacific Pink harbors the potential to evoke feelings akin to a sun setting over a shimmery Pacific beach.

Colorful Memories

The year 2022, if we recall correctly, was also the year that the color Very Peri was dubbed the Pantone color of the year. Similarly, 2022's color trends emanate a sense of dynamic creative expression to combat the ever-altering landscape around us. At a glance, the colors have been all about redefining the future and opening ourselves to newer possibilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Various shades of green have taken over the world as a preferred professional and personal choice in the matrix of color preference.
  • Color is a critical form of communication that allows one to express and feel.
  • The somberness of pastel shades and earthly tones are making their dominance felt alongside the bold solids of retro years.

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