What to Expect From the Men’s Fall 2022 Season
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What to Expect From the Men’s Fall 2022 Season

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With big brands coming in with their masterpieces, the three-week-long menswear runway will be the most innovative part of the fall 2022 collection. This is because there is a considerable shift in the fashion industry, and the focus has been on the men’s collections, unlike any other fall season. 

JW Anderson is expected to develop a digital concept in fashion alongside a new Japanese designer, Nigo at Kenzo, who will be setting up new milestones for Kenzo, as he is actively trying to revive the old spirit of Kenzo Takada in his new collection. 

The fall runaway also welcomes a new age of designers who like to experiment with fabrics and are actively using technology in fashion. The runway in Paris will also be starring the winners of the LVMH Karl Lagerfeld Prize, Kidsuper, and Lukhanyo Mdingi. Moreover, we will also be witnessing some in-person shows organized by top luxury brands such as Loewe, Luis Vuitton, and Rick Owens. 

Meta in Menswear

With the coming of metaverse and NFTs, many youngsters are getting involved. And this increased affection for this digital space has made several fashion brands see NFTs as a part of the fashion world. For instance, luxury brand Gucci has started selling NFTs to the public. The buzz of NFTs and metaverse isn't going to end anytime soon, so we can expect to see meta-fashion making some considerable changes in men’s fashion in the fall 2022 collection

Zenga’s IPO Creating a Trend in Menswear

Zenga became famous after its charming display in Milan’s menswear week. Formerly known as Ermenegildo Zenga, this brand got listed on the New Year Stock Exchange in December last year. Zenga’s collection is curated by a renowned fashion designer Alessandro Sartori who in an interview said that he wants to give a sophisticated luxury image to Zenga. 

Zenga’s Sartori is known to experiment with fabrics. In one recent interview, he told Leitch about his experiment with cashmere suits where he is using new fabrics as a part of the sophisticated image he is trying to build for the brand. Furthermore, he said he will craft more fabric using material research and will include natural fibers from cashmere to hyper-performance silk. So, we can expect more such experimentation with fabric in Zenga’s fall 2022 collection

Coming of American Fashion Designers 

When we look at the schedule of menswear week in Milan and Paris, we find that there are a number of American designers who are eager to display their collections. Their collections vary from the European perception of American clothes. Matthew Williams shifted Alex to Milan a few years back but will be hosting its first runway this year. He has constantly been making active posts on Instagram about his latest collection of boots and shoes. 

Furthermore, Angelo Urrutia, a native of Queens, will be joining hands with Alex in Milan with his brand 4SDesigns. Angelo is all set to bring fine clothes made from fabric taken from Italian mills and factories. Designers like Rhude and Airei are all set to represent America in Paris alongside the iconic American designer Rick Owens, who is planning to stage an in-person show in Paris. 

A Tribute to Virgil

Virgil Abloh was undoubtedly one of the most iconic designers of all time, and replacing him is a near-impossible task. He was always open to collaboration and planning with anyone who asked. However, before leaving this world, he curated the Luis Vuitton show for the fall 2022 collection, which would be his final masterpiece. 

We are expecting to see a massive turnout from his friends and co-workers at the Paris show of Luis Vuitton. The Virgil Plan is all set to be earmarked as the new chapter of Luis Vuitton and the final chapter of Virgil’s career. Whatever arrives at the runway is sure to leave behind wet eyes. 

Kenzo Coming in a New Form?

Kenzo Coming in a New Form?

Kenzo is welcoming its first Japanese designer, Nigo, who is all set to introduce some innovations to the collection. The collection on the runway is expected to be a combination of Nigo’s signature patterns, graphic to roomy silhouettes, with the ready-to-wear collection of Kenzo Takada. When asked about the changes he is going to make to the brand, Nigo said that in his view, the originality in Kenzo’s designs came from his understanding of different cultures, and his philosophy is no different. 

Nigo believes that creating a new Kenzo on the lines of the craftsmanship that Kenzo had is going to be the most formidable challenge in his 30-year career as a fashion designer. He intends to achieve this target with a dedicated team, and we can expect to see some new changes in Kenzo’s collection on the runway. 

How Relevant is Menswear?

Men’s fashion has not always been the most celebrated segment among most fashion brands. But this equation is changing now. With Ye and Demna coming together for a GAP collaboration, the stage is all set to welcome the new trend of menswear. All the young shoppers and click-to-buy customers are watching the date night of Ye closely with Julia Fox, which tells us the gravity of the menswear collection. 

Furthermore, the inspiration for menswear stems from the street, and that is where Ye and Demna are focussing. They have been making wearable clothes and fashioning them with a utility-driven attitude. 

Some trends got realized in the Men’s fashion week this year. Brands present some of their fall 2022 collection in the men’s fashion week. Let’s have a look at them to get much fair idea of how the fall collection for 2022 is going to be. 

Some of the brands mentioned above have paraded their collections at fashion weeks held in Milan, Paris, and various other places. While big names such as Giorgio Armani and Cucinelli called off their shows, others went on to have a digital show. The season witnessed only 17 brands, unlike the usual 40. Some of the trends prominent in the fashion weeks happening this year are as follows:

A Tinge of Gray

One of the dominant colors in the fall collection is gray. Runway witnessed a color that lacks the edge of black, and it neither becomes wintery white nor is bold like neon. But it represents the color of fall, which is in the middle of it all. Prada came up with a gray turtleneck, suits, and coats. They even had gray leather jackets and jumpsuits. Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada’s shade of gray is inspired by the gray commonly seen in corporate offices.

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus also presented its collection with lighter shades of gray with particular emphasis on wool coats and ruched suits. Rick Owen also brought up gray pops in his collection to contrast it with the black, which has been in the fall collection for a very long time now. 

Doubled Up

In the fall 2022 collections, we find that many fashion brands have been using double-breasted coats in their displays. Canadian designer Erdem Moralioglu came up with a collection that included a beautiful double-breasted coat with a yellow and orange tinge. This type of coat was earlier presented in black, and adding colors to this menswear really changes the men's segment of the brand. 

Furthermore, Hed Mayner at the Paris runway presented an oversized double-breasted jacket, which is ideal for formal and outerwear. In contrast, Takahashi’s undercover presented double-breasted with concealed buttons, which may be confused with single-breasted jackets. 

Floral Patterns Are in the News 

Floral patterns have always been reserved for the fall season, and we can clearly see this trend followed in Paris. Louis Vuitton presented the immortal collection of Virgil Abloh, who curated it before he died. His collection has accessories ranging from floral bouquets and a collection of dresses and backpacks to jackets with floral designs on them. This collection gave a touch of romanticism to the Paris runway. Dior also followed the same trend in floral pieces ranging from shirts to crew-neck sweatshirts. 

Neckerchiefs on Display

Inspired from masks worn around necks, the fall 2022 collection displayed a collection of neckerchiefs. Glenn Martens’s collection also had neckerchiefs with a stiff curling hem and a beautiful flowing. Hermes, too, displayed elegant silk scarves, which draped beautifully around the neck and shoulder of their model. 

These were some of the trends that made the news across runways in the fall 2022 collection. These collections have tried to redefine the menswear segment in the fashion industry. If a clothing business wants to deliver these fabulous pieces of clothing to their customers, they need to get in touch with a good B2B platform. Such brands can contact Fashinza. Fashinza is a B2B platform that lets fashion business owners contact the sellers through a dedicated platform, where they can place an order, pay for it, and also track their order. 


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