What Makes the Paintings on the Vogue Cover So Special?
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What Makes the Paintings on the Vogue Cover So Special?

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Vogue is counted in the best women’s fashion magazines in the world. Founded in 1892, Vogue began as a high-society journal discussing the social elite of New York City. Eventually, Conde Nast Publications bought Vogue in 1909. It became an extremely dedicated platform for women’s fashion and social etiquette.

A magazine’s cover gives the first instant glimpse into the content. Every magazine has a set theme of fonts, colors, and a fixed layout. The Vogue cover remains the same in all those aspects but what always strikes out is how the main subject of the covers are highly aesthetic photographs or paintings. They are not any ordinary model or celebrity. The Vogue covers always try to reflect the era or the focal point of the times. It is about representation, celebration, and aspiration.

Vogue is recognized to be the “gold standard of all magazines,” and with recent updates, the target audience has expanded beyond fashion for women. They represent communities, revolutions, and absolute icons of pop culture. Exceptional artists and photographers create these covers. A huge amount of time and energy is invested in creating the best covers. The September Vogue issues are particularly important and regarded as the New Year celebration for the magazine. Extraordinary artworks are developed for these issues that are particularly striking for many reasons.

Celebrating a Brand Culture

Vogue stands for many cultural values proclaiming the freedom of expression and choice. The magazine celebrates freedom in various forms and shows its support for movements and revolutions that shatter cultural myths of society. Thereby, Vogue always pushes the main concerns of the era. Every year, there is a new subject that becomes a global concern. Covid-19 was the highlight of 2020, and this is what the Vogue Sept 2020 issue focused on.

Setting Up New Standards

The Vogue magazine becomes an important literary piece not only for women in high society but anyone who wants to stay updated about culture and fashion. Vogue represents the prime concerns of the mainstream audience along with an effort to put the spotlight on minority cultures. For example, the Vogue Sept 2020 brings the black movement to the forefront, largely instigated by the George Floyd case in the United States.

Vogue Sept 2020 Vogue Cover

Hence, there is a conscious effort to address the prime concerns of the global society. Vogue sets itself apart through authentic research and great journalistic practices. Moreover, they add more creativity to make their covers eye-catching that can grab the attention of any person from any background. Their intensive research picks up on the “in vogue” subjects and tries to set up new benchmarks. Vogue creates an aspirational value for every individual who wants to move forward.

Representing Fashion Icons

Fashion and apparel is definitely a prime aspect of the Vogue magazines. No matter what painting or photograph is used- special attention is given to the aesthetic representation of the subject. The visual charisma of the magazine is something that should have the capacity to draw attention. These covers represent classy, individualistic looks and define the particular time frame in which the magazine issue is published.

The look of models and celebrities is specially curated for Vogue magazine. This consists of amazing apparel along with complimentary make-up. The Vogue Sept issues have featured amazing icons and celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lawrence. Every icon has a unique style and following. These icons are also adorned very specifically for the Vogue covers by representing the focal points of their personalities.

Paintings of Vogue Sept 2020 issue

The latest Vogue Sept 2020 issue invited two renowned artists of the contemporary world, Kerry James Marshall and Jordan Casteel. Previously, many celebrated artists have worked on Vogue covers, including Salvador Dali and Marie Laurencin. Recently, Jennifer Lawrence was painted for the Vogue Sept 2017 issue.

For the recent Vogue Sept 2020 issue, the artists were given full freedom to paint an imaginary or a real person. However, the apparel was to be picked among the four selected designers for the magazine. Marshall paints a distinct black lady with an off-white dress standing regally in an elegant decor. The elegant woman represents multiple global conversations, including communal discrimination and contemporary feminism in a striking individualistic grace.

Jordan Casteel picks a real person to be her cover character. She paints a graceful image of Aurora James, a fashion designer who has been known to push the campaign 15 Percent Pledge for businesses supported by Black people. Drawing a real figure of change, Casteel draws Aurora on a high stool touching the Brooklyn skyline. She wears a blue silk dress by Pyer Moss that matches the color of the sky and becomes a symbol of hope and freedom.

Vogue Cover jordan casteel Aurora James


The magazine cover artworks involve meticulous developments by using contemporary designers, icons, and artists worth investigating. The Vogue magazine covers become great subjects of study for modern artists and fashion designers who want to create work relevant to the contemporary world.


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