Valentino’s Stellar Ode to Pink in Fall 2022 Collection
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Valentino’s Stellar Ode to Pink in Fall 2022 Collection

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At Paris Fashion Week, Pierpaolo Piccioli showed an all-pink Valentino collection for the autumn/winter 2022 season, aiming to promote a "moment of introspection." He explained that he chose "monotone" to eliminate distractions and focus viewers' attention on the distinctions among both silhouette and texture. That theory was sorely tested in a massive 81-look collection, bolstered by the idea that he was displaying menswear with women.

But what about pink? Piccioli claimed he chose it over Valentino red or any other colour to "undermine" its cultural connotations, such as its links with girlishness or punk or its initial usage restriction. 

From small blankets to tall, small tables to crinolines; from opera sweater jackets to modified suits and coats, the pink ones end up in 40 styles, which range from head to toe (wearing high-heeled platform shoes or built-in sneakers), in everything from minimal to long, slim, slim fit. crinolines metals; from different opera coats to suit suits and coats. Then it reappeared eight times for a beautiful finish that included ostrich feathers, beautiful caps, and intricate sewing work.

Astonishingly, the space given by the mid-collection transition to black highlighted the grace and sensitivity of Valentino's repertory even more powerfully.

Piccioli left no question unanswered on the runway, from the catwalk towards the walls and practically every look; even house star Zendaya got in on the act, sitting the first row in an ensemble from the collection.

Piccioli's pink is bold and contemporary, a highlighter tone that catches the eye.

Many of the characteristics Piccioli has established at the business — sculptural necklines, smartly tailored apparel, oversized knitwear, laser-cut laces — are present for Fall 2022. Still, the proportions are blown up: The Roman stud on either a bag is now just one large pyramid at the clasp rather than a smattering of little embellishments, boots are platform-height, and jeans are pulled low at the waist and flaring in the thigh.

This is the kind of magnificence that if you stare at it for too long, it practically hurts your eyes. But, whether it's simply a splash of colour in an item or a full-on pink look, the Valentino client will undoubtedly be thrilled to consider pink this fall.

5 must-knows about Valentino 2022 fall collection-

5 must-knows about Valentino 2022 fall collection-

There are 5 important points one must know about this Valentino 2022 fall collection:

  1. The Pink and Black

Valentino's collection for this season was primarily pink and black. During a sneak peek, Pierpaolo Piccioli said, "I was amused by the idea of experiencing this time of reflection and going deeper." His goal was to increase the senses and make people look at the specifics of each apparel form, the neckline, the fabric decoration–rather than concentrating on "looks" by presenting it in a big space painted to suit the precise pink of the collection. Ultimately, he stated, he wanted each model's personality to shine through rather than their physical appearance.

  1. A Different Perspective

Piccioli remarked,  "I was reading a book on Fontana, and how he used to break up his work–not to harm it, but to create new opportunities and dimensions," the designer continued. "You know how whenever you see a book of black and white portraits, you know it's a black and white portrait book after two or three pages, and you don't expect to see blue eyes and blonde hair?" You delve deeper into facial expressions: wrinkles... I wanted to get a sense of that." The illusion worked once the eye was accustomed to all the pink. You paid attention to the clothing details and the models' faces.

  1. Framing Personalities through Neckline

The monochromatism was meant to draw the observer's eye to the individual wearing the dress, according to Piccioli, whose work is always about celebrating individuality and diversity. To emphasize this point, he focused on necklines, which he dubbed "Madonna meets the street" about how Renaissance artists framed the Holy Mother's face, and cast Penelope Tree and Kristen McMenamy in them. He explained, "You look more deeply into the faces: who they really are, not what they symbolize." "You get them when all you see is pink."

  1. The advancement of Everyday Codes

Everyday codes were enhanced and enlarged in this collection.

The collection continues Piccioli's high-fashion of everyday codes, modified for ready-to-wear, with several renditions of Yazoo's "Only You"–a tribute to Piccioli's individuality-highlighting premise. A t-shirt was transformed into a wrapped mini dress, a sporty jumpsuit was transformed into a formalwear style, and a classic cargo suit was given a stunning hourglass shape. Menswear featured gigantic pieces like giant jackets, puffy coats, and highly embroidered translucent evening tops, which will all be sold to consumers in only pink and black, as shown, according to Piccioli.

  1. The Pantone Pink PP
5 must-knows about Valentino 2022 fall collection-

Piccioli's pink shade, dubbed "Pink PP," will now be added to Pantone's official color scale compared to Valentino Garavani's "Valentino Red." However, he claims it isn't designed to compete with the house's signature colour. Piccoli noted that he has a continuing love for pink, even though he never wears it himself. "I'm a sucker for pink in my collections." It has a lot of significance, so I believe you can subvert it better. It evolved: it was once the colour of male dominance, then it became feminine... I like to play with the concept. Today, it has a different connotation.

Piccioli replaced the old market at Carreau du Temple and a series of neighbouring cafes and restaurants to incorporate a fun show of both sexes, symbolizing the blurring of differences between insiders and outsiders, marking Valentino’s return. ready to be worn to Paris. "This has been such a trying time. That's why I decided to bring Valentino into a new realm: life," he said, speaking amid a backstage scene crowded with young people getting ready to stroll down the street for all to see before returning to the market space, where the normally invited audience sat at café tables.

With a proposal of a gorgeous, casualized couture wardrobe created to sail amongst genders: lightweight taffeta tailoring in vibrant hues, plethoras of dresses from small and cutaway to sweeping, embroidered caftans, he geared the production towards embracing Gen Zers. Billowy volumes paired with micro-shorts produced a translated house glamour that nailed everything that the TikTok youth might relate to.


"We needed to come up with new silhouettes." Piccioli's form was altered by a partially broader cast than what you'd ordinarily see on a couture catwalk—roughly the space between size 0 and 10. Valentino Vogue describes the stunning fashion show in Paris and Valentino’s hot Pink couture. 

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