Trends Forecast from New York Fashion Week SS 2022
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Trends Forecast from New York Fashion Week SS 2022

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The New York Fashion Week finally returned after the pandemic on the runways to present the offline New York Fashion Week SS 2022. The city will finally witness the show outdoors and can actually see designers representing their designs on the runway. Last year was a dip in the fashion industry and fashion shows, but this Spring-Summer 2022 edition of New York Fashion Week is back with a bang and spreading excitement among the crowd. 

The New York Fashion Week 2022 Spring-Summer season displays a number of up comers and the OG’s in the fashion industry. This Spring Summer 2022 season is a homecoming for numerous designers and is going to be a trendsetter for sure.

The Men’s collection took a turn and came up with a few unique designs, breaking the gender barriers. The glamour, beauty, and unique designs took over the show and rocked the runway. 

Here is a brief look and description of the new trends and styles forecasted for the New York Fashion Week 2022 Spring-Summer season. 

  1. Spread of Glamour

There was a flood of glamour on the runway, finally witnessing something apart from home styles. Tom Ford kicked out the boring usual and typical styles to bring in the innovation of his unusual designs. He interestingly paired the metallic and silk joggers with sequined vests and popped up some fresh rusty colors like bronze, metallic, and green. His designs were layered with gold jewelry, which caught our eyes. Ford’s runway was a road of shimmers and glamour altogether, which brought back desires to dress up again. 

  1. Rodarte
New York Fashion Week SS 2022 Trends Forecast

The designer sisters who run Rodarte, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, celebrated the beauty of women and earth. The sisters utilized the opportunity of an outdoor show to display their puffy capes filled with wind. Their fresh pieces with cut fringes, beads, and floral patterns gave a bold look to the dresses. The highlight of their runway show was women walking barefoot to celebrate the beauty and elegance of our mother earth. Also not to miss were their mid-length dresses and oversized blazers in shades of pastels.

  1. Return to Office

Peter Do did not forget the office rituals and focused on the new work uniform trend. He picked up the theme of water, calm, and breeze to portray his works with his family. What a wonderful debut at the runway of New York Fashion Week 2022! His signature collection of lightweight four-piece suits blended perfectly with the new office uniform trend. His formals included blazers, oversized shirts, and relaxing office wear, which had shades of soft pastels all over. Do’s runway looked more like an office corridor, post-covid. 

  1. Altuzarra’s dyeing styles
New York Fashion Week SS 2022 Trends Forecast

Joseph Altuzarra returned to his hometown with his famous dyeing spring 2016 collection. His designs were moreover similar to before, like the same color bikini tops over the dresses. He twisted his style a bit this season by dyeing the knits. Joseph’s dresses were more modern and fuss-free, something that young independent women would love to be in. One will definitely feel bold and confident enough to rule the runway and one’s life in Altuzarra’s specials. 

  1. Checkers 

We got to see a few amazing styles, which left us awestruck. The knitted oversized dresses with a not-so-common check pattern were seen in a combination of candy pink and lime green. Not just dresses, but the hat was also knitted and of a similar pattern as the dress. It focussed on well-tailored cords, mini skirts, and oversized ponchos. COACH is definitely a unique and old design house.

  1. Knitted

This New York Fashion Week 2022 Spring-Summer season was all about knits and pastels, breaking the stereotypes. Gabriela Hearst made the best use of deadstock fabric in the dresses, taking a step towards sustainability. The dresses were made with 38% of deadstock fabric. Hearst has her eye on making the pre-fall collection with 100% recycled materials and deadstock fabrics. 

There was also a representation of crochet work on the runway. Bold patterns, dresses, and coats were made using crochet. Anna Sui’s runway also showcased similar crochet patterns in the form of bikini tops, colorful bags, and hats.   

  1. Boss lady
New York Fashion Week SS 2022 Trends Forecast

Batsheva kept the puffed sleeves, ruffled hems, and Peter Pan Collar trend alive at the SS 2022. Batsheva represented the bold, feminine, and ladylike look on the runway, with bows and frills on the purple-pink tiered dresses. The brand improvised its dresses in a modern way like the traditional maxi dress was reformed using latex material, and the crop tops were given a prism shape. 

  1. Bright White

Khaite is a womenswear brand, which owns the niche of its pristine shade in New York Fashion Week SS 2022. Khaite made the runway look like a fairyland with all the smooth white dresses around. The top picks were white cords and maxi dresses. The models wearing them looked nothing less than angels.  

  1. Veronica Beard with whites

Veronica Beard also took over the trend of whites. Her designs were a blend of cool and chic styles featured in white. The designer featured white military-style cords, with sleeveless tops and high waist shorts to match. A spunk of silver buttons highlighted the set more on the runway. This was a perfect summer outfit for all the ladies out there. 

  1. Coach with graphics

Coach presented some cool graphic illustrations on the dresses, taking their summer collection to the next level. It featured mini dresses with illustrations, designs, and patterns. We saw the drawings of pockets and belts on the dresses, which were one of the most creative and artistic forms ever seen on a runway. The minimal yet attractive design was an eye-catcher for sure. 

  1. Moschino’s baby steps
New York Fashion Week SS 2022 Trends Forecast

Back at the nursery, Moschino’s runway was nostalgic. He literally took us back to our childhood with his baby steps towards creativity. There was a splash of colors all around and cartoons everywhere. Moschino gave life to the New York Fashion Week this season with his mind-blowing creativity. We saw depictions of cartoons, teddy bears, and rabbit dresses with bow ties. The dresses with rabbit ear necklines and sleeves of a unicorn became hits on the runway. Reminding us of old school this summer, Moschino was successful in bringing out the inner child in us. He added spunk, colors, and fun to his designs which were vibrant and attractive. 

  1. Willy Chavarria’s tailored wear

Willy took his fashion to the next level by introducing modern tailored oversized trousers, giving them a bold and classic look. The oversized pleated trousers were clinched at the waist and double-layered with contrasting colored interior shorts. Willy showcased that oversized coats and shirts are not only in trends by introducing his oversized trousers. We got to see shades of pink trousers. He also showcased variations in shirts with oversized collars, half-quarter zip, and hollow sleeves. Chavarria’s designs were all about the trend of oversized clothes.

  1. Denim Play

Yet another oversized look executed perfectly was by Theophilio, in denim. It introduced shades of denim on the runway. It highlighted oversized denim jackets with long sleeves. Ev Bravado, who is popularly known for his perfection in denim wear, also represented a few of his best items in denim. The designs were inspired by stained glass patches and Black Civil Rights leaders. 

  1. Love in the air
New York Fashion Week SS 2022 Trends Forecast

Michael Kors spread love, peace, and harmony all over with his elegant yet beautiful designs. The collection included soft pastels and shades of light pink, blue, and purple. The delicate and fragile white laces of the dress were dreamy, just like fairies walking on the runway. The variations in shapes were too attractive, like halter neck, heart neckline, and pencil fit dresses. The flawless prom skirt was a cherry on the cake.

  1. Workwear

TOMBOGO owned the roads with his cool workwear designs. The designs were much inspired by the traffic colors like orange traffic cones, powder blue, and white. The details on pants were remarkable, pockets detailed and highlighted by silver chains and fasteners. Double front pants were a much-seen design in TOMBOGO and Private Policy runways. Helmut Lang acquired the airways with his garments inspired by flight suits detailing the zipper and pockets of the garments. The outfit which caught our eye was the flight suit made in burnt orange color with an interior lining of goldenrod. 

  1. Florals all over
New York Fashion Week SS 2022 Trends Forecast

Jason Wu’s collection gave us a warm feeling of spring and romance in this New York Fashion Week. The delicate floral print and bold splashes of yellow and orange on the evening gowns were a little romantic. The dresses featured were dyed in natural colors and included memory cotton. Frozen roses and flowers in the processing were also used in the collection of Jason Wu. The dresses were as delicate and light as they appeared to be on the runway.

  1. Layers of Knit

Knit layering was seen in both TOMBOGO and WHO DECIDES WAR’s collection at the New York Fashion Week SS 2022. These designers added an extra touch to the streetwear by the knit layering. The special designs that got featured were the knit tops, reconstructed and worn on the shirts. The specially knitted sweater vests were also among the highlights on the runway.  

These were some of the top designs and designers from the New York Fashion Week that are sure to trend in the coming days. Which one did you find the most fascinating? Ready to start designing your own collection? Begin by looking for the right manufacturers on Fashinza!


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