New York Fashion Week to Return This September
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New York Fashion Week to Return This September

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New York’s Fashion Week (NYFW) is a semi-annual event that celebrates global fashion at its finest. It is one of the ‘Big Four’ fashion events of the world - the others take place in Paris, London, and Milan. NYFW lasts for seven to nine days and features collections from designers across the globe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has (needless to say) had an impact upon the fashion world and NYFW is no exception. The 2020 event was a significantly toned down affair but thanks to comprehensive vaccination efforts, America is looking to move past the pandemic. Hopes are high for NYFW 2021! This year’s event will feature a combination of physical and virtual collections.

Covid guidelines and restrictions will impact the New York Fashion Week. Because of this, some designers are opting to present their collections virtually. Indeed, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has encouraged designers to go virtual to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. 

This year’s Fashion Week will culminate with the Met Gala on September 13. As expected, the Met Gala will be a star-studded affair. The theme of this year’s Met Gala is ‘American Independence’.

American Designers Are Coming Home to New York City

American labels like Thom Browne and Altuzarra staged their shows at the Paris Fashion Week last year. This year, both labels will feature new collections at the New York Fashion Week. To boost participation, the IMG Fashion Alliance is offering to fund young designers who sign up for the NYFW.

New York Fashion Week

Many fashion houses will also host their own fashion shows in New York. This includes European fashion houses such as Moschino and VÉNA candy. Many celebrated designers are also expected to present their guest collections at the NYFW. Tom Ford, current chairman of the Council on Fashion Designers of America, will be featured this September. Designer Pyer Moss, who will be returning to the New York fashion circuit after a two-year gap, will also be at the NYFW.

What to Expect at the New York Fashion Week

Here are some notable collections to watch out for at the 2021 New York Fashion Week.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors New York Fashion Week

Michael Kors is renowned for his work in the fashion industry. His iconic Kors collection will be featured at the Fashion Week. Attires to watch out for include lean trouser suits, cozy shearlings, luxe knits, leather trenches, tailored coats and sequin gowns in shimmering metallics. Expect neutral palettes of ivory, smoke, charcoal, midnight, and camel from the Kors collection.


Celebrity stylist Jason Rembert is looking to create a show-stopping glam outfit for the 2021 NYFW. Rembert’s dresses are ideal for a dazzling entrance. His collection includes a dramatically netted and embellished skirt, a yellow mini skirt suit, and a sweeping patent trench tied in pink.

Tory Burch

Using seasonless dressing and layers, the Burch collection reimagines a woman’s wardrobe in a way that promises to be timeless. Expect sleek wool suits, maxi shirt dresses, and knit tops in earth tones. The beauty of Burch’s pieces is that they can be mixed and matched in countless ways. This makes Burch a perennial stay in the wardrobe.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta at New York Fashion Week

Hailed for his design aesthetic, Oscar de la Renta is to be featured at the NYFW. The late designer’s collection will be defined by bold colours and motifs. De la Renta’s dresses are marked by motifs that invoke joy and invite the wearer to, simply put, dress up.

Why the 2021 New York Fashion Week Matters

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted our world. The global fashion industry is no exception. The scope of the pandemic’s impact is acute and unprecedented. Many fashion brands have made little to no sales throughout this year. Downward economic trends are expected to continue into the second half of 2021.

Established fashion houses have (to an extent) mitigated the negative economic effects of the pandemic. This is unfortunately not the case with fashion startups and less established designers. Many are on the verge of bankruptcy or have already shuttered their businesses.

The revitalization of the New York Fashion Week thus offers hope to the fashion industry. Brands are ready to turn the tide around and leave the pandemic blues behind. For many, especially startups and younger fashion houses, the Fashion Week could be a sink or swim situation.

Young designers like Sergio Hudson (most famous for designing Michelle Obama’s inauguration outfit) in particular are looking to capitalize on the 2021 NYFW. Increased participation at the NYFW-especially of editors, buyers and other “kingmakers”-would benefit designers like Hudson the most.


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