London Fashion Week 2021: Best and Worst Designs
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London Fashion Week 2021: Best and Worst Designs

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This is a great time for all the fashion enthusiasts out there. For the people interested in adding items from the latest collections to their wardrobe as well as the members of the fashion industry, this is the time everyone has been looking forward to. The fashion month is back with the IRL fashion shows. The action started in New York and more recently shifted to the UK. Yes, London Fashion Week 2021 was back in a new hybrid format with both real-life as well as digital shows.

All fashionistas had been eagerly looking forward to the Spring Summer 22 collection at the Fashion Week London 2021, and they were more than happy with the collections on display. The pandemic had disrupted last year’s shows, and the organizers and participants had to adapt to a digital version. While this year the excitement is back with the recently removed lockdown and on-stage fashion shows, it is clear that digital is now going to be an inseparable part of the events going forward.

Online or offline, there were a lot of exciting designs showcased during the event. Here is our pick of some of the best and worst designs showcased during the London Fashion Week 2021.

Best Designs of Fashion Week London 2021

1.   Loose Denims by KNWLS

Having spent more than a year inside one’s home, wearing loose and comfy clothes, it was bound to make an appearance on the runway. And it did! The baggy jeans of last year’s collections became even looser and were embraced by multiple designers during the Fashion Week London 2021. While there were so many variations of the design, our choice is this one by KNWLS. Good to relax on a couch and at the same time great for a stroll outside or even for a casual do. These denims are sure going to be a part of a lot of wardrobes in the coming season!

Loose Denims by KNWLS

2.   Halter Strappy Dress by ERDEM

Stylish necklines are an essential part of every chic wardrobe, and what calls summer dresses better than a strappy halter neckline. Incorporate that with a floral dress, and one has the perfect recipe for summer wear. Whether it is an evening get-together or a casual stroll down the beach, this strappy summer dress with a halter neckline is just what is needed in your latest collection. While ERDEM had a set of some chic dresses in their collection, this was certainly the pick of the evening.

Halter Strappy Dress by ERDEM

3.   Cottagecore Dress by Bora Aksu

A nod to the sustainable dressing and return to roots trend, the Cottagecore dresses on display in the London Fashion Week 2021 were a huge favorite with the audience. Our pick of the entire range is this cornflower blue dress by Bora Aksu that makes going traditional even more stylish. Whether it is the layered design or the attention to detail, this dress is sure to find itself the pride of place in many celebrity wardrobes this coming season.

4.   Dress by Simone Rocha 

It is hard to imagine the Fashion Week London 2021 collection without the awe-inspiring collection by Simone Rocha. Inspired by her motherhood, her collection was a nod to the joys and pains of motherhood. Among the oversized dresses and nursing bras, the one dress that caught attention was this white one. The lacy details and oversized fitting make this a perfect choice for new mothers to enjoy the summer season with their little bundles of joy.

Worst Designs of London Fashion Week 2021

Undoubtedly, the London Fashion Week 2021 came as a breath of fresh air for us as the lockdown restrictions were raised. We were looking forward to the usual glamorous display of collections and the associated excitement. While we received that in full measure, there were certain dresses that caught attention but not in a positive manner. Here are a few examples of dresses that raised more questions than excitement.

1.   Geometrical Patterns by Gareth Pugh

Yes, it is Fashion Week. And yes, it is the time to showcase a creative side. Further yes, fluidity was the theme of the show. But somehow, this daring design by Gareth Pugh did not strike the right chords with us during the Fashion Week London 2021.

 Geometrical Patterns by Gareth Pugh

2.   MM6 Maison Margiela

The reason we wait for the fashion weeks is to pick up on the latest style trends and seek inspiration. When looking at the Spring Summer Collection at London Fashion Week 2021, the audience certainly wanted some new crazy trends. But pairing flip flops with socks and full sleeves dresses is one trend that surely did not sit well with us!

MM6 Maison Margiela

Do let us know your opinion on these dresses and which are the others on display that you would want to include in your collections!


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