Lessons From My Time at Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
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Lessons From My Time at Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology

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After studying at Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, the walk down memory lane is all about fashion and apparel, a journey of self-exploration across the spectrum of courses and lectures I took. And here I am passing on to you all those lessons that made my time at this prestigious institute the best learning experience.

My Experience: A trip into the fashion education wonderland

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology and the faculty held my hand by exploring the skills I wished to develop over the three years I was at the institute. As a result, I learned and developed decisive and non-interventionist thinking towards fashion as an academic subject. The state-of-art infrastructure makes it one of the best; it creates a clever environment to make you ace in the contemporary and fast-moving world of fashion. For me, the institute geared me up for the long lug to make my mark in the industry I worship. 

The institute gave me enough space to bring out my creativity and foster a sense of freedom but ensured that I understood the importance of discipline and improvement through criticism. The friendly environment cultivates positivity and the zeal to pursue our passion. The institute nurtures us as professionals by implementing innovative study methods; we are taught through outcome-based learning, which helps us stimulate our learning interests. And it’s not just about creative and critical thinking. The professors do their best to make us design professionals aware of our sense of social responsibility and a dynamic global outlook. In my experience, the institute believes in teaching us through a perfect blend of theoretical and practical hands-on experiences. 

In my opinion, the institute is very focused on bridging the gap between the industry and the education system and puts in various successful efforts in widening our horizons as students in the industry we all wish to prosper in. VIFT has truly been a game-changer for me. All I know about fashion and apparel is deeply rooted in my education at the institution. I thank Vogue Institute for Fashion and Technology for preparing me to face adversities and enhancing my employability skills and social relevance. The institute has made it possible for me to be the responsible, creative, and informed designer I should be. 

Shaping and redefining of Fashion and Technology

As students, we are taught how to understand designing and photography and how it helps us redefine the world of fashion technology. VIFT helps us foster integrity and keep our physical and social environment even while thriving in the industry. The institute came up with various ideas to promote integrity in the fashion and apparel industry in such an effort.

Promotion of Sustainable Fashion

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology

It was introduced to us to accentuate the importance of sustainability in the current scenario. VIFT came up with classes on design principles and strategies that would help us, newbies, in the industry promote a circular economy. The fashion and apparel industry is responsible for the generation of quite a lot of waste material. The initiative was aimed at both us as designers and households to make conscious choices and take up up-cycling measures to reduce waste generation. The initiative taught us how to come up with eco-friendly measures to ensure a better future. 

Designing Masks For All

At VIFT, many students volunteered in the pandemic situation to provide the basic necessity, that is a mask, to all. The students were motivated to address the increased demand for masks with masks that are made domestically. They took safety measures and distributed the masks to all those who were at high risk of infection. It made us realize that fashion is not only about glamor, It is also about social responsibilities and empathy.

Splashing Dyes But Naturally

The faculty at VIFT taught us how important it is to take care of the environment while working in this industry. Drying clothes is one way to revamp your whole closet, but how would you do it without harming the environment? Our faculty opened us up to the spectrum of beautiful colors that we find in Mother Nature. I learned how to celebrate the beauty of the environment by paving the way for circular fashion at home, using natural waste ingredients as dyes. It was a small step towards a big revolution for the 3Rs.


The fashion and apparel industry is fast-paced, and as professionals, we have to keep adapting to the changes. Staying equipped with all skills needed is the only way to survive in this utterly competitive world. Fashion is all about perception; being creative while keeping in mind the demand and society’s welfare is the way to go. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology has taught me this very skill, and this is one of the many lessons that I wish to pass down to you all. 


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