Lauren Hutton Fronting Vogue Since 1966: A Recap Of Her Fashion Throughout These Years
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Lauren Hutton Fronting Vogue Since 1966: A Recap Of Her Fashion Throughout These Years

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When it comes to fashion, Lauren Hutton’s name is one that always comes up. One of the most famous models in the world, Laura’s beauty and grace are unmatched. Fashionistas around the world attempt to copy her style, but they fall short every single time. The Lauren Hutton Vogue covers have been the talk of each month, and now at the age of 77, she doesn’t seem to be stopping. Recently, she appeared in the December issue of Vogue Beauty to talk about how even at this age, she manages to keep her skin flawless.

Featuring on a record 40 editions, Lauren Hutton’s Vogue covers have come to show a history of fashion throughout the years. She began working with Vogue in 1966, appearing in the November issue, and since then there has been no looking back for her or the magazine. 

Hutton has appeared on the cover of 27 American editions since then and created waves throughout the fashion world. However, her impact does not stop there. Hutton was the first woman to ever demand a contract for her modeling, an agreement that was unheard of back in the day. She signed with Revlon in 1973 under a contract worth more than a million dollars today, paving the way forward for models everywhere.

Now, Lauren Hutton remains Vogue’s oldest cover star, with an inspiring body of work preceding her. Here are some of her best fashion moments over the years.

  1. First Vogue cover, 1966

Lauren Hutton’s Vogue journey began with this cover in 1966, where she wore a black dress with a red necklace.

  1. Vogue Australia cover, 1967

Looking backward with streaked platinum blonde hair, Lauren Hutton appeared on her very first cover of Vogue Australia. Here, she wore another black dress with a gold band around her neck. We look back in awe as well!

  1. Flower crown, 1968

Lauren Hutton’s iconic hair cut short paired with a flower crown in the 1968 Vogue cover again inspired many. This began the first of a record-breaking 8 Vogue covers that she posed for in that year. The choice of hair accessories became a worldwide sensation, with several covers following a similar trend later.

  1.  Modern Muses, 1999

In 1999, Vogue issued a millennium special that celebrated the biggest models of the century. Lauren Hutton rightly found a spot here, wearing a light blue dress sitting beside her peers including Lisa Taylor and Patti Hansen. Modeling for over 30 years then, she was also surrounded by her successors such as Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss. The issue was a worldwide hit and was printed in every major edition.

  1. Vogue Paris, 2012

Lauren Hutton’s Vogue spree continued well into her 60s, as she graced the cover of Vogue Paris in the November 2012 issue. Smiling arm in arm with fashion icons Daria Werbowy and Stephanie Seymour, she wore a simple white shirt with jeans. The edition was a huge success, with many hailing the magazine for bringing these generations of stars together.

  1. Latest Vogue cover, 2017

Modeling for 50 years now, Lauren Hutton recently graced the cover of Vogue in 2017, becoming the oldest woman to do so. The issue, dubbed the Timeless issue, was directed towards women over the age of sixty. She posed for three covers for the issue published in Vogue Italia. Each was met with an overwhelmingly positive response.

Here are a few of her best looks throughout the years

Lauren Hutton Vogue

Lauren Hutton looks like she’s in a great mood at a party sometime in the 1980s, wearing a gold dress and heels.

Lauren Hutton Vogue

Here, she’s wearing a graphic t-shirt paired with a denim jacket before her performance in “Extremities” in Los Angeles. Her acting career was similarly prolific, appearing in a number of movies and television shows primarily in the 80s and 90s. 

Lauren Hutton Vogue

Lauren Hutton arrives at the Oscars in 1975 in a flowing dress with a plunging neckline, all with a fur coat around her shoulders.

Lauren Hutton Vogue

She is an avid motorcyclist as well, serving as the vice president of the Guggenheim Museum motorcycle club. In 2000, she got into an accident while trying to make a curve on her way to Las Vegas, which left her hospitalized for close to a year.

For over half a century, Lauren Hutton Vogue covers have graced our coffee tables and newsstands, and each issue looks just as beautiful as the last. Her style is simple and sophisticated, and anyone seeking to look classier can take a page out of her book. 


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