Kate Moss Catwalked With Her 18-Year-Old Daughter At Fendi Fashion Show
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Kate Moss Catwalked With Her 18-Year-Old Daughter At Fendi Fashion Show

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Kate Moss, a highly successful British supermodel, ruled the world of fashion for over three decades. At the Fendi fashion show 2021, we finally saw her 18-year-old daughter following in her footsteps. Yes, we are talking about Lila Moss, whose rapid rise in the fashion industry has impressed many. 

After dominating the fashion scene since 1988, Kate Moss walked along with her 18-year-old daughter at the Fendi Fashion Show. Both of these shining beacons of woman power walked the runway at Fendi's Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 show. Let us discuss in detail what transpired at this Kate Moss Fendi spectacle.

Kate Moss Lila Moss Fendi Fashion

Kim Jones’ First Collection

The Kate Moss Fendi fashion show ramp walk with her daughter will always be a sight to remember. The mother-daughter duo looked ravishing in Kim Jones’ collection displayed at the show. 

The 18-year-old Lila was brave enough to try a beaded silver caped gown. She wore it over a bodysuit paired with stunning hairpieces and matching boots. Her legendary mother, Kate, went for a shimmery pewter gown look. She also wore gorgeous drop earrings that were dangling as low as the chest level. 

There was a clear similarity between the fashion choices of the mother-daughter duo. They both had a classic model touch to their attire.

Glamorous Outfits

The outfits of both Kate and Lila were drop-dead gorgeous. They wore silk and pearl ensembles. That’s not all, even their hair were tied beautifully in a similar fashion.  

When Lila Moss stepped on the catwalk, she was wearing a beaded caped gown, as previously mentioned. She wore this over a bodysuit paired with knee-high boots. The headpiece she wore was also a stunning match.

After Lila, it was her mother’s turn to fill the place with her magic. Kate fulfilled that role splendidly, as is expected of her, in an elegant beautiful dress. This gown was characterized by some delightful embellishments.

A Young Fashion Enthusiast

Kate Moss Lila Moss Fendi Fashion
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Francois Mori/AP/Shutterstock (11728053q) Model Lila Grace Moss wears a creation for Fendi's Spring-Summer 2021 Haute Couture fashion collection presented Wednesday, Jan.27, 2021 in Paris Fashion Week Fendi 2021, Paris, France - 27 Jan 2021

Lila Moss is young, but she is a role model for her age group. In spite of being only a teenager, she has already made a name for herself in the fashion industry. In fact, according to many fashion experts, Lila can rightly be described as a fashion veteran. 

This is not a claim of exaggeration as there is evidence for it. At the mere age of 13, Lila became the Vogue cover model. Not only that, since then, she has become the face of Braid Bar and Marc Jacobs Beauty. Lila Moss, inspired by her mother, has also modeled makeup for Marc Jacobs.

Kate told British Vogue that she was really nervous about her daughter’s walk. However, when her moment finally came, Lila didn’t disappoint and made her mother proud.

No Compromise on Social Distancing

We all know how the Covid pandemic has changed our lives. Covid regulations have been dictating our lives for quite some time now. This was also the case at the Fendi fashion show, where the Kate Moss Fendi spectacle took place in a socially distant glass box. This way, the audience was able to enjoy the show, of course, while wearing protective masks.

Kate Moss Lila Moss Fendi Fashion
Model Kate Moss, left, and her daughter Lila Grace Moss wear creations for Fendi's Spring-Summer 2021 Haute Couture fashion collection presented Wednesday, Jan.27, 2021 in Paris. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

Mother-Daughter Pairing

Lila and Kate rocked the Fendi fashion scene with their stellar walk. This pairing could influence more mother-daughter duo performances at fashion shows in the future. In this way, the Kate Moss Fendi event could turn out to be a trendsetter.  


This cherished Kate Moss Fendi Fashion show highlighted the importance of family. Besides being a spectacular showcase of unique fashion tastes, we shall remember the show for another personal reason. That reason is upholding the precious mother-daughter relationship. 


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