Kanye West’s Yeezy Fashion Show Goes Nude For a Cause
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Kanye West’s Yeezy Fashion Show Goes Nude For a Cause

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Racism is still rife even in the 21st century, especially in the fashion industry. Many designers have raised their voices against racism and have even turned the spotlight on it through their collections. Kanye West is not new to the fashion industry. He has brought a new dimension to fashion with his laid-back style. Season 2 of his Yeezy Fashion Show makes a bold statement against racial discrimination.

Why have one color to depict ‘nude’?

There have been some inherent prejudices in the fashion world. Whenever we think of nude attire, we immediately think of a light beige or a pale pink. What the fashion world has failed to acknowledge for so long is the existence of people of color. Skin color is not limited to shades of beige or pink. It comprises a vast range of tones, from pale to dark. 

Kanye isn’t the first one to take note of this. Yet, he ensured that his Yeezy Fashion Show became one of the most talked-about as far as diversity and inclusivity go. He made sure that his ‘nude’ range covered all skin shades, from pale white to the darkest brown. The models were also selected according to their diverse skin tones. His collection comprised of his telltale unisex monochromatic bodysuits, thus also incorporating gender fluidity.

Yeezy Fashion Show in the spotlight

Kanye had previously teamed up with Adidas to make the Boost 350 V2 Sneakers, which became enormously popular. Kanye’s sneakers also cemented his position as a well-known designer in the industry. 

Kanye’s fashion show proved to be an important tableau and a potent protest against racial injustice. The collection showcased some signature Yeezy merchandise like sweatshirts, outerwear, leggings, and boots — all in different shades of beige, taupe, browns, and chocolates. 

Kanye had already made a statement against racism in Yeezy Season 1, where he presented his models of varied skin tones in skin-colored outfits. Kanye’s Matte Official also specializes in similar kinds of neutral-toned spandex bodysuits and swimsuits. He kept up with this trend in season 2 of Yeezy by introducing models in bodysuits, boots and tights in varying shades of nude. 

Kanye turned the Yeezy Fashion Show into a theatrical performance where the models walked in a drill formation. The fair models with platinum blonde clothes came in first, followed by models with progressively darker skin, hair and cloth colors. Next, they made a light-to-dark formation, creating a stunning visual composition and making a bold statement.

Guests and their outfits

Many celebrities attended the show. Kith and kin of the designer, or rather kith and ‘Kim’, were seen wearing varying shades of nude clothing as well. Kim Kardashian wore a beige crop top and tights with a longline shrug of the same color. North looked stunning in a taupe oversized sweatshirt and brown boots. Kim and North made a visual statement with their neutral, coordinated looks. 

Kylie was seen dressed like a model in neutral leggings and an olive green cap, making a celebrity cameo in the collection. Bella Hadid was dressed in a brown chunky bomber jacket while walking the ramp. Anna Wintour embraced the nude party with her signature chic A-line dress and signature black shades. 

Drake threw in a brown varsity jacket and looked just as priceless. The rest of the Kardashians seemed to follow suit in some form of beige, brown, neutral or black outfits. The celeb guest list was also star-studded, and camera phones lined up outside the venue to take pictures.

Kanye West Yeezy Fashion Show


The world has slowly and more progressively moved towards becoming more inclusive. Victoria’s Secret took a progressive step by including models of all sizes, and Kanye took a step in that direction much before. The fashion scene owes a lot to these designers for bringing about key changes in an industry with very one-sided representation. 

Every trend in fashion is so transient and ephemeral, yet, it took a long time for it to embrace our cultural and ethnic differences. One nude isn’t meant to serve all. Kanye firmly believes that clothes need to change and adapt to fit us, not the other way around. It is this key mantra that drives the nude Yeezy Fashion Show — where the definition of ‘nude’ is no longer stagnant.
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