In The Style, Stacey Solomon Collection Defines “Inclusive is Incredible”
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In The Style, Stacey Solomon Collection Defines “Inclusive is Incredible”

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The “Stacey Solomon In The Style” partnership has taken the fashion world by storm. The In The Style Stacey Solomon range is very inclusive and yet very fashionable and relevant. It is available in sizes 4 to 28. Stacey is truly a woman of many talents, a singer, an author, and now a designer. Stacey Solomon’s new clothing range is indeed creating an impact in the world of fashion. 

There is something for everyone, literally. This may be a hackneyed expression for others, but it holds true to the core for this very inclusive range. There is something for every woman for every season. While floral-inspired designs dominate the collection, there are lovely pastel hues too. The paisley wrap dresses and midi dresses are especially great for taller women.

Stacey Solomon is currently pregnant with her fourth child, so she has gone to extra lengths to keep would-be mothers in mind. The new In The Style Stacey Solomon collection has brightly colored wrap-around and size-free dresses for pregnant women. They are crafted in linen and other breathable fabrics so that pregnant women enjoy utmost comfort.

This is her second collection for the fashion firm In The Style. The In The Style Stacey Solomon first collection sold out in a matter of few hours. The second collection is already creating a buzz in the fashion world, and is expected to break previous records. 

Stacey Solomon Stacey Solomon Collection

Universal and Ingenious 

Stacey and In the Style came up with a unique idea to put seeds inside clothing labels so that buyers could plant them. The labels are very thoughtfully created with beautiful illustrations and seeds inside them. Stacey took to Instagram to thank her fans for their tremendous response to the initiative. She put out a post thanking customers and fans for noticing the new labels. 

She said, “I’ve wanted these from the beginning, but they took so long to develop. And the way you’ve supported @regain_app since we launched and donated your old clothes means we hope to have a fully recycled collection for autumn/ and winter. You’re amazing! Love you so so much.”

In The Style Stacey Solomon Collection: A Masterstroke Yet Again

The first In The Style Stacey Solomon collection sold out 80 percent of the stock in the first few hours. The remarkable success has made the 31-year-old British star and mother of three join hands with the fast-fashion brand to recreate the magic yet again. The second In The Style Stacey Solomon Collection is very likely to achieve the same success.

The spectacular success is the result of hard work and creativity. The fast-fashion collection is creative, trendy and very wearable. This collection checks all the required boxes to be truly deserving of such recognition. Some of the dresses have a very boho vibe. The whites are especially stunning. What makes  In The Style Stacey Solomon so loved is its attention to women of different shapes and sizes. Customers are especially taken in with the petites and tall fits.

Stacey Solomon: The Model Mummy

Stacey Solomon Stacey Solomon Collection

Stacey Solomon posed with her baby bump for the new In The Style Stacey Solomon Collection. She had the natural glow of motherhood and flaunted her easy style in a summery yellow dress. She has set new standards for working and would-be-mothers to enjoy motherhood and yet be stylish. 

The would-be-mother showcased dresses from her collection at her cottage in Essex. It instantly made her more relatable. It is the same house where she is pictured playing with her adorable kids. 

Stacey was closely involved in the second edition of the In The Style Stacey Solomon collection. She spent many hours refining every design detail. The whole range is very inclusive, easy on the pocket and incredibly trendy. Inspired by floral prints and other summery hues, the clothes are a treat for new mothers. 

Inclusive Fashion Is Incredible Fashion: Success Mantra for Stacey Solomon In The Style Collections

It is estimated that the first In The Style Stacey Solomon Collection made a whopping 1.4 million pounds in 14 days. The new In The Style Stacey Solomon Collection has something for everyone in a pocket-friendly range. It has printed dresses, jumpsuits, loungewear, and a lot more. 
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