Harry Styles Vogue 2020: Is Gender-neutral Fashion About To Take Over?
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Harry Styles Vogue 2020: Is Gender-neutral Fashion About To Take Over?

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Styles Vogue 2020 photoshoot and some of his statement looks that are bound to create gender-neutral fashion trends in the future.

1.     Lace-Trimmed Gown - Cover Photo

Styles wore this dress for the cover of Vogue December 2020 edition. His friend and Gucci designer Alessandro Michele crafted this dress, which was also used in Gucci’s fall collection 2020. It takes a lot to sport a frothy, feminine, lace-trimmed gown. However, Styles was always known to be different from the rest. He added a little ‘masculine’ touch to the outfit with a double-breasted tuxedo jacket.

Harry Styles Vogue 2020 Gender-neutral Fashion
Harry Styles Vogue 2020 Gender-neutral Fashion

2.     Feminine Overcoat and Pants

Gucci designed a lovely rust-colored gridded overcoat for Styles as part of the photoshoot. The designer chose a pussy-bow shirt in brownish pink to go with a pair of light-brown checked pants. The entire look was feminine, and Styles carried it with casual elegance.

Harry Styles Vogue 2020 Gender-neutral Fashion

3.     Sibling Love

Styles chose to be photographed with his sister Gemma Styles for the Vogue photoshoot. He chose to wear a gray coat by Martine Rose, and matched it with a casual pair of sneakers. Inside he wore a cable-knit sweater designed by Margaret Howell. The checked Marni pants were loose and similar to pants favored by women.

Harry Styles Vogue 2020 Gender-neutral Fashion

4.     Black Blazer and Kilt

Styles showed off his tattooed torso wearing a Blazer and kilt taken from the Contemporary Wardrobe Collection by Comme des Garçons Homme Plus. He completed the look with Falke socks and brogues.

Harry Styles Vogue 2020 Gender-neutral Fashion

5.     Chunky Belt Look

Styles did not shy away from sporting a kilted skirt paired along with a JW Anderson belt in this look. A Wales Bonner knitted sweater vest with multi-color motifs looked extremely chic along with the tattoos.

Harry Styles Vogue 2020 Gender-neutral Fashion

6.     Yellow Hand-painted Corduroy Pants

Designed by Emily Adams Bode, this pair of custom-made, yellow corduroy pants with a hand-painted butterfly, liquor bottle and other designs is truly unique. 

Harry Styles Vogue 2020 Gender-neutral Fashion

7.     Black, White and Red Coat

Styles is in love with chunky-looking belts and brogues shoes. This checked coat designed by JW Anderson gives the Harry Styles Vogue 2020 photoshoot a classic and contemporary look.

8.     Khaki Trench Coat

Maison Margiela designed this trench coat with a red hood and intricate black lace design. It gives Styles’ coiffed hair a beautiful look. The tattoos with a golden cross in the middle are a strange amalgamation of masculinity and femininity.

Harry Styles Vogue 2020 Gender-neutral Fashion

9.     Victorian Crinoline Shaped Dress

Styles saved the best for last. This dress embraces the crinoline of the Victorian era, which used to be a flowy petticoat made of horsehair fabric.  The black trousers and blazer shoulders look masculine, and the wiry mesh-like structure looks similar to the space-age costumes designed by Pierre Cardin.

Gender-neutral fashion here to stay

The Harry Styles Vogue 2020 covers shoot indeed heralds the arrival of gender neutral fashion. The Head of Public Relations at The Phluid Project, a gender-neutral clothing shop, Christina Zervanos, shared some data-driven insights on this subject. She said, “Twenty-seven percent of teens identify as gender non-conformist, while eighty-one percent of generation Z believe a person shouldn’t be defined by their gender.” These statements indicate that the fashion industry is indeed moving towards gender-neutral clothing choices. Generation Z is driving this shift in ideology. 

Unfortunately, after the Vogue cover made headlines in the US, conservative author Candace Owens tweeted: “bring back manly men.” However, the sheer support from fans showed that the Harry Styles Vogue 2020 was liberating for many in the gender-fluid community.

Fashion progresses when norms are broken. Until the mid-twentieth century, pants were frowned upon as a popular choice for women’s clothing, but today it is commonplace for women to wear business suits, trousers, or jeans. In the same way, unisex clothing will pick up momentum with time. If you plan to launch a gender-neutral clothing line, this is the right time to take the plunge. Fashinza can help you find the right fabric and create unique designs. We work with leading manufacturers to produce top-quality clothing. Get in touch with us.


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