Fashion Stylist Sandra Amador Joins The Wall Team
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Fashion Stylist Sandra Amador Joins The Wall Team

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Los Angeles, New York-born fashion stylist Sandra Amador has joined The Wall Group, a leading artist management and consulting agency. With 15 years of experience in the industry, Amador has worked with celebrities including Lady Gaga, Austin Butler and Maggie Gyllenhaal. He has also worked in film and television, including Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story series.


Amador was a first-generation Mexican American who encouraged the advancement of minority groups in the fashion and entertainment industry. He started his career as an assistant fashion stylist to Brandon Maxwell and rose to fame as part of the stylist duo with Tom Eerebout. He is also a member of the House of Gaga creative team for Lady Gaga.

Statement by Sandra Amador

In a statement to WWD, Amador said he was excited to join The Wall Group. As a creative, he believes that having the right team is essential to guide and amplify the voice. Amador is excited to expand their portfolio and work with progressive and hardworking people.

Keith Stirling's statement

Keith Stirling, senior vice president and director of The Wall Group, said he is excited to have Amador join the team. Stirling believes Amador's inspiring creativity and passion for promoting understated sounds make him an undeniable force. The team looks forward to building and expanding Amador's exciting business portfolio.

Wall panel

Founded in 2000 by Brooke Wall, The Wall Group was acquired by Endeavor (formerly WME-IMG) in 2015. The company's roster includes industry leaders such as Carla Welch, Kate Young and Elizabeth Stewart, among others.

The results: Joining The Wall Group's roster of talented fashion stylists is a major milestone in Sandra Amador's career. Passion for promoting underserved voices aligns with the institute's mission to foster creative talent.


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