Fashion is all about Nudes according to Yeezy Collection
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Fashion is all about Nudes according to Yeezy Collection

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A peek into the iconic Yeezy Fashion label

Few fashion labels have their own hype guy, but then again, few fashion labels have Yeezy. Yeezy Fashion is West's latest clothing brand, having debuted at New York Fashion Week with a Vanessa Beecroft-staged show during the Autumn of 2015.

Yeezy clothes are mostly focused on monochromes, their preferred hues are blacks, greys, browns and oranges. The dresses are either second-skin fit or so loose that baggy knits and shearlings consume the body completely. The sneakers, though, are the true stars of the Yeezy empire.

What do Yeezy Fashion nudes mean?

Yeezy Collection Nude Fashion

When Kanye West debuted his first Yeezy collection, he set the standard for a new level of colour-palette precision. Both models, male and female, for Yeezy Season 1 wore a spectrum of looks, ranging from milk-white leotards to peachy tones, dusty browns and deep blue-ish blacks.

He has stuck to the same paired approach with color and styling, and two consecutive fashion years later, this season focused on acid-wash jeans, burgundy ensembles and black with bursts of gold. The world may have smirked at him and Yeezy fashion initially, but Yeezy's impact on the fashion business is undeniable.

Minimal colour combinations have been popular for a few seasons lately, and they only got more popular with time. Look no further than the Fashion Week 2017 runways of Max Mara, Givenchy and John Galliano, all brimming with great autumn head-to-toe ensembles that have become a huge success on the high street.

Zara's bright pink spring collection sold out in no time, and H&M Studio jumped on the bandwagon with a slew of one-tone outfits that were available for purchase immediately after the show.

While WTG pink is already set to become the most popular hue of the season – and red is poised to take its place in the coming autumn – there is one colour that is always a sure bet for spring, and that is “nude”.

But what exactly does the term "nude" imply? If you go to any online store's "nude" section, you'll see anything from creams and beige to blushing pinks and tan browns. And, Kanye West’s Yeezy Fashion represents the same.

Yeezy Fashion nudes start a trend 

Yeezy Collection Nude Fashion

Kanye West, the face of Yeezy Fashion has always been as fixated on fashion as ever.  When he launched his Yeezy campaign with nude palettes, he was in the middle of a multi-record rollout of his outstanding G.O.O.D. Music roster — including a solo album for himself, YE.

The latest Yeezy campaign came out of nowhere during his album’s launch, and despite the fact that it's only for one colorway of a single sneaker, it was as provocative as anything West has done before.

West enlisted plenty of influencers and Instagram celebrities to flaunt the Yeezy 500 Supermoon Yellow sneaker, including porn actors and a Kim K doppelganger (just in time for the Gemini supermoon). While some of the photos include models dressed in full Yeezy outfits, others are completely naked. Although naked fashion campaigns aren't new, the surgically changed bodies of the women in the Yeezy lookbook may be what makes them stand out.

The campaign came after the Yeezy 6 social media blitz, in which celebrities and models such as Paris Hilton paid tribute to Kim Kardashian's style. Because over the previous several days, Kardashian had been seen wearing what look to be new Yeezy fashion designs in public.

What Hyped the Yeezy Fashion Campaign?

To launch the Yeezy Fashion campaign, Kanye West drew inspiration from his wife, Kim Kardashian’s album “Bound 2”. The rapper shared pictures from his new Yeezy marketing campaign, which included a number of nude females that strangely resemble Kim.

One shot shows two models wearing only socks and “Super Moon Yellow” Yeezy 500 sneakers, one of whom appeared to be a brunette Kim impersonator, while the other appeared to be a taller replica of the reality tv star wearing a platinum wig.

Two almost naked models embracing each other in another shot, wearing just Kim's distinctive Yeezy cycling shorts, yellow shoes, and platinum blond wigs.

The campaign also depicted a fully nude man model holding a fully nude female model, both of whom are just wearing the shoes.

These campaign pictures made a way to everyone’s mobiles through jet-speed and were very controversial. But, in the end, it doesn’t even matter. Everybody was ready to flaunt the Yeezy fashion!


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