How Consumer Mindset Is Driving Change in Fashion
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How Consumer Mindset Is Driving Change in Fashion

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About Trendstop

Trendstop is the world’s foremost fashion trend innovation agency, counting some of the world’s most innovative brands as clients and collaborators. Founded in 2002 by Jaana Jätyri, Trendstop has expanded from its London headquarters to nearly 150 trend gatherers across 27 cities worldwide. The company has an esteemed clientele list, including big brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Adidas, and Zara.

While most agencies report on what is happening, Trendstop focuses on why it is happening. It explores why consumers choose specific behavior patterns and then identifies the products consumers are most likely to respond to.

Forward-thinking fashion, sport, footwear, beauty, tech, entertainment, home, and lifestyle brands trust Trendstop’s strategic insight because it understands what a brand’s target audience wants next. It helps brands intimately understand future trends and shows them how to align them with their target audience, leading to more strategic and profitable product decisions.


Join Trendstop and Fashinza for an exclusive webinar on "How Consumer Mindset Is Driving Change In Fashion" to understand future trends and how consumers play a great part in shaping these trends.

Why You Should Join This Webinar?

As consumer behavior is radically changing in the post-pandemic world, Trendstop will help brands navigate this transformation by tailoring their product to the 21st-century consumer.

By focusing on innovators and early adopters, Trendstop brings brands the targeted inspiration and product elevation currently missing in the market. Its forecasts deliver the perfect balance of curated elevation and commercial excitement. 

With Trendstop, brands will know exactly what consumers will want to buy in the future. So, let’s make the fashion industry better and more exciting together!

Fashion trends that are driven by consumer mindsets

Fashinza is hosting this exclusive webinar with Trendstop to introduce industry experts to fashion trends that are driven by consumer mindsets such as the following: 

  • Sustainable fashion

A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company reveals that in the Covid-19 crisis, most consumers have changed their shopping behavior. And this change falls in line with sustainability goals as 67% of respondents have chosen to buy from those brands which have manufactured clothes using sustainable methods. 

  • Purpose-driven consumerism

Purpose-driven consumerism has evolved in recent times, and a recent survey showed that 48% of consumers have issues with fashion brands that do not have a social view. At the same time, another 42% have boycotted brands that have no social issues.

  • Customization

Nowadays, many consumers are moving away from the latest styles and trends and making their own unique fashion statements. Big fashion brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton, moving with this consumer trend, have come up with customization platforms, namely NIKEiD and Mon Monogram, respectively. 

  • Live commerce

Recently, a fascinating trend, live commerce, has emerged in the fashion industry, where online shopping is fused with live streaming. Consumers solely drive this trend, and fashion brands are making huge sales with these events, especially with the help of social media influencers. 

  • Retail hubs

As the pandemic started slowing down, people are returning to physical shops. This number is expected to increase once the pandemic completely ends. However, most of this crowd is going toward retail hubs such as malls and shopping centers. Several factors, such as convenience and availability of different brands in one place, motivate customers to visit retail hubs instead of individual brand shops.

Who Should join this webinar? 


Designers and D2C brands looking for new trends and established brands expanding into a new category should join this webinar by Fashinza and Trendstop to better understand the consumer mindset and to know how they can use it for their brands' betterment. Some of the key reasons to join this webinar are: 

  1. To understand the psychology behind the evolving consumer mindset 

  2. To get an idea of what to plan for the next collection/styles for 2023 in line with the global consumer trend

  3. To know the global customers' fashion choices better with the Global Trend Expert

  4. To increase the sell-through rate with the best product launch in the upcoming season.

Know the Speakers

Speaker Jaana Jätyri, founder and CEO of Trendstop 


Host Pawan Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of Fashinza

Do not forget to join us on 12th Oct and know more about How Consumer Mindset Is Driving Change In Fashion!


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