Date, Venue, and Guest List for London Fashion Week 2021
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Date, Venue, and Guest List for London Fashion Week 2021

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Like every year, this year too, the London Fashion Week held some of the best presentations and hosted runways with the hottest brands sprucing it up with their raw talent. The event kickstarted on Friday, 14th September, and had us all rooting for it in starry-eyed wonder. But what had us all giving a vehement nod of approval was London Fashion Week’s decision to go gender-neutral and announcing a shift to delimit gendered expectation. The London Fashion Week 2021 mixed up physical showcases with digital and played it out brilliantly for the whole week.

Date and Venue of the London Fashion Week 2021

London Fashion Week 2021 Date Venue Guest List
Models present creations during the British fashion house Burberry 2020 Autumn / Winter collection catwalk show during London Fashion Week in London on February 17, 2020. (Photo by Ben STANSALL / AFP)

The London Fashion Week ran from 17th September to 22nd September. The LFW was the second grand event in a series of 4 major city fashion week events. It was preceded by the New York Fashion Week, with Paris and Milan lined up after it. The lineup showcased emerging designers and established brands. The Day 1 of the event was inaugurated with parties and launches while the actual presentations kickstarted on the second day. Every year the city presents some of its most palatial spots to the big brands for their luxury presentations. The event was held at Somerset House, 180 The Strand, London. The venue was befitting to the grandeur of the collections being presented and also the designer’s vision. BFC show space is also used to host runway shows every year.

Guest List of the London Fashion Week 2021

The guest list was limited to invitees-only for a few brands, but most other designers showcased their collection through shoots and fashion films, and even live streams. Many designers also paired up with directors and sound composers to open their collections to the public through the digital space. What made the London Fashion Week really stand out was the call for inclusivity and a departure from the gender norms around fashion. There were a number of iconic presentations, with the menswear collections gaining a newer shift in perspective.

London Fashion Week 2021 Date Venue Guest List

New Gen partnered up with Tik Tok for the fashion event this fall to showcase the new designers at the Hotel Old Selfridges. Henry Holland was the ingenious producer behind the project, and the event had some serious talent hot on the buzzworthy list. 

Names that stood out included: Albanian designer Nensi Dojaka who explored strength and vulnerability through her dynamic, asymmetrical designs. The designer blew up when she won the desirable LVMH prize. 

Another designer S.S. Daley, who gained notoriety ever since Harry Styles adorned his label in his latest music video, presented his signature style in sustainable menswear. 

More Glimpses of The Event

The London Fashion Week had seats filled with some of the hottest editors, celebrities, influencers, and other fashion insiders. While the audience in attendance could enjoy the physical showcases, the general public would enjoy only the digital version. This time TikTok hosted exclusive workshops and some entertaining panel discussions and events in the LFW. Phoebe English was amongst the designers who took a democratic route and made their collections open to public viewing. People got a peep into the designer’s process and how her latest collection came into being. The behind the scenes look was the fresh new way to have people delve into the intimate details of a designer’s process and what research and approach go into the making of a collection.

London Fashion Week 2021 Date Venue Guest List

London Fashion Week 2021 was spread out over multiple events taking place all over the city. In keeping with the ‘City Wide Celebration’ program, brands planned events across the city for greater engagement. Many of the city’s famous neighborhoods participated with aplomb. Upscale neighborhoods like Chelsea and Belgravia had their shop fronts adorned with exquisite floral installations to celebrate a flower festival that coincided with the fashion week.


The London Fashion Week 2021 was a well-put-together event, especially after almost 18 months of exile from its former physical glory. The event took the entire city by force and had London open up once again with its fashion offerings. 


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