Collaborations That Inspire: Uniqlo X Jil Sander
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Collaborations That Inspire: Uniqlo X Jil Sander

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The Uniqlo and Jil Sander 2020 collaboration is not a new development. The Japanese casual fashion firm, Uniqlo, and the minimalist German fashion designer, Jil Sander, had joined hands way back in 2009 to create fashion masterpieces. 

After that highly successful partnership, the two fashion giants teamed up again after 11 years. This news spread like wildfire in the fashion industry.   

Jil Sander, famous for her Euro-flavoured minimalism, saw a handsome opportunity in the popular Japanese clothing firm. Both came up with the J+ clothing line, which was a massive success. With the collaboration making its return, fashion enthusiasts around the world waited in anticipation. The Uniqlo Jil Sander 2020 collaboration indeed lived up to everyone’s expectations.

A decision was taken to continue the collaboration into 2021 for the summer collection. The Uniqlo Jil Sander collaboration is inspirational for everyone in the fashion industry. Let us dive right into it to understand what makes it so revolutionary. 

1.What’s it all about?

Uniqlo X Jil Sander Inspiring Collaborations

The upcoming range will say goodbye to winter’s dark tones that were a hallmark of the Uniqlo Jil Sander 2020 collaboration. This time, the focus is on the warmer seasons ahead. Mandarin Collar Shirts are the flavor of the season and will be available in various multiple variations.  

The items can be paired with jeans and straight-legged jeans trousers. There are also single-breasted jackets and ribbed knit tops that come with matching pants. 

For a more casual look, there are cool, summer-ready outwear designs available. These outwear designs are available in roomy silhouettes and are very suitable for an outdoorsy range of clothing, including hikes or rainy day wear. There’s a growing trend of fashionable yet practical outwear, and Uniqlo Jil Sander 2020 does justice to this. The pieces are also affordable as well as smartly designed. 

2. The expectation

Fashion experts expected the collection in 2021 to celebrate a spirit of lightness. Indeed, the collection didn't disappoint, with offerings that reflect purity, lightness, and a vibe that exudes a fresh start. Every inch of the clothing is exceptionally tailored and exquisitely crafted. This gives these items of clothing a dynamic and sculptural appeal.

Continuing with the Uniqlo Jil Sander 2020 tradition, the new range includes a superimposition of individual pieces to create interesting contrasts. The apparel is characterized by high-performance nylon, along with a touch of quality selvedge denim, SUPIMA® cotton, polyester silk material and a papery touch. The colour choices are absolutely splendid. The basic colour theme is a natural palette along with multiple varying shades of blue.

3. Why is this collaboration inspirational?

Following the Covid pandemic, the Uniqlo Jil Sander 2020 partnership came at a very necessary time. The return of this iconic collaboration after 11 years was just the inspiration that the fashion industry needed. The industry is of course thrilled that the fashion duo has now continued its partnership in 2021 in the form of a summer collection.  

The pandemic has brought a shift in the shopping habits of many consumers. Consumers have now become more conscientious about their buying behaviour. This has led to a further decline in the popularity of fast fashion. We say further decline because fast fashion's hold on mainstream fashion was already dwindling even before the pandemic. The pandemic just made things worse. 

The reason behind this shift is high-end fashion houses have been focusing on exclusivity in the last decade. Clothing firms like Uniqlo focus on selling their products to everyone. This is why their products often end up becoming inaccessible to the “regular” consumer.

The Uniqlo Jil Sander 2020 collab changed that. The collection is not based on this obsession with exclusivity. It also does not focus merely on just trying to sell. The special thing about it is that it tries to understand the mind of the average consumer. Also, this collection is more than just a clothing line. It holds the promise of providing a high-octane morale boost. 

Uniqlo X Jil Sander Inspiring Collaborations


The Uniqlo Jil Sander 2020, and now 2021, collection gives the impression of a fresh start. This collaboration has redefined what the modern uniform stands for. The collection has a very personal touch to it. There is nothing in it that an average person won’t wear.

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