All You Need to Know About Gucci Grass-Stained Denims That Went Viral
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All You Need to Know About Gucci Grass-Stained Denims That Went Viral

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In 2020, renowned luxury brand Gucci launched its fall collection. A highlight of the collection was a unique pair of Gucci grass-stained jeans. Luxury brands have been known for their innovative ideas and unconventional presentations. This grass-stained collection was one such ‘çreative’ idea. Gucci also launched mud-stained overalls in the same collection. No doubt, the Italian luxury fashion house designed these items to create a statement. But the outfit went viral among Netizens on social media platforms.

The jeans were sold at a whopping $1200 or Rs. 80,000 INR. This exorbitant price for a pair of fake grass-stained jeans left people baffled. The concept behind these pants was to give them a natural, roughed-up look. This isn’t a new fashion statement. Distressed jeans have been doing the rounds ever since the 90s. So what made the Gucci grass-stained jeans different from any previous versions? Let’s look at some unknown facts about the viral Gucci grass-stained jeans.

About the pair of jeans

Gucci made these jeans out of 100% organic cotton. The jeans were designed to be stained and distressed to give them a worn-out look, even though they were just fresh out of production. The pieces had oversized pockets, adjustable straps and green stains on the knee area. Gucci said that it wanted to give the jeans a grunge look, and dared to explore new takes on the most-loved denim fabric.

Gucci Grass-Stained Denims

Vintage vs. contemporary concept

The product description for Gucci grass-stained jeans on The New York Post read – “Channeling the Fall Winter 2020 Men's collection’s grunge vibe, this denim overall is crafted from organic cotton and specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect.” On Miriam Budet’s page, it stated that with this collection, “Gucci explores new takes on the cult fabric, reinterpreting it with different designs and washing techniques that blur the line between vintage and contemporary.” Was this enough to impress fans? Apparently not. 

Received heavy criticism

Netizens were not very accepting of Gucci’s new idea, and they reacted with a large number of tweets, mainly because of the high price tag. The brand stated that people failed to take notice of how the products were crafted. Unfortunately for Gucci, people didn’t fall for its marketing this time. 

In fact, Netizens trolled the brand stating that these jeans could easily be made free of cost at home by rolling around in their backyard. This set an example for any new or old fashion and apparel brand to think carefully before launching innovative products. If the products fail to appeal to buyers, the brand is likely to receive criticism. 

Fortunately for Gucci, it is a fashion powerhouse, and one ill-conceived product isn’t likely to damage its reputation too much in the long run. However, it is a lesson in customer behavior and fashion choices that other brands should take note of.

Used environment-friendly methods

Gucci stated that it refrained from including any harmful chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers in the jeans. Unfortunately, people refused to see the responsible method that went into creating the outfit. So great was everyone's dislike for the overalls, that it completely drowned out Gucci’s defense. Despite the negative publicity, Gucci inspired other fashion and apparel brands to use similar methods to create their clothing items.


Gucci is a well-known brand, and its designs are always impeccable. Unfortunately, it seemed that the brand missed the mark this time. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal when launching experimental items. This isn’t the most absurd piece of clothing from the brand. Gucci also launched distressed tights and inverted cat-themed glasses that cost an eye-watering $755.

But the hall of shame for the most absurd fashion items doesn’t stop with Gucci. Other luxury and high street brands have experimented with unusual fashion. For example, Moschino launched a $1,170 ‘baguette’ bag, and Givenchy unveiled three toed-sandals. Zara’s ‘arm warmer’ shrug and Tsuchiya Kaban’s watermelon bag also prove that Gucci grass-stained jeans weren’t the most bizarre fashion items in recent fashion history.

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