5 Trade Show Exhibition Tips
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5 Trade Show Exhibition Tips

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New products and technologies are invented from time to time. To give new producers in the market a chance to showcase their talent and innovation, numerous businesses organise exhibitions and trade show displays. These booths are gathered for the corporate world and are an important avenue for small-scale businesses to spread the word about their offerings. By making your display stand out from the rest, you can win the attention of a potential investor or gain a large customer base – ultimately propelling your small business to new heights. 

If you are planning one such display for your product, this post covers 5 efficient trade show exhibition tips for small and large-scale businesses. First, let us understand what a trade show is.

Understanding a trade show

Understanding a trade show

A trade show is a type of exhibition where companies from a specific industry showcase and demonstrate their products. This gathering is also known as a trade fair, trade exhibition, or trade exposition. Only a few trade exhibitions are open to the public; these exhibitions are generally exclusively arranged for investors and potential partners. It gives business owners a chance to discuss their products and track the activities of their rivals. 

At public trade shows, a company generates new leads and gets a chance to interact with new customers.

What is a trade show booth?

A trade show booth is like a counter for your products and services. Here, you can showcase, demonstrate, interact, and share details. It is like the face of your product, which is why you have to make it appealing to attract visitors: be it investors looking for their next opportunity or a customer casually browsing. Your trade show booth can range from a simple table to elaborate and magnificent displays. 

Benefits of trade shows 

Trade shows and exhibitions are very beneficial for your business. Take a look at the following advantages:

1. Boost sales

Trade exhibitions are famous for increasing the sales of a business. Displaying your products in a room full of potential shoppers would guarantee a few sales at least. So, if you have ready-to-sell products, you can sell them there, which will increase your sales chart.

2. Market research

Trade show displays are effective methods of marketing research and offer a wealth of data that can help you make data-driven decisions. You can get real-time feedback on your products. Moreover, you can understand the demand pattern and marketing channels you should opt for. 

3. Greater exposure

Side events at trade exhibitions will let you interact with industry leaders in a relaxed environment. Not only do you meet people and customers at your level in the supply chain, but you also get a chance to mingle with the higher authorities. This exposure will help in building business relations.

Besides networking, you can attend the educational events organised at these exhibitions. It will be helpful for you to learn new terms and techniques and master the skills of being an entrepreneur.

4. Brand visibility

A trade show is an important platform for regular marketing and business marketing. People attending this event will get to know your business, your brand, and you. It’s especially useful for newer ventures that are looking to get their foot in the door and impress industry moguls.

5 trade show exhibition tips for small businesses

5 trade show exhibition tips for small businesses

Here are 5 tips that you can try in your next trade display to make a long-lasting impression on the visitors. If you are in the beginning phase of setting up your business, you can follow these tips. 

1. Understand your goal

Why are you attending the event? Is it to promote your brand, increase leads, or improve your industry marketing? You need to decide the primary aim with your team and make a chart with your priority goals. 

2. Budgeting

An all-time necessary aspect is your company’s budget, which should be decided before signing up for a trade exhibition. From renting the trade show booth to setting up a promotional stand, entering your business in an exposition can cost you a pretty penny. 

If you feel that you won’t be able to fund your booth, you can seek financial backing from your investors or start a crowdfunding campaign. When deciding on the final figure, always make sure to match your budget with the goals and requirements.

3. The right event

Consider researching different shows held every year and select the one which is relevant to the nature of your business. Moreover, if your rival is attending a particular trade show, it is likely to be a useful event for your company, too. Do not waste time and money on every random event because, as a new business, you have a limited budget. 

4. Improve the appearance

It’s true that money is often tight for an up-and-coming venture, but don’t let that hold you back from putting on an exciting trade show display! Be as creative as you can by including graphic displays. Arrange your booth in such a way that it represents your product or message to the consumers in the best way possible. You can also go for a rental display. 

5. Pre-show marketing and networking

Interact with your customers and give them product updates through your social media platforms. Share positive feedback and reviews of your clients or eye-catching trailer videos about an upcoming new product to drum up some buzz. These tactics will induce them to stop by your booth while they visit the exhibition.

Networking is necessary, and you will get a chance to increase your circle in the exhibition. Try to be more interactive and friendly. 

5 trade show exhibition tips for medium or large businesses

The size of a business does not matter when it comes to showcasing products. Only the best representation can attract the attention of visitors. So, if you are the owner of a medium business or on your way to becoming a large-scale business, then you can follow these 5 tips.

1.  Interaction matters

Talking with confidence and pleasing trade show visitors by answering their questions patiently and with enthusiasm is the key to making new connections. Everyone is impressed by an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Give accurate information about your product in your trade show displays, so there is no room for misinterpretation. A clear, confident voice will show the bond between you and your brand.

2. Share visitor moments

Click pictures of happy customers that stop by your trade show booth and display them for everyone to notice. Sharing these moments will create a positive environment around your booth. You can also post these pictures on social media with new and innovative hashtags and ask your visitors to put the hashtags in their posts, too. 

3. Food

Yes, you can keep some bite-sized food items at your counter, especially if your product is related to food or packaging materials. Tired customers would love to have a few snacks or a bottle of water. This can be a great way to grab their attention and introduce them to your product. You can also add tags related to your website on the eatables.

4. Charging stations

You can set up one or two phone charging stations near your booth. It is also a good attraction for customers. While their devices are being charged, you can interact with them and talk about your products. You can also involve them in some fun activities related to your product. 

5. Website and follow-up

Before attending the event, create a landing page on your website for visitors at your trade show displays. Put up some informational videos, e-books, feedback forms, or guides related to your product on this page. Share this link with the customers as they visit your booth. It will help in generating customers’ trust in your product and may lead to long-term business relations with them.

Another useful tip is to follow up on potential leads. It is very necessary to keep a check on what your customers liked and disliked about your product and services. Always ask them how you can improve and welcome their suggestions.

Things to remember

The day of the trade show exhibition can be overwhelming, which is why you must be prepared for it. Here’s a small checklist to keep in mind before you set up your booth: 

  • Before you step into the exhibition centre, pre-arrange your team.
  • Set goals with your team and appreciate them after the show ends.
  • The sales and executive teams must be prepared before the exhibition.
  • There should be complete coordination between you and your team for a smooth and successful trade show display.
  • Keep a record of everything, from visitors to sales, for future reference.


You now know about the importance of trade shows and how they can help you meet your business goals. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large-scale venture, these exhibitions are a useful way to promote your business and generate relevant leads.


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