5 Colors Fashion Retailers Should Invest in For A/W 2022 - 23
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5 Colors Fashion Retailers Should Invest in For A/W 2022 - 23

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Bold, quirky, or mellow – fashion changes with the season. With the pandemic and global lockdowns, A/W 2022 – 23 is set to break free and bring an assortment of colors tweaked into fashion. Leaving behind the turbulent times, it is time for a new beginning and weaving fresh perspectives in life and fashion. Coloro (Universal Color System) and WGSN (global authority on trend forecasting) have announced the predominance of key colors for fashion retailers for A/W 2022 – 23. The riveting color palette expected to trend for A/W 2022 – 2023 according to trend forecasting expert WGSN includes orchid flower, honeycomb, lazuli blue, jade, and dark oak.

There is a movement towards experimenting with bold and fresh colors to complement the earthly hues of autumn and the white canvas of winters. According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors of A/W 2022 – 23 focus on bringing calm and restorative peace, embracing the merriment of being alive, and channeling the tumultuous period of a pandemic. The bright hues and colors represent a celebration of life and energy, making them great for fashion retailers to invest in. Fashion retailers should focus on five 2022 color trends for A/W 2022 – 23.


The pink shade is soothing, vibrant, and soft, matching the earthly colors of autumn and the white canvas of winters. In 2022, fashion retailers must invest in designing and sourcing garments in pastel pink to brighten the air. In the last few decades, the love for muted pastel shades is rekindled and is no longer a women's only color. Designers can use the pink color with a twist by creating fashion garments with funky illustrations, geometric shapes, or intricate patterns. Combining the muted pastel pink with vibrant shades or neon colors is a great and fun way to experiment with fashion. Pastel pink is soft, soothing, and gives a sense of familiarity.

Here are some hot favorite and trendy pink color trends for 2022.

  • Pastel pink is a color of romance and emotions and brightens up things. Apparels inspired by cherry blossom pastel pink shade can be paired with anything. From pastel pink pants to blazers to men's shirts or dresses, a trending color fashion retailer should invest in to get maximum profits.
  • According to WSGN, the orchid flower marks the year's color starting from spring/summer and reigning strong for A/W 2022. For Christmas, fashion investors can create fashionable dresses and coats in orchid flower shade.  

This winter's fashion investors must focus on investing in a soft and gentle shade of pinks like pale rosette for cardigans, peacoats, and blazers.

Jade Green 

One of the colors trend 2022 to consider for A/W is jade green. The color brings healing and purification energy and a powerful shade to create positive balance and peace. The natural green of jade is nourishing for both mental and physical health, bringing a grounding effect. It perfectly fits the rich autumn color palettes and generously blends in the winter mist. Jade green is an excellent choice for fashion retailers to expand upon their basic shades of green. Fashion clothing and apparels in jade evoke a feeling of calm and is a soft color for creating uncluttered designs. Be it jade pantsuits or dresses, the color depicts psychological comfort making it a great option for investment. Post-COVID horror, everyone is craving peace and looking for new beginnings, making jade a wonderful, comforting color. Jade green is timeless, and its pleasant undertone makes it a styling essential for any occasion.  

Lazuli Blue

Lapis Lazuli

There are many shades of blue that continue to trend every season. But, for fashion investors, one of the excellent 2022 color trends is lazuli blue. The bold color reflects royalty and healing and weaves the magic of colors in the transition from summers to autumn through winters. It is a distinctive shade of blue and a perfect dark hue. It is a deep intense color that is irresistible to the eyes with its bright, vivid look. The rich dark hues of Lazuli blue is inspired by precious pigment ultramarine and reflects luxury indulgence. Fashion investors must invest in the shade as the color represents sophistication and appears classy. It is a color for royal occasions and brings out the best fashionable aura. Here are some other blue shades that do the charm for A/W 2022 – 23 as well.

  • Rhodonite is a deep blue hue, bringing an infinite possibility in styling. Investors in the fashion industry should be moderately generous in investing in this shade of blue.
  • Ibiza blue is a bold blue undertone that promises to bring vibrancy to the collection. It gives a chic and breezy look with its attractive shade.
  • Clear sky is a cool blue shade and perfect for stepping in autumn 2022 through winters in style. Sweaters and blazers in a cool blue hue are quite the trend. The color offers a fresh perspective with its soft, muted tone.

Feisty Red 

The shades of red are an investment that fashion investors should bank upon. Red is always in style with its intense, bold, and bright shade. A color that represents celebration and festivities also represents confidence and boldness. Jewel tone red is a bold gemstone shade of red that is highly saturated but more subdued. Red is a lively winter color, and a must include in the wardrobe. Fashion investors must invest in luxurious shades of red, particularly jewel-inspired red like emerald and ruby red, for A/W 2022 – 23. Here are some key trends in red to consider investing in.

  • Loose cardigan-style sweaters in red are likely hit for winters. It will be profitable for the investors to invest in the color for designing cardigans and sweaters. The red color against the winter backdrop is a fashionable color trend. 
  • Fire whirl is a bright, vivid, and vigorous shade of shade. It represents optimistic energy and is perfect for the Christmas season. The red with a tinge of earthy brown undertone is a color that is riveting for the fashion industry for the forthcoming season.


There are multiple tones of yellow, but as fashion retailers, investing in the right shade is crucial to set the trend for A/W 2022 -23. Yellow knitwear is likely to trend as per the color forecast for the upcoming winters. The year 2022 started with shades of pastel yellow during the spring and is likely to transition into bolder, brighter shades of yellow by the end of the year. Yellow is a warm, uplifting color that brings a sense of joy. Here are two shades of yellow that fashion retailers must invest in for setting the trend.

  • Day Lily is a shade of yellow infused with tones of orange. Although a perennial color choice, it is expected to dominate the fashion market for A/W 2022 – 2023. Knitwear, pants, and pantsuits on the day lily shade will be in trend.
  • As per the color forecast, honeycomb is one of the key colors trends 2022. The golden yellow tone paired with browns and neutral ochre will trend in fall-winter 2022/23. Not only apparel but it is also expected to dominate and make its place even in the fashion accessory market.

Colors of comfort to trend during A/W 2022 - 23

Colors of comfort to trend during A/W 2022 - 23

The two years of pandemic pushed the fashion industry to a back seat. With the world recovering and things opening up slowly, most people will be inclined towards the color of comfort that gives a sense of optimism and healing. According to Pantone, last year, the year's color was Very Peri, which captured creativity and curiosity. The color is a combination of periwinkle blue with undertones of violet-red, representing rekindling gratitude and fresh perspective. Pantone considered the year's color by expressing ideas, embracing possibilities, and renewed a sense of optimism after struggling with the COVID19 situation.

However, according to the expert color forecast, for A/W 2022-23, the brighter and bolder color shades are all set to trend. Fashion retailers must bet on this year's colors that appeal to eyes and boost confidence. On moving towards A/W 2022 – 23, the consumer's mood focuses on embracing positivity and small luxuries. With the reset button after two years of crisis, the colors of these seasons have an authentic richness that fuels optimism and creates an atmosphere of vividness.


Fashion retailers must always look for trending colors and apply the color forecast for investing in the right shades. All the above shades of colors discussed in the article are saturated, bright, and instantly grab the consumers' attention. The seasonal palette with five key colors as per the forecast is a great way to renew, revive, and refresh the perennial shades with a slight change. As fashion retailers, it is crucial to take inspiration from the color tones to bring out the best fashion apparel and accessories in the market. The colors tend to trend and bring out the finest designs in the retail stores. It is time to experiment, explore, and brighten up the mood with a sense of newness and fresh perspective.


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