10 Trending Styles New York Buyers are Hooked to in 2021
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10 Trending Styles New York Buyers are Hooked to in 2021

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The 2020 fashion scene has mostly been Zoom-appropriate clothes; however, 2021 is all about new trends! So even though the fashion runway hasn’t been appropriately exercised, we have come up with the ten trending styles New York buyers are hooked to in 2021. These trends are stylish, wearable, and so chic! Let’s check them out. 

Cropped Cardigans

Cropped cardigans have made their way yet again to 2021, and higher-end brands are coming up with new styles for sweet cropped cardigans. They look cute and super stylish. Moreover, they go well with almost everything. For example, you can wear a cropped cardigan with a midi skirt and a pair of jeans. Since it is versatile, it becomes perfect for all casual day events. 

Candy-Colored Sweatpants

Trending Styles New York

This year, New Yorkers are showing interest in sweatpants in candy colors. As a result, the requirement for couch clothing has increased; however, buyers are done with black and grey sweatpants. Now, the trend is about juicy and pastels colors. Even if we don’t pay attention to our comfort clothing, this trend seems to be influencing many buyers. 


Shackets are in, and for all the good reasons. This is just another style New York buyers are hooked to. These are basically a hybrid of a shirt and jacket that you can wear over the top, a casual dress, or a t-shirt. They are not as bulky as a coat but relatively heavier than flannel shorts. They feel warm and can upgrade your 2021 winter fashion right away. From turtlenecks to sweatpants, you can pair shackets with anything! 

Tractor-Inspired Boots

Almost every designer takes cues from tractor boots and comes up with their version of them with a rugged sole with a rounded toe. This fashion trend saw a massive surge in 2020 and is continuing to rule. You can pair them with a super-short skirt or long dress, leggings, or slouchy sweatpants; trust us, tractor-inspired boots look super cute and stylish! 

Puff Sleeves

The bold and exaggerated puff sleeves will make heads turn because this style trend is already in. From dresses to cute crop tops, designers seem to love puff sleeves and are hence adding them to almost everything. This style will go well when you want to look your best for a Zoom meeting or grocery shopping. 

Boiler Suits

Trending Styles New York

Boiler suits are the best one-piece that you can go for. They have successfully made their way to your favorite affordable clothing stores. They look cool and are super easy to wear. Plus, they take away the stress of picking a shirt and pants. To make your boiler suit outfit stand out, wear a turtleneck underneath. 

Bucket Hats

If you thought that bucket hats are long gone, think again because they have made their comeback in 2021. Bucket hats are honestly everywhere and almost everyone is wearing them. They give away a relaxed and chilled vibe, which is what fashion icons are looking for this year. If you check Bella Hadid and Rihanna’s Instagram accounts, you will see them flaunting their favorite bucket hats. 

Tiger Print

Trends come and go but only a few remain evergreen, and one of them is the tiger print. You can consider this year’s tiger print to be an upgrade on last year’s. This year, you can find tiger prints on almost everything. From boxy overcoats to cozy knit sweaters, you are going to see tiger prints a lot more than you anticipated this year!

Bubblegum Pink

Trending Styles New York

Bubblegum pink clothes first appeared in 2017 and no one thought that this trend would enter anyone’s wardrobe. But it seems the prediction was wrong since bubblegum pink is one of the first choices of many celebrities and style icons in 2021. Of course, we see a new shade of pink each year, but 2021 is only about bubblegum pink. It’s vibrant, bold, and punchy. Bubblegum pink is no more just a color, it’s a style New York buyers have accepted with open arms.

Oversized Pants

From bell-bottoms to low waist skintight pants, denim has seen many trends. But the beginning of 2021 has somehow saved us from wearing those tight pants that made us flaunt our curves but made us uncomfortable. All thanks to oversized pants, or as some people like to call them, baggy pants have now started to pop up on each New York Street! 

So, these are the top ten trending styles New York buyers are hooked on in 2021. We bet you have found your favorite trend as well. So, let this year be a year of trends that will make you look fashionable and keep you comfortable.


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