10 Fun Facts About Lauren Hutton’s Vogue Feature
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10 Fun Facts About Lauren Hutton’s Vogue Feature

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Model Lauren Hutton graced the cover of Vogue Italia to become the oldest woman ever to front the coveted Vogue spread. The iconic model has been active in the modeling industry for several decades, with her earliest gig being posing in the ’60s for Chanel. Lauren Hutton has a career replete with multiple magazine spreads and runway jobs and has been summoned to feature in over 40 Vogue covers in the span of her modeling career. But her Vogue Italia 2017 issue remains an iconic cover celebrating the theme of ‘timelessness’. It features women over 60, with Hutton helming the spread at 74 and setting the record for the oldest woman ever to pose for the magazine cover.

The iconic Vogue feature with model Lauren Hutton celebrates the message that age is beautiful, including only women over 60 who continue to earn laurels in their respective careers.

The issue is personal to Hutton, who feels the message the society needs to echo out strongly is that a woman who is enthused over how she lives her life, who is attractive and charming, can be any age. Hutton and Vogue break away from the idea that beauty is not only a certain age. 

10 Fun Facts About Lauren Hutton Vogue Feature

1. The model was photographed by Steven Klein for three iconic covers, all bringing out the enigmatic mystery and the bold charisma of Hutton. In one version, the model can be seen wearing a black A-line dress as she strikes a side pose and turns her head to look into the camera. The second cover has a dynamic Hutton splurged in a green skirt and a risqué bra with a brown shrug thrown over her shoulder to complete the look. For the third cover, Hutton sports a collared green coat and holds a lipstick with words and a cross mark drawn over the mirror as she stands smiling.

2. Her cover story is titled “It’s Always Today,” and she is styled to perfection by the make-up artist Kabuki and hairstylist Ward Stegerhoek. It is interesting to note that her styling brings out a classic nostalgia interspersed with modern brushstrokes.

Lauren Hutton’s Vogue Feature

3. The whole idea behind capturing the model through the lens was to carve out a strong message in clear words-beauty cannot be watered down by society’s judgment around it. The photographer gives a fresh take on how women in their 70’s could look.

4. Lauren Hutton became the first woman ever to land a cover of Vogue at 74. She beat Tina Turner by a few months to bag the title and set a new record with her Vogue Italia feature.  She stuns with the natural beauty that she wears with aplomb.

5. Dubbed the “Timeless Issue,” this particular issue is a dedicated tribute to women over 60 years of age. Hutton makes a fitting choice with her exemplary record of having fronted multiple Vogue covers. The model deemed it the “most important [cover] I have ever done, the one that has made me feel most useful.” Hutton says that the cover would spark a new shift in perspective where her feature is not a single instance of celebrating feminine triumph but a new era for women across all ages.

6. The pictures bring together a sassy, fun, sexy, and exuberant Hutton, who is seen embracing her age with spunk and class. Lauren Hutton Vogue feature is indeed a celebration of unending feminity.

7. The Lauren Hutton Vogue feature is a step towards the positive aging movement, which tries to remove the stigma around women and aging. The magazine also points at inclusivity as their defining philosophy behind the timeless issue. Whether it’s about gender or a particular ethnicity, the editorial stays real and, with this issue, provides a significant representation boost to the demographic of women who are often overlooked.

8. Model Benedetta Barzini, the editorial’s first-ever cover model in its international edition, features in the ‘Timeless’ issue. The editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia has compiled a list of iconic women who fall beyond the normal bracket of representation. The theme of ‘age’, Barzini feels, fits well with their vision for diversity-encompassing editions.

9. The issue also has an article about Tracey Norman, the first transgender model in history who was 66 at the time. The Italia feature also has interviews with Amanda Lear, Marina Abramovic, Maye Musk, mother of Tesla’s Elon Musk, and an exciting conversation on feminism between India Munuez and Lynda Benglis.

10. The cover goes beyond just a photograph. It is a mirror of the times we live in. The changes we are moving towards. The Lauren Hutton Vogue feature is truly a winning statement.


In her Vogue Italia feature, Hutton looks every bit as stunning as ever. The model dismantles the standards of beauty that chain women to the idea that youth translates to beauty. Vogue hits a home run with its message to all women to feel proud of the years that carried them to where they are. The ‘Timeless Issue’ is a move to represent women differently and celebrate their spunk and sass that stays strong despite their age.


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