10 Fashion Ideas for Maternity Dresses from In The Style X Stacey Solomon Collection
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10 Fashion Ideas for Maternity Dresses from In The Style X Stacey Solomon Collection

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From petite to tall fits, Stacey Solomon In The Style collection has many great maternity pieces. From florals to beautiful summer colors, this line is perfect for making one’s maternity wardrobe eye-pleasing. This collaboration coincided with Stacey’s baby bump, making mothers from all around feel excited about staying in trend during their maternity. These items are classic and can be kept after pregnancies or also can be passed on to your friends. In this blog, we have listed our favorite dresses from Stacey Solomon In The Style collection to help you make your maternity collection a success. 

In this article, we have listed out a few pieces from In The Style x Stacey Solomon Maternity Dresses. Have a pleasant read!

Stacey Solomon Maternity Dresses

Paisley Print Mini Dress

Paisley prints, because of their versatility, have stuck around in trend for years. Stacey Solomon In The Style collection has a bunch of these prints that are a great addition to an expecting parent’s maternity wardrobe. This dress is not only trendy but also extremely comfortable. It is a perfect dress for a day out when paired with leather boots like how Stacey has or a pair of white shoes.  

Mauve Floral Print Maxi Dress

This floral print maxi dress could be the perfect go-to outfit for a windy day. This mauve-colored dress will look extremely elegant when paired with mules and gold jewelry.

Paisley Print Longline Tunic Blouse

For anyone looking to pull off an effortless cold-weather look, the Stacey Solomon Paisley Print Longline blouse would be a great option. Pairing this with a favorite scarf and a pair of boots will be perfect. The best part about this piece is that if one is not comfortable wearing it as a dress, then this could always be paired with jeans under and accessorized with some gold jewelry. 

Orange Tiered Bardot Dress

Casual day-outs can be a great time to wear this extremely cute orange-tiered Bardot dress. Pairing this look with gladiator sandals and some minimalist accessories will make anyone summer-ready. 

Stacey Solomon Blue Daisy Print Swing Mini Dress

Influencers posting stories in daisy prints have made everyone interested in these modest flowers. This blue swing dress is perfect to add style to your pregnancy. This can always be paired with sandals and any purse for an evening-ready look.

Pink Floral Dress

If one needs something more pink and casual, then the Stacey Solomon Pink Floral Mini Dress is a perfect selection. The frill sleeve makes this look more feminine. This ensemble can always be topped with cream platform boots from the same collection and some elegant accessories. 

Mauve Floral Print Smock Dress

This Stacey Solomon Smock Dress is our favorite from this collection. The mauve color and the floral print are staples for this summer season. It is always better to make this print stand out by wearing neutral sandals and some simple gold jewelry. A smock dress is a must-have piece in the maternity closet. 

Paisley Print Bardot Dress

Wearing off-shoulder Bardot dresses has been a thing since the Victorian era because of their simplicity and elegance. When going out on a casual coffee date with a friend, this simple paisley print dress will be perfect. Styling them with low-top sneakers is an easy way to carry this dress.

White Flippy Sleeve Dress

A little white dress is a great way to make one’s maternity look eye-catching irrespective of age or height. This V-neck dress by Stacey Solomon will be great for summer when paired with some minimal jewelry and sneakers. The frilled sleeve details would make one look refreshingly youthful. 

Long Ling Tune Blue Blouse

This long-line blue Daisy dress is perfect for maternity because of its breathability. Daisy print dresses can always work from day to night, making this arguably the cutest to style all season long. This can always be paired with some wedges, gold accents that are delicate to create a chic vibe. 

Mauve Floral Print Square Dress

For something a bit more dressy, this unreal floral dress is a perfect piece. The puff sleeves and square neckline makes it fancy and could always be accessorized with some delicate jewelry. Pairing this up with black boots can make this look classy. 

White Linen Smock Dress

Finally, for something more casual and perfect for summer, this V-neck white linen dress should be ideal. This button-up dress can be a nice addition to the everyday maternity wardrobe and will accentuate one’s curves in the best possible way.  

This can always be accessorized with some fancy wedges if one wants to head out while looking simple and well-dressed. 

From catching some rays in the garden for summer or going out on cozy winter dates, looking fabulous is now never a problem with these great maternity fits. In this collection, for the first time, Stacey has been a part of every single detail. The best part about this collection is that, apart from being perfect for maternity, it is also size-inclusive and affordable. Out of all these maternity clothes in the Stacey Solomon In They Style collection, tell us which one is your favorite piece and which one inspired you the most? Ready to design your own collection? Find your dream manufacturer through Fashinza


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