SS23 - Most Influential Fashion Trends From Paris Fashion Week
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SS23 - Most Influential Fashion Trends From Paris Fashion Week

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Summary: The fashion industry's latest trends for Spring-Summer 2023 is here. Read about the biggest trends this years as well as couture collections from Paris Fashion Week.

Any major fashion week is marked by a flurry of activity in the industry. For fashion houses and labels, an event like the Paris Fashion Week (PFW) are a make or break moment. Designers toil for months on their collection, crafting the finest exemplars of sartorial excellence. No stone is left unturned, no detail untouched--all in the hopes of wowing global audiences and becoming the couture trendsetter du jour. Some may think that a fashion week is low-stakes and less tense than the Oscars. These people are also the ones who have never worked in the fashion industry!

Image: Courtesy TAGWALK SS23

This season bore witness to a prolific variety of trends from the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Bold prints and statement sleeves were common (if not cliched) themes in featured collections. That said, the following trends were undisputed standouts from the SS23 season. Brands should capitalize on the following trends in their clothing lines next year.

Sunset Hues

Image: Courtesy TAGWALK SS23

This standout trend emerged from the Paris Fashion Week this year. Note the bright yet restrained tone inspired by the colors of the setting sun. The sunset hues also serve the dual purpose of marking the transition from summer to fall season.

Image: Courtesy TAGWALK SS23

The sunset hue theme was prominent in many collections at the PFW. The most notable example of this trend can be seen in the Ferragamo and Courrèges collections. Meanwhile, at New York Fashion Week, designers experimented with soft silhouettes and added a hint of playfulness to their collections inspired by the same sunset hues.

To sum up, brands should expect sunset hues to dominate the coming year. Expect warm, melancholic, earthy tones such as tangerine, orange, red and mustards in different silhouettes. Brands incorporating these vibrant colors into their collection are likely to trend this season. We recommend that you use sunset hues in feminine dresses and skirts as well as androgynous jackets and pants.

Semi-sheer Mesh

Image: Courtesy TAGWALK SS23

Many designers also used semi-sheer mesh as their fabric of choice this season. Ferragamo's collection was notable for its soft yellow-red ombre tones as well as flowy long dresses. We loved how the Ferragamo collection retained a feminine touch whilst keeping its distinctive edge.

A semi-sheer mesh would go well with both dresses and tops. Fashionistas will be looking this season to make a statement whilst wearing these dreamy, breezy styles.

Lace Details & Hems in Contrasting Colors

Image: Courtesy TAGWALK SS23

Lace is a timeless fabric that needs no introduction in the fashion world. The delicate and feminine look of this fabric makes it a popular choice for formal wear. Lace was prominently featured this season at the Milan Fashion Week. Collections featuring lace include the fabric in detailing as well as apparel.

Burberry, Diesel, and Christopher Kane all used lace to frame necklines and hems in contrasting colors. Burberry's collection featured several looks with lace accents, from a delicate floral dress to a more edgy black ensemble with lace detailing. Diesel also showcased some gorgeous looks with lace. Their lace-inspired standouts included a pink mini-dress and a black jumpsuit. Christopher Kane showcased several stunning dresses made entirely of lace, including a beautiful blush pink gown. As a whole, these collections made for a stunning look that will be all the rage in the coming months. There is no such thing as going wrong when detailing with delicate lace since it adds a touch of luxury without being overly dramatic.

Image: Courtesy TAGWALK SS23

The options are endless for brands looking to incorporate lace into their inventory this year. The SS23 season has provided plenty of inspiration for designers to incorporate lace into varied collections. Fashion-savvy shoppers will be more inclined towards lace-inspired collections this spring.

Looking Forward…

Image: Courtesy TAGWALK SS23

To recap, sunset hues and lace insets were a hit on the SS23 runways. The trends showcased this year are sure to brighten up wardrobes come springtime. While some of the looks may have been more on the regal side, they are without a doubt fun to experiment with. Consumers will be looking to pair the aforementioned looks with other accessories for a more casual outdoor appearance. It is possible that these trends evolve into unique outfits as we head into the warmer months!

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