Knitwear Fashion: A Guidebook to Ultimate Knitwear Trends
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Knitwear Fashion: A Guidebook to Ultimate Knitwear Trends

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Knitted fabric refers to all textiles created from knitting. The process of knitting involves either the inter-looping of yarns or the inter-meshing of loops. This makes knitted fabrics very distinct from woven fabrics. Another distinction is that knitted fabrics are more flexible and can be easily constructed into smaller pieces. This makes knitted fabric ideal for making socks and hats.

Commonly used materials to make knitwear include wool, cotton, chemical fiber, and silk and polyester cover cotton. This allows for many types of knitwear to be created which lends itself to diverse styles of knitwear fashion. Common knitted garments include knitted sweaters, sportswear, underwear, T-shirts and knitted accessories. Knitwear suits, while less common, are quite comfortable and fashionable.

Knitwears are most popular in the fall and spring seasons. Surprisingly, over the past decade, knitted clothes have made their way into the summer wardrobe! One reason for this trend is the comfort and durability offered by knitwears. Another reason is the unconventional use of fabrics by emerging fashion designers. The great versatility of knitwear empowers designers to push boundaries and explore new knitwear trends.

Top Knitwear Trends of 2021

1. Sleeveless knitwear


Going sleeveless with knitwears is ideal for fall and spring seasons. This is because the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Sleeveless knitwear is a great choice for casual outings. For special occasions, bright and warm colours may be more suitable to impress.

Sleeveless knitwear can be put to versatile use. It can be worn alone, over a basic tee, or layered under a light jacket. Those looking for a bolder fall/spring style can wear sleeveless knit tops in various colors, necklines and knitwear techniques.

2. Clingy Knits

Clingy knits are soft, chic and ultrafine. They are as suitable on the catwalk as they are on the streets! The pros of clingy knits lie in the fabric’s sheer appearance and stretchy texture. This allows for agile movement and minimal constriction for the wearer. 

Tops and dresses are popular choices for clingy knitwear. Clingy knits also make for great party outfits, especially for a night out in the fall or spring.

3. Jumper


A cozy and oversized jumper made of knitted fabric is an ultimate comfort staple. However, knitted jumpers require tactful styling. This is especially the case if you are going out! A great combination is a classic stirrup legging mixed with a baggy jumper. Some Parisian brands have come up with an open-knit turtleneck, showcasing an oversized fit that perfectly suits simple leggings. This makes for an instantly chic style, especially when complemented with high heels.

4. Longline Cardigans

Cardigans have been around in the fashion world for a long time. They have risen and fallen in popularity but they have managed to endure. Today, cardigans have been redefined for the pandemic age. A good cardigan never fails, especially if there is a quick virtual meeting coming up. Needless to say, cardigans are back in vogue. Some designers have in fact labelled long cardigans as the defacto ‘stay-at-home’ style.

Long cardigans are versatile and can complement more casual wear. They can be paired with your favorite jeans and flats or cinched over a house dress. A new trend with cardigans is the addition of a belt. This makes the cardigan resemble a chic bathrobe. 

5. Knitted Tops and Skirts

knitwear top knitwear skirt

A set of knitted tops and knitted skirts is a must-have in any wardrobe. This classic coordinated outfit is a timeless way to look chic. You don’t need to put in much effort and, better yet, you don’t even need accessories!

Knitwears are great in the sense that you don’t need to accessorize them. Another advantage of knitwear is that they can easily be coordinated with other types of knitwears. For example, a knitted skirt can be paired with either a polo knit, a sleeveless tank or tee or a long sleeve.


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