The Importance Of Shopify SEO For Fashion Brands, And How To Do It Properly!

The Importance Of Shopify SEO For Fashion Brands, And How To Do It Properly!

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Shopify has a more than one-million active user base. Hence, it is one of the most effective ecommerce platforms. This makes Shopify SEO is extremely important for any fashion brand. However, most of the online stores do not know how to increase traffic to their Shopify landing page. This article will give all the e-tailers practical solutions to increase Shopify SEO for their respective fashion brands.

Importance Of Shopify SEO

Why is Shopify SEO crucial for the fashion brand’s success?

  •  Shopify has an advanced e-commerce platform with fantastic search engine optimization (SEO) features.
  • Backend administration is extremely easy.
  • Shopify SEO is highly flexible, and the e-tailer can tailor it to their specific requirements.
  • Impressive Shopify SEO could help position the fashion brand instead of the competition's brand.
  • A good SERP (search engine results page) ranking over multiple digital platforms assists in boosting the sales figures for the fashion brand.
  • Shopify has multiple built-in tools for the e-tailers’ benefit.
  • Using Shopify SEO, one can improve keywords which later will help with Google Ads especially with Google Shopping.
  • An e-tailer can increase their customer reviews which will eventually elevate the fashion brand's credibility.
  • Shopify is easy to use, and the e-tailer does not need any coding skills to modify it as per his/her requirements. This will save a lot of time and money for the fashion brand owner.
Why is Shopify SEO crucial for the fashion brand’s success?

Important tips that need to be implemented for improving the Shopify SEO of the fashion brand online portal-

1. Removing duplicate content from the portal

Duplicate content means that the text of one portal matches the content of another website. The second website might be owned by the same fashion brand owner; however, Shopify SEO will rank such pages at the bottom.

Plagiarized content has an immensely adverse effect on search engine rankings. Hence, it is important for the fashion brand owner to use a plagiarism checker and ensure that the content creation is unique and original. 

Removing duplicate content from the portal

2. Creating exclusive page title and writing metadata (Meta title and Meta Description) for the pages

Page titles and meta descriptions play a huge role in increasing search engine rankings. Including keywords in the page title tags and headings/subheadings will be a good idea to increase the Shopify SEO ranking for your website.

This distinctive page metadata helps the search engines understand the content of the page. This helps the search engines to place the page above others when a customer types in the keywords in the search engine "find" box.

Creating exclusive page title and writing metadata (Meta title and Meta Description) for the pages

3. Optimizing the Shopify store images

Image optimization is an extremely necessary requirement for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines to place your portal's rankings above others. The search engines reject the portals that have poor quality or blurred images. Also, the images should include proper alt tags and there should be a proper product description of the product along with a clear image. 

Optimizing the Shopify store images

4. Linking the products page from the home page

The home page is the most powerful page of any online portal. There should be clear navigation links for the shoppers to come back to the homepage. Most of the shoppers get lost when they are browsing for products of their choice by clicking on different links. When they get lost, they always look for the easiest way to come back to the home page so that they can browse the rest of the categories of products. 

Also, all the types of products that the website is selling should be categorized and grouped properly, and there should be links for each of them. For example: Women - Clothing - T-shirts, Skirts, Sarees, Kurtis, Leggings, etc. All the categories and sub-categories should be properly tagged. This will enhance the shopping experience for the shopper and they will end up buying more than what they had planned.

Linking the products page from the home page

5. Technical SEO for Shopify is mandatory

The portal owner needs to ensure that the technical SEO for his/her portal on Shopify is correctly done. Checking the robots.txt file to ensure that the search engine bots can crawl the site without any problems. Making sure that the site has a sitemap.xml file is mandatory. This sitemap.xml file should be added to Google Search Console.

The web designer who designed your site should create and install Google Analytics for better performance of your site. Appropriate use of heading tags (H1, H2, and H3) is very important. It does not only make the page look neat, the bots understand that page to belong to a professionally designed website. In short, the fashion brand owner should ensure that they hire a reputed company to design their fashion brand's websites.

6.  Canonical tag and domain canonicalization

Canonicalization refers to stating that one domain or page is the primary version when there are multiples of the same pages. For example, if one dress comes in many colors, and you have pages for each individual shade, it is a good idea to canonical to one primary version. Since the product descriptions will be identical, the Shopify SEO might declare it as duplicate and reduce the page ranking.

Canonical tag and domain canonicalization

7. Google Analytics Integration

This step will help the fashion brand owner to track and report website traffic. It is free, and the portal owner will get an idea of how the shoppers are navigating their website. It will ensure the fashion brand owner understands the trends that are picking up, and they can increase the production and advertisement of those products, which many customers are clicking in. 

Adding the Universal Analytics code will help the portal owner to understand the traffic from all possible platforms (website, Instagram, apps, etc.) in one place.

Google Analytics Integration

Every website developer knows that quality backlinks are part of the trinity of SEO. It forms an important trio along with the content and technical SEO. It is important for you to create a profile of your store on Amazon, Yelp, Flipkart, and other related websites. This will ensure more traffic to your fashion brand page from the traffic of those sites. SEMrush Link Building tool is a good article that one can make use of if they are not familiar with the ways of backlinking.

Building high-quality backlinks to the Shopify main page 

9. 301 redirect for old product pages

‘404 Not Found’ is the most irritating message any shopper can see on any website. Often shoppers switch to other websites if they see this message too often. They understand that this website is not maintained properly and the links are broken. However, sometimes the seller needs to change the website URL for products that are out of stock or they have newer versions of the same.

A good website designer will set up proper 301 redirects for old product pages. Being the owner of the fashion brand, you or someone from your team should constantly monitor various links of your website to ensure that they are not broken.

301 redirect for old product pages

10.  Installing the free product review app

There is a variety of Shopify Apps that can help fashion brand owners optimize their portal. Shopify Product Reviews is a free app that can help your social media team to engage with your customers. Keeping incentives like shopping points for writing reviews is a good way to build customer loyalty. They will not only be enthusiastic about writing reviews and uploading pictures of the products, but they would also like to come back to use those points to get some discounts on their next purchase.

Prospective buyers trust these reviews as they know that other fellow shoppers who have used that product have put honest feedback about the product. The Shopify SEO will always show the products with highest ranking at the top. This will ensure that the online shoppers get to see those products that other customers have liked and have given positive ratings.

Installing the free product review app

11.  Configuring the blog feature on the Shopify portal

Shopify comes with a built-in blog feature. Writing blog posts is a great way to build your audience, establishing their trust on your website, earn more exposure, and drive more organic traffic and sales for your online business. The sites that are frequently updated through regular blog posts updates garner more traffic from the Shopify SEO and other search engines SEO algorithms. The backend bots understand that these sites are well-maintained as there is regular traffic there.

It might not be possible for any fashion house owner to launch new collections every day; however, it is easy to post new blogs every day/every alternate day.

Configuring the blog feature on the Shopify portal


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