The 7 Things You Need to Know When Planning Social Media Fashion Campaigns

The 7 Things You Need to Know When Planning Social Media Fashion Campaigns

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So, to help one establish a successful fashion campaign for their brand, here's compiled a list of 7 pointers from apparel manufacturers and their fashion marketing techniques.

1. Identifying the GOALS

Every meal begins with a recipe. Similarly, every marketing strategy begins with a list of goals. In the same way that a cake needs to have its structure reinforced with a series of internal support beams if it’s going to stand up to heavy use, in order for brands’ social media fashion campaigns to be successful, they need to decide on specific things they want to achieve before distributing their efforts among different channels.

2. KYC- know your customers

Customer research is extremely important for any organization; before a brand even thinks about how to market their product or service, one needs to thoroughly understand what type of a person it is that will be parting with their money. With the aid of all the excellent tools at the disposal nowadays, such as social media analytics, the user will have all the facts and figures necessary to make an accurate profile. The more information available on these people known as ‘buyer personas’ will allow a brand to know who they are, when they're most likely going to be interested in making a purchase and if they have particular preferences when it comes down to influencing their buying decision - for example, age groups, gender, location among many other factors!

3. Build your eCommerce brand

Shopping has undergone some changes. Customers have long taken to the internet and the trend of purchasing more from online stores rather than physically visiting a store appears to continue at an increasingly accelerated rate. This means that one’s brand needs to adapt accordingly. Start working on building up an e-commerce site, or start a presence on widely used social media platforms for e-commerce brands so that one can establish their brand's presence in its niche as well as help increase sales!

4. All about Looks

All about Looks

A fashion brand doesn't just exist in the fashion industry, it lives with it. Good photos are vital, especially in the fashion industry. You see, unlike brick-and-mortar stores where customers are able to touch and try on products before making their purchasing decisions, online stores are only able to show potential buyers a limited number of photos that can be viewed from a restricted range of angles. To gain back this element of experience customers don’t have access to in an online store, brands need to take high-quality photos and portray items from every possible angle their customers may want to view them at.

5. Consistent & Engaging Content

Make your content consistent and aesthetically pleasing by using a theme that allows one to create engaging, quality posts across social media platforms. Giving priority to quality doesn’t compromise the personality of the brand or restrict it from being engaging. The content should be themed around one central topic, which will help keep consistency in the content across platforms and formats. 

6. Communication


One does not have to post every day to ensure the presence of a brand on social media. However, an influential presence on social media is vital in the digital age. And what is the best way to achieve that? It's simple: interact with the audience! This means a brand should strive to respond as quickly as possible and not disregard those who engage with the brand online. And remember - when starting out especially, social media posts should be more qualitative rather than quantitative. How so? Well, if one aims for quantity in terms of content like many short but relatively shallow posts daily instead of less regular but deeper and more quality posts, it might make more sense because there will be a higher chance for interactions between the brand and their audience.

7. Video Marketing

Adding video is one way to make a fashion business stand out from the competition. There are many ways to advertise with fashion video marketing. It could be a short-form ad for social media, which shows off one’s products or service, or a promo for their upcoming collection on Instagram with a “haul” of their new items, or perhaps it's an informative clip that tells customers about how to use the clothing or what style is best suited.


Here we have offered a few tips on building effective fashion social media campaigns. With so many different social media platforms and ways to post content, it can be hard to figure out how to create a cohesive campaign. Below are a few tips on how one can build a successful social media campaign for their brand.

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