Making The Most Out Of The Barter Collaboration With Influencers

Making The Most Out Of The Barter Collaboration With Influencers

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When a person opens their Instagram or Facebook and looks at their favorite entertainer wearing and using a specific something, does a person also wonder about from where did they get it? 

Influencers or instagram fashion influencers have become a big part of marketing now. Whatever they do becomes trendy and relaxed and is followed by a lot. Influencers have a significant number of followers on their social media accounts. At times, these followers are so loyal and crazy about their idols that they follow them blindly. 

Influencers barter collaboration can be very efficient and beneficial for a marketing strategy. But to make the marketing campaign reach the desired target audience, it is crucial to choose the right influencer for the brand. 

Keep reading to understand what barter collaboration with instagram fashion influencers is and know some tips on how one can make the most out of it.

What is a barter collaboration?

We all in our high school days have once heard of the word "barter." Barter means to trade goods or services between two or more parties without using money. When we use this term in influencer marketing or collaboration, it can be described as a situation where the brand will collaborate with Instagram fashion influencers to promote their goods or services in exchange for complimentary products. In a barter collaboration agreement, the brand gives out free goodies, and at times exclusive products to the influencer and, in return, expects good promotion on social media via the influencer.  

Why is barter collaboration better than paid posts?

Why is barter collaboration better than paid posts?

Paid post is another way of influencer marketing in which the brand demands the influencer to do a post on social media regarding their product or service. Barter collaboration is more beneficial as the instagram fashion influencers get a first-hand experience of the service or product before using it. The audience loves genuine reviews, and a barter collaboration does precisely that. This will help them to add a personal touch to the promotion campaign.

How to choose the best influencer for a barter collaboration?

With changing trends in the marketing industry, the current reign is held by these upcoming online personalities. Brands can use these influencers to promote their goods and services to a broader audience. But to convince the audience to have a look at the brand, it is essential to choose an influencer who can best represent the brand.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best instagram fashion influencers for a barter collaboration

Set the goals

The brand needs to know what they want as an outcome of their campaign. A good promotion, online attention, new clients, etc., are some things that an influencer can promise a person. But it is upon them to choose what they need the most and set their goals for the campaign accordingly. If the brand is new, the most important outcome from the barter collaboration campaign should be online attention and not sales.

Understand the audience

Customer satisfaction is the most critical factor for running any business. Choosing an influencer who can satisfy the desired audience is a crucial point to keep in mind. If a person understands what the audience wants, it will be easy for them to choose someone to represent the brand. For example, if a target audience is a group of young people, collaborating with an older adult won't cater to the audience's needs.

Decide the type

There are four types of social media influencers - 

-Mega influencers: 1 million+ follower

-Macro influencers: 100,000 – 1 million followers

-Micro-influencers: 10,000 – 100,000 followers

-Nano influencers: 10,000 followers or less

The higher the follower, the higher the reach. But generally, macro and mega influencers prefer paid promotions only. It is better to reach out to micro and nano influencers according to one’s requirements. Keeping the needed reach and other requirements in mind, choose the one which feels best.

An influencer who relates

The influencer needs to relate to the brand or business to make it feel personal and relatable to the audience too. Ask instagram fashion influencers to use the free goods and products first and then promote them. This first-hand experience will help the influencer deliver an excellent promotional campaign. It will also make the brand look good in the eyes of the audience, as people love genuine reviews. 

High engagement rate

Why is barter collaboration better than paid posts?

It is essential to choose an influencer who has a high rate of engagement. A more significant number of followers don't determine the engagement rate ratio. Following is the formula to check the influencers engagement rate ratio:

Number of likes per post/ Number of followers X 100

Use this formula to determine the influencer's engagement rate ratio as a successful barter collaboration campaign highly depends on the target audience reached by the influencer. A low engagement rate won’t promote the brand that well. 

If an influencer has more than 20K followers, they should at least have around 2.5% to 4% engagement rate.

Authentic profile

A person will find a lot of influencers with a high number of followers but a significantly lower engagement rate. This may happen due to fake followers or bot followers. Many influencers buy followers. Make sure to check the authenticity of the influencers profile. Take some time to research and take out raw data of the engagement rate of their posts.

Quality content

It is imperative to choose an influencer who can deliver quality content in exchange for complimentary products. High-quality and creative content should be expected from instagram fashion influencers. The influencer should have a reasonable engagement rate. Make sure that the influencer posts on social media regularly and keeps their audience engaged and entertained. 

Choose a niche

A niche can help to give a direction to the barter collaboration campaign, and one can consider the following factors to choose a place for them.

  • Geography: If the brand is locally based and has no or fewer branches yet, one can barter collaborate with a local influencer who has a big hand in that particular region. This will help the brand to gain both online and offline attention. 
  • Age and sex: The age and sex of the target audience can play a crucial role in barter collaboration. If the brand sells beauty products like cosmetics, one will need a youthful influencer who knows how to use those products. A young female influencer can give them a better reach in the beauty niche than someone else. 
  • Type and relevancy: For a barter collaboration, it is crucial to see if the influencer is fit to promote the type of product or service they are selling. The influencer needs to feel relevant to the audience while promoting a specific type of product. For instance, if the brand sells sportswear, an influencer needs to be associated with sports or fitness—someone with an athletic body and personality. 


Barter collaboration is a trendy and efficient way of doing influencer marketing. To make the most out of this barter collaboration, keep in mind the tips mentioned above, like checking the engagement rate or finding a particular niche. If one can choose the right instagram fashion influencers for their brand, it will help them reach the target audience and even increase sales. 

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