Is Aida Mollenkamp's Guide To Sewing A Right Way To Start A Fashion Business?

Is Aida Mollenkamp's Guide To Sewing A Right Way To Start A Fashion Business?

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Aida Mollenkamp is a name that is well-known in the culinary world. She has been an inspiration to many home cooks and rookie chefs, and has been admired for her unique dishes as an experienced food recipe developer. She once said:

 "Food tastes a lot better when you prepare them with your hands along with the whole ingredients. This is a type of cooking that requires basic skills and can be challenging for those who don't know their way around the kitchen."

  • Aida Mollenkamp

To be honest, she's right! Learning the basics can help you move forward. This principle also holds for the people who wish to make a name in the world of fashion. Chefs like Aida have the power to influence and inspire young minds to become sustainable and transparent when they want to start a fashion business

"Making food takes time and diligence. This is something that I have learned from my grandmother."

-          Aida Mollenkamp 

One cannot become a chef overnight, which is also the same when building a fashion business. Aida says food requires a lot of care when you make them. So, when you want to have your own fashion business, you have to care for it to become one of the biggest brands in the market. 

Food Makes A Bold Statement, So Does Fashion 

Food Makes A Bold Statement, So Does Fashion

Aida believes that choosing the ingredients correctly for a particular recipe is essential. The ingredients you choose will let you make a dish that can make a statement, and this is the same for the people who work in the fashion industry.

Every material or fabric you choose can make a bold statement. For instance, if you use PVC [Polyvinyl Chloride] instead of genuine leather, you can create a product for people with a tight budget. 

PVC has been used as a substitute for leather for many years, as it does give off the feel of leather. But nothing can beat clothes or footwear that are made from genuine leather. That's why, when running a fashion business, you must carefully choose your materials.

The choice of raw materials can help you create designs that stand out and make a statement. Choosing high-quality and proper materials can help your fashion business gain the success it deserves.

Travelling Is The Way To Find Inspiration On Food & Fashion

While Aida was visiting Italy, she was utterly in awe of the chicken at Trattoria Sostanza

"I couldn't even explain how delicious it was, and I have spent months in the kitchen just trying to recreate the same recipe."

-         Aida Mollenkamp

Her trip to France and eating a freshly-baked Baguette was also a life-changing experience. This clearly shows that travelling has dramatically inspired her when making outstanding dishes. This is also the same for people in the fashion industry. 

As a fashion business owner, you need to check what's in trend and what clothes people like wearing. You can achieve this goal when you travel to certain places or countries. The clothing style of a small town or a village can inspire you to make clothes that can take your fashion business to a whole new level. 

Whenever Aida Mollenkamp came across a recipe or an ingredient, it inspired her to create something on her own. When you check out her cookbook "Keys to the Kitchen," you will come across recipes that you might have never heard or come across in your life. So, you also require a pinch of inspiration if you want to run a successful fashion business. 

Staying Curious And Adventurous At The Same Time 

Food Makes A Bold Statement, So Does Fashion

As a chef, food editor, and recipe developer, Aida always encourages all the home cooks to be adventurous and curious at the same time. She says that there is nothing to wear when trying out new tastes and techniques, and doing so can improve an individual's cooking skills while staying at home. 

So, how can you do the same when you wish to run a fashion business? Simple, you just have to be different, take risks, use your creativity and stand out. Although these things might sound a little scary, they are not. If you wish to stay adventurous in the fashion world, you simply need to use a different material, opt for an extraordinary style and do something that no one ever thought of doing. 

Check What You Put In Your Shopping Cart

You don't go to a grocery store and randomly pick out items from the fruits or vegetable section. Do you, now? 

Aida continuously checks all the ingredients right before placing them in the cart. No matter how good it looks, checking your purchases is highly essential. Similarly, when you purchase products for your fashion business, you check whether there is any scratch, a tear or the materials are of low quality. 

Remember, the products you sell can make or break your business, and you will, not in a million years, think of offering items that can make your fashion business go down instead of rising. 

Pick The Best People When Getting Your Things Delivered

There are times when you cannot or do not have the time to visit a store or the market to get food items to cook. Aida doesn't rely on online stores to deliver her food, but she recommends all home cooks choose a reliable and trusted online company that can provide them with fresh products. 

If you now compare this with your fashion business, you will find some similarities. You cannot make clothes or other products on your own, so you will depend on a manufacturing company to get it done in mass production.

This is where companies like Fashinza come in. Fashinza is a B2B platform that has the power to meet all the requirements of individuals who wish to run a fashion business. When you cannot find the proper manufacturer, this platform can connect you with some of the best ones in the industry. 

They have assisted many fashion brands and will do the same for you. You can take a break when sourcing suitable manufacturing materials as Fashinza will take care of everything right from design to delivery.


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