Importance of Communication in the Fashion Industry

Importance of Communication in the Fashion Industry

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Fashion and Communication

Which one is more striking – a handbag or a handbag with a Double C logo? The obvious answer for any designer, and even a fashion enthusiast, would be the latter. But why is it so? It is because the Double C represents the brand – the iconic Coco Chanel? Think of it – a simple logo, placed strategically, can communicate so much with its mere presence. That is the power of communication in the fashion industry.

The above example is just one of the many aspects in which powerful communication makes an impact in the fashion world. An industry that thrives on creative expression of one’s thoughts is the best place to understand the importance of communication. 

This isn’t just limited to garments, though. There are so many avenues of powerful communication within the industry. To cite a few examples – styling, set design, visual merchandising, brand displays, graphic designing – the list is simply endless. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that fashion depends on effective communication of all different forms.

Fashion Communication v/s Communication through Fashion

These aren’t mere terms. They are independent phrases, each holding a lot of weight in their own right. Let’s examine them in a little more detail to understand the similarities and differences.

Fashion Communication

Fashion Communication

Where does one get to know about the different fashions of the time? Not everyone can attend fashion shows to know what’s happening in the industry. But there are so many other avenues to do so. Fashion Blogs, newspaper articles, fashion magazines, promotional videos, movies – any audio-visual medium that showcases the designs by designers, is a source of information about the latest happenings in the industry.

As much as these are means of information for the public, it is important to understand their significance in communication. Be it business houses or individuals running their own businesses, they all need to appear and stay relevant in public consciousness, to sustain in the industry. This, in turn, is possible with strong communication via any of these channels. This representation of fashion via different media is known as fashion communication.

Communicating through Fashion

As much as one would like to harness the potential of media channels to make an impression of their brand, it is important for the brand to stand on its own merit. Every designer has a unique thought process; one they express via their designs. These expressions need to reach the audiences, for them to become customers, or even engage with the brand.

This is where communicating through fashion becomes critical. If a brand is all about independence and flamboyance, it doesn’t make sense to display the designs in a closed, high-end studio. That’s why special fields like visual merchandising, set design and art direction are needed. The events around the fashion experiences like fashion shows, also make creative use of this mode of communication.

Similarities between Fashion Communication and Communicating through Fashion

Similarities between Fashion Communication and Communicating through Fashion

At the heart of it, both of these terms represent one essential factor. Communication is the key, especially in the fashion industry. Whether one wants to express via the clothes, accessories, ambience or with words and images, accurate communication is the name of the game.

Dissimilarities between Fashion Communication and Communicating through Fashion

Communicating through fashion happens via cues, and is indirect. One has to understand the meanings and representations to understand what is being communicated. On the other hand, Fashion communication is all about direct communication via words and audio-visuals.

Hiring the Right Communications Professionals to Grow your Business

Whenever one thinks about careers in the fashion industry, the first thought is becoming a designer. The next may be about having one’s own manufacturing unit or becoming a supplier of materials. But those are not all the options available. As a matter of fact, that’s not even the beginning of the choices available in this field. Just take the communications and see how many career alternatives one can have. Here are some examples:

  • Fashion Blogger – Starting with one of the most relatable ones. A fashion blogger is someone who blogs about fashion. That’s it? Nope. A fashion blogger is someone who has a keen sense of fashion and can communicate its different facets to their readers. They can help the people understand the messages behind a collection and interpret the art. They are the bridge between the artist and the audience, all thanks to their communication skills. Hiring a fashion blogger is a great way for a fashion brand to communicate their message to a wider audience.
  • Photographer / Videographer – A not so obvious candidate on the list, but an old and important one nonetheless. Can anyone beat the allure of design spreads in the glossy fashion magazines, or the aesthetically shot videos of models showcasing the latest fashion apparel and accessories. Guess who makes these images and videos? Yes, the fashion photographer or the fashion videographer. They are the ones responsible for communicating the aspirational side of fashion brands. Their importance in fashion communication and communicating through fashion is evident!
  • Visual Merchandising – Visual merchandisers work behind the scenes in the fashion industry. Be it the layout of shelves in the store or telling a story with the way products are displayed, visual merchandisers are master craftsmen and communicators. Imagine the strength of their craft. They never face the buyers, and yet influence their purchase decisions. This is what communication in the fashion industry can achieve.
  • Content Writers – With the spectacular growth of the internet, and promotional opportunities associated with the internet, this is one of the most in-demand career options. Whether one writes the creative product descriptions for an ecommerce website, or weaves the narrative to include product placements, these word-magicians are a growing tribe in the industry. Their job is simple – communicate with the audiences to help them connect with the brand. Hiring a content writer to use language effectively to communicate your brand to the public, is a must today.
  • Graphic Designers – This particular entry may come as a surprise, but, graphic designers are the biggest communicators, intricately linked with the industry. Be it designing the brand identity (logos, packaging, marketing toolkit), or the designs themselves (clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.), the job of a graphic designer is to effectively communicate about the brand.
  • Set Designers – Who doesn’t love a good movie? Ever bothered to find out how the sets are designed? They are designed keeping in mind the story and the situation, as well as creating the perfect backdrop to communicate about the brand in a visually appealing manner. Some of the most powerful statements in the fashion industry are made with the help of creatively designed sets.

Whether your brand is looking for graphic designers or photographers to bring the magic of your products alive, networking is an essential requirement. The best place for networking with other fashion industry peers, including suppliers and other designers, is Fashinza. We work with leading manufacturers and suppliers to create the latest fashion apparel. For more details, get in touch with us today.


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