Hyper-Local Targeting And Leveraging Vernacular Content For Fashion Brands: A Case Study With Examples

Hyper-Local Targeting And Leveraging Vernacular Content For Fashion Brands: A Case Study With Examples

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Hyperlocal Marketing

It refers to a small market that concentrates on a specific geographical place and a limited number of individuals. It helps small businesses to induce traffic on their websites without paying large amounts to the advertisement systems. 

Many small enterprises prefer to focus on a small group of people as it becomes easier to manage, personalize and measure. The world is changing with different trends every day. Hence, companies need to stay updated, and keep the  audience engrossed in their products. Hyper-local marketing can be a good way to advertise the business to a targeted audience. For instance, a campaign specific to one city, such strategies help to complete the task.

The term hyperlocal marketing has gained prominence in recent years as it focuses on all sizes of businesses. It profits the local marketing requirements. This technique focuses on a small number of shoppers and a specific geographical location. Hence it is easier to customize and implement things.

Vernacular Content

The term vernacular refers to the type of content that is presented in the regional languages and targets the people of a specific location. The intent of producing such content is to engage people who are not literate or speak some other language. For instance, if they want to focus on the city of London, it won’t present content in some language other than English.

Companies have to produce the content in the language they can comprehend. This approach will also lure those not in the mainstream, allowing them to engage with the brand. This will eventually attract them to buy their stuff. 

Because there is so much communication on social media these days, individuals choose to consume the simple ones to learn and comprehend. Hence they need to present the content they understand and like. This makes the audience affirmed and trusted towards the brand.

Leveraging Vernacular Content For Fashion Brands

Brand marketing and vernacular content making are two inseparable terms of strategy. As the distinction between metro and non-metro cities and rural and urban areas is becoming increasingly blurred, the usage of interaction for all purposes is skyrocketing.

  • According to a 2020 survey, over 77 percent of internet users are from the lower-income brackets
  • However, BBC expresses that only 10% of the residents are proficient in English speaking
  • In the financial expression, 90% of the users like to consume the content in their regional language and hence prefer non-English content
  • The rural areas in India use the internet more actively. That is 264 million as per kantar, in May 2020, whereas it is 210 million in the urban areas
  • According to search engines like Google, 9 out of every 10 new customers use the internet for shopping products in their regional languages and not English.

As a result, when advertising any product, keep in mind that the majority of users are from non-metro areas and are unfamiliar with the English language. As a result, the information should be offered in regional languages so that they can readily interpret it. Hence, they need to make the audience connect with the audience well so that if they cannot understand the language, they get the story and trust the brand. However, it is always recommended to deliver content intelligibly because it aids in the establishment of trust.

Leveraging Vernacular Content

The term leverage means the debt taken by any company to the value of the share, that is, equity. However, leveraging content refers to utilizing every single piece of content and manipulating it in multiple ways to receive a higher return on the investment made from every bit of it. This strategy requires the marketers to submit content innovatively that seems fresh and interesting enough to captivate the audience. In this process, the need to figure out how to utilize the maximum amount of leverage and how to use it to expand the business.

It is related to everything the company already has. Hence, with proper utilization, brands can receive more from less. Business owners need to understand how to optimize the business since every bit of an organization has some leverage. This process allows the owner to generate the most out of the limited resources by multiplying and amplifying the profits.

In Context With The Fashion Brands

Leveraging Vernacular Content For Fashion Brands

Content is referred to as king nowadays. Hence, to keep the audience engaged with a brand, Organizations need to generate content smartly. As discussed above, they can develop multiple contents from one single piece of content. 

It is vital to keep the audience informed about what is new and trendy when it comes to fashion brands. For this purpose, they need to be visible to the people and produce content that reaches as many people as possible. 

Smaller firms may reach out to individuals in a certain geographical place because they have less leverage/investment. They can also address the area’s shoppers by involving the regional languages.

This is also applicable for big firms, as sometimes some products are addressed to a specific type of audience. To help with this, they can develop the content and present it with different regional languages so that people can feel connected to an emotional string and the generation of trust. Since people are more captivated by the content that they can easily comprehend.

Leveraging vernacular content for the fashion industry can be a great asset. It will lead to lower investment and higher ROI (Return on Investment) as the limited resources can be multiplied and magnified to multi-levels to generate profits. And the involvement of hyperlocal targeting techniques can get people from different backgrounds. They will be able to provide a common ground for everyone to understand what they are presenting and how it will benefit or if it is a clothing brand, then how it will look.

Case study

1. IFCHIC - An SEO Mission

IFCHIC is US-based and works closely with many online companies to reach out to several people and induce traffic on their websites. To entice individuals, they have been performing UI/UX designs, influencer-based marketing methods, and other types of promotional content to induce organic traffic that is going to benefit them. They started publishing content that is more interactive and concrete. Hence these techniques are effective in branding, and they reach out to more people. 

Every new benefit comes with certain provocations. Due to high competition in the market, they needed to emphasize the content and make it vulnerable and hyper-local. For this, they created a properly structured article with marked keywords to appear in the top results in the search engine. This becomes a problematic task for not knowing how search queries work. 

They wrote the content based on the editorial competition to solve this problem. They produced content based on the keywords and not by paying for the Google ads to include such keywords without actually writing about them. It means adding a keyword like if they are selling something with a keyword like a T-shirt, search engines will have nearly 1 million results. But if one writes a prefix to it, it will become unique. This helped them in generating traffic to their website.

2. Nike - Revamping the Website 

Nike is an international firm that raises its bar with every product launch. The brand serves as a strong contender to most competitors, as 48% of the American athletic footwear market and 96% of football footwear.

The brand advertises the products so the audience can strike an emotional chord with the audience. They tend to narrate a story along with the advertisement. This makes the audience connect to the brand well. To entice individuals, they have been performing UI/UX designs, influencer-based marketing methods, and other types.

The brand utilizes strategies like hyper-local movement and leveraging of the vernacular content so that it can reach out to people globally. It is often said that it does not matter that they are French or American. Nike’s message and brands are always comprehensible and shall be received globally.

The brand adds stories, narration, and emotions to the campaign to be talked about, which makes it popular and well-liked by the public.


Hyperlocal and leveraging the content is an effective strategy for reaching out to people and selling brand products. Both the processes will help them gather more audience on the page. This is benefitting the bigger companies as well as the small enterprises. Like Nike, the brand has raised its bar so high that nobody can match the content they produce. They use both skills to connect to the people of every caste and people who speak different languages. It promotes a story and narrates it, so people connect to it. Contact Fashinza today to elevate the way they look and entice people, and keep them engaged in the brand.


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