How to Identify Markets That Will Make You a Lot of Money Selling Online

How to Identify Markets That Will Make You a Lot of Money Selling Online

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The apparel business is quite a lucrative business opportunity. Because of the growing market for clothes, many people nurture the dream of having a successful apparel business.

Nowadays, a successful business model should have a strong online presence. The pandemic has brought about a dynamic change in the way customers shop. People have moved to shopping online as it is a much more convenient option, without the hassle of stepping outdoors.

This is the reason why an online presence is important in any apparel business. Anyone with a dream of owning an apparel business or already owning one should know that selling apparel on online channels like fashion websites is the best way forward.

Here is a guide on how to start an online apparel business

Apparel is currently one of the most popular e-commerce products sold. Here are the steps fashion brands should follow to start an online apparel business. 

1. Choosing the right products

The apparel business has a wide range of products to choose from. Be it kids clothing, athleisure, knitwear, the list is endless. Given such a vast variety, as a clothing manufacturer, making the right choice is key. The products chosen should be based on recent market trends. This will give the business a good head start as there is already a demand for such products. Then, the business can create a unique label by customizing these products. 

2. Identifying the target audience

Once the product is chosen, the next step will be to identify target customers. They will be the end-users of the product. Fashion brands can then tailor the products around the needs of the target audience to make their products more market-friendly and appealing.

3. Identifying the business model

Identifying the business model

Now that the products and the target customers are ready, it is time to get into other details like the business model. Every successful business should have a strong business model. This means having a reliable channel for sourcing niche products as well as a good supply chain in place so that orders can be fulfilled seamlessly.

4. Creating an online presence

After having the products and supply chain in place, the apparel business should look into different options available to sell the products online. Depending on the investment, they can choose from hosting a fashion website or selling the products at other e-commerce marketplaces. 

5. Marketing the products

Making the brand and products visible to customers should be the next step. Depending on the target audience, placing ads on Google, email marketing, advertising the brand on social media handles, tie-ups with influencers, and guest posts on popular blogs are some ways fashion houses can market their brand online. Once the target audience becomes aware of the brand, sales will follow.

Analyzing the apparel business market

Before starting, fashion houses should conduct a market analysis of the fashion business. This step is critical to protect the business from failing and incurring losses.

Market analysis is the process of gathering information, studying it, and identifying factors that directly affect a business. Conducting market analysis in the fashion business will help identify the competitors, target audience, current market preferences, and future trends.

An apparel business should conduct the following research to start a successful online apparel business.

  • Identify niche markets for unique products and new areas for growth.
  • Identify the target audience and understand their needs.
  • Identify the competitors and develop strategies to make the brand stand apart.
  • Gain insight into the current market trends to stay relevant.
  • Gather information about consumer spending habits and whether the target audience will treat the product as a want or a need.
  • Analyze the future fashion scene and be ready to accommodate changes in consumer preferences. 

Starting an online apparel business is not complicated if the research is done properly and the right product is selected. 

However, the online apparel market is very dynamic. A clothing item that is in trend today may become redundant tomorrow. That is why it is important to stay up-to-date on evolving trends in the market. An apparel business should be flexible enough to change its niche products whenever required, based on the changing fashion trends.

Finding niche products for a business can be a bit tricky in a dynamic market such as the apparel business. But there are a few places online that will help identify the most popular items searched by people. Fashion houses can use this information to create niche products that will be in high demand.

1. Social media

This is the best place to research the latest trending items and customer preferences. Today, almost everyone is active on social media. As people increasingly spend their time online, these platforms are the best places to discuss shopping trends. It is easy to identify the most-liked product or a category of products on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram, due to their wide reach and impact. Doing a bit of research around these social media sites will give all the information an apparel business needs regarding the latest fashion trends.

2. E-commerce marketplaces

Identifying the business model

E-commerce marketplaces are filled with all the information needed to start an online fashion business. Many fashion websites and other online selling sites have a special page dedicated to the best-selling items. On sites like Etsy, the search bar displays a list of the most popular items. 

3. Trend report sites

For more technical information, trend report sites are the place to go. These sites list the most popular products trending on the internet by compiling the information from a conglomerate of search engines on the internet. Sites like Google trends provide real-time data based on region, topic, and categories. Another site, "Trend hunter," is most commonly used by marketers nowadays to understand the current market trends. The site displays the best-selling and popular products every month. Premium access to the website will allow the users to search various topics and access their full trend reports.

4. Create questionnaires on Google form or online polls on social media

Fashion businesses looking to conduct their research can make a questionnaire on Google form to help identify fashion trends. Conducting online polls and posting them on various social media platforms is a great way to understand the market needs and collect information. These questionnaires and polls can help engage the audience and can be used as a tool to increase their curiosity as well.

Best online platforms/fashion websites to sell your apparel

Nowadays, people prefer to shop online for clothes. This is the reason why apparel businesses are looking to increase their online presence. Fashion brands looking to sell their apparel online can register themselves as a seller on any one of these fashion websites

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snap deal
  • India mart
  • eBay

Registering products on such e-commerce marketplaces will ensure that these products reach millions of buyers, increasing the chances of sales and helping the business earn profits.


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