Fundamental Fashion Business Marketing Tactics

Fundamental Fashion Business Marketing Tactics

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Clothing is an essential part of life, and that automatically makes fashion a significant part too. It is a day-to-day affair where the process of thinking, planning, and execution of what to buy and wear for the different schedules of the day is carried out. And this particular significance is what makes the fashion industry a leading business in the world.

There is nothing like a small or big fashion company if what a business is selling is good. Period. According to a recent study by Statista, the leading provider of market and consumer data, the US apparel market is the largest globally. It stated that the monthly income generation of the retail sales in clothing stores easily exceeds $15 billion! With this, you can further imagine how the e-commerce businesses are progressing each day and making efforts to get customers to click and purchase clothing and accessories 24 hours a day.

How Can You as a Fashion Marketer Stand Out?

While this can be a trick question, a business can nevertheless also manage to stand out in the competition. All that they require are planned strategies and extraordinary marketing tactics. Here, we have compiled for you some of the fundamental fashion business marketing tactics that will help you go a long way:

1.     Focus on your website:

Treat your website as your child and see how you’ll grow immensely in the competitive market. Many businesses in the fashion market tend to corner their websites and focus on offline strategies. But you should not make the same mistake and give your website equal importance. Maintain a unique look and feel of the website and ensure it describes your brand perfectly. To get better reach, enhance the overall functionality so that any viewer visiting would be encouraged to check every page and maybe even make a purchase.

2.     Be consistent with the look:

Be consistent with the look

Take a look at all the major, successful brands that we have today and see how consistent they are with everything – design, color, product placements, and more. You can take inspiration from brands such as Ralph Lauren and Chanel that have used a fixed look for years and have been doing a phenomenal job. When your website is consistent, it helps the brand look credible and easy to identify, giving your clients a sense of comfort.

3.     Introduce style guides:

Fashion is versatile, and this makes it extremely creative. While the human race is well aware of how a specific attire should be worn, you introduce ways on how your customers can look glamorous. For instance, include videos or extensive blogs with interesting style guides with your brand’s fashion items. You can target your regular clients or irregular ones, finding topics that will fascinate viewers and increase your chances of maximizing revenue.

4.     Welcome and invest in partners:

Collaborating with a famous personality of the same or different industry isn’t a new strategy that needs to be planned or studied extensively. However, it has surely been the most effective strategy used by marketers of all industries, including fashion. Moreover, with the power of social media today, this effective strategy can profit you in much better numbers when executed well. Make a list of social media influencers and celebrities as per your brand’s budget and find ways to connect with them. Once you collaborate, they will share your brand with their audience, helping you grow better.

5.     Partner with local/neighbor brands:

This is a unique way to market your brand in the community. Partner with a brand that may be next to your own showroom or that of a friend. The choice is yours. You can come together by introducing interesting offers, discounts, and samplers to grab the attention of more audiences. For instance, your fashion brand can collaborate with a lifestyle brand or a chocolate brand for a special occasion such as New Year’s Day. Here, you can include offers such as flat 60% off on furniture or free chocolates on purchase of this item or amount.

6.     Launch contests for engagement:

Online or offline contests are great ways to increase engagement with all kinds of people. While your target audience will be eagerly waiting to participate, other people too will show an interest in the same. Offline contests can be held in showrooms or nearby landmarks such as a mall or a park, where interesting games can be organized, and winners can take home gifts. Similar engagement can be done online, too, where you can ask your followers to tag as many friends as possible, share your posts, use your brand’s hashtag, and more to win exciting offers and gifts. This helps increase engagement as well as sales.

7.     Create powerful email marketing campaigns:

Create powerful email marketing campaigns

The power that email marketing campaigns hold plays a critical role in benefiting every fashion marketer. You must plan to create robust email campaigns that will include your brand details, products, offers, discounts, back in stock, and many more in clear and creative designs. This is a convenient way to communicate with your audience regularly and understand potential customers that will help your brand grow. To ease the process, automate your email flow to improve relevancy. For example, you can easily check customers purchasing certain types of products that will further allow you to upsell and cross-sell products specific to their interests.

8.     Do not miss out on testimonials:

Client testimonials act as one of the primary foundations of building a brand. They help other potential customers to understand the positive aspects of a brand from its existing clients. In the fashion industry, testimonials work magically to grow a brand, be it in online or offline form. They build credibility and allow customers to trust the brand. While e-commerce websites can have a section for testimonials, offline stores can go all creative. One example can be creating a beautiful client corner in the showroom where customers write their reviews after shopping, and the same is highlighted for others to see.

With the tips above, you are definitely going to make it big in the fashion market. These are tried and tested tips that have been used by multiple brands over the years. They have helped them remain consistent and popular in the market of today. To make your planning and execution better and successful, it is highly suggested that you check out the websites of your favorite fashion brands too. You can also pay a visit to their stores and get a gist of what they do. This way, you can make a note of all the positive aspects, including the designs of outfits, and implement the best possible ones to your business. 

At Fashinza, we are committed to offering our clients in the fashion industry complete manufacturing solutions. Right from connecting clients with suppliers to designing and delivering products through quality checks, we cover them all. Fashinza also takes pride in manufacturing clothing items that are sustainable. This allows us to bridge the gap and work towards our goal to become the global supplier for manufactures across. 


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