Quick Tricks to Entice Customers With Product Descriptions

Quick Tricks to Entice Customers With Product Descriptions

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The impact of product description cannot be overstated. Reports say, at least 20% of purchase failures happen due to a lack of appropriate product descriptions. It is the description that convinces people to click on the ‘add to cart’ button. Cart abandonment due to vague or irrelevant product descriptions is a matter of concern for the e-commerce industry. Many online retailers work upon their product descriptions for a favorable impact on the customers.

Product Descriptions

A product description explains and persuades. It not only tells the customers what the product is but also why should they buy it. The length or the verbiage is not as important as might think. What really matters is that it should speak relevance rather than just flatly describing the image.

Here are a few suggestions to make your product description relevant:

1. Keep the target audience in mind:

Your market analysis will tell you a great deal about your target market and the customers. So you know who to appeal to. Have your product descriptions speaking to them, convincing them to buy your product. Use the language suited to their eyes but keep things more balance so that you become vague for the others.

Product Descriptions

2. Imagine an ideal buyer:

Customer behaviour is highly unpredictable, yet you have to come up with a product description. In that case, imagine an ideal customer and try to grasp what he/she might wish. Appeal to this implied audience while writing the description. Have a defined persona of the buyer in your mind. This will help you eliminate vagueness.

3. Let go of the filler words:

Again. Appeal to why they should buy and they shouldn’t just buy because the product is ‘good’ or ‘excellent quality. Every other store says the same thing. Make the description credible, appeal to the experience, and avoid fluffs and fillers. Give specific technical details along with the origin and material. The physical description should be to the point.

Product Descriptions

4. Include some sensory details:

Add how the customers will feel when they are using the product. Appealing to the senses can convert prospective buyers into actual ones. Phrases like ‘velvety’, ‘furry’, or ‘bright’ may encourage them into wishing to feel the product themselves. However, don’t use difficult adjectives which might not make any sense to the customers. Don’t force them to use a dictionary while shopping. The back button is not that far away! 

5. Use social proof as temptation:

This method is tested and proved most effective. People always equate social proof with credibility. They often sneak into the reviews and recommendations to decide on the purchase. If you are substantiating your description with the image of a person who has used the product or highlights it as a ‘favourite’ among the users, the product is more likely to impress favourably upon their minds. 


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