Case Study on How Men's Fashion Brands are Cracking The Quirks of Male Shoppers for Growth

Case Study on How Men's Fashion Brands are Cracking The Quirks of Male Shoppers for Growth

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Ecommerce platforms and websites have undergone significant development in the past few years. Since the pandemic, all the fashion brands have been very keen on renovating their garments with the constant change in the clothing segments across genders. This change is more evident in the men's clothing segments due to a shift in fashion among men.

Earlier it was thought that women have various clothing choices, such as sarees, suits, dresses, etc., but men only have formal shirts and suits or informal kurtas. For long, menswear had been neglected and seen as a restricted space with little scope for research and innovation. But this fact doesn't stand steadfast in the 21st century. Now men have become metrosexual and prefer looking attractive no less than a woman. 

Men now command an equal influence in fashion trends. Nowadays, men are trying to experiment with their clothes and new styles, and they are doing well at it. However, the best clothing brands for men operate a little differently than that of women as men’s clothes also need to be comfortable. 

Over time, men have started experimenting with apparel and accessories. This means that men's apparel is not restricted to classic suits but has expanded to bold looks. These changes can be seen in the changing inventory on e-commerce shopping sites. Furthermore, fashion brands have made significant developments in men’s fashion. Some of these developments are: 

  • All the shopping websites have a separate section for men. They also give discounts and deals on men’s fashion to attract more customers. Several companies and brands have developed more male-oriented segments. Some have a wardrobe entirely dedicated to men's apparel and accessories.
Changing Trends in Men’s Fashion

Experiments in fashion for men were not encouraged by several fashion brands because they believed that women were the only ones concerned about their apparel. But nowadays, men also have a preference for fashion and want to look attractive. With the blend of gender fluidity, men are breaking all the barriers and choosing their attire more openly. 

Many male actors have done various experiments in fashion to inspire men to try new trends. In the 2019 Academy Awards, Billy Porter wore a full-length gown and got the award for the best dress at the ceremony. So it is pretty clear that men and the fashion industry are both breaking the boundaries of men’s fashion.

This led to a revolution across all the fashion brands. Euromonitor International predicted that the menswear segment would clearly dominate the clothing market by 2020. 

People in the fashion industry and apparel businesses have openly welcomed the changing trends in the male fashion industry. Instead of following the traditional patterns in males’ formal and informal outfits, designers are giving them a more gender-fluid look. Everything has got a modern touch, from shirts to trousers and suits to jeans. Earlier, men preferred to keep their dress light and straightforward and preferred light, subtle colors. But now, subtle colors are reserved for formal occasions, and men mostly prefer bright and attractive colors for outdoor activities. 

Certain brands that earlier were just for women have also added a men's section. Big names such as Chanel and Madewell have recently introduced menswear. Shops for men’s apparel have also grown, and market research shows that men are now spending twice as much as women on their clothes. 

Rise of Men's Fashion

Fashion is no longer a need; it has become an expression of self. Many people have still not accepted men’s fashion or do not support it. They question the need for men’s fashion. But one needs to understand that everyone has the right to look attractive and stylish, regardless of their gender. 

Men are loyal shoppers because they tend to get comfortable with a specific type of clothing. Moreover, they seek to be comfortable and want their clothes to be comfortable. 

Men Accepting the Changing Trends

Men are slowly accepting changes in fashion trends. Some still believe there is no need to experiment, and some are open to trying new clothing categories. Male youth are more into experimenting with clothes. Today’s men want to look attractive, so they develop more acceptance towards the changing trends among the best clothing brands for men.

They no longer want to follow the same old patterns. They now want to give a makeover to their wardrobes. With time, both men and society will eventually adapt to these changes.

Men's Fashion Industry Benefited During the Pandemic

The changes in lifestyle during Covid-19 have also impacted men’s fashion drastically. E-commerce platforms have been providing their customers with an excellent shopping experience from the comfort of their homes in all categories of attires. However, Covid-19 entered our lives, and staying at home was mandated by the government. This gave men a chance to revisit their wardrobe, and they looked for more comfortable outfits rather than formal or rugged clothes. 

Fashion Influencers Changing Fashion

Most of the best clothing brands for men have been taking help from fashion influencers on various social media platforms to further the fashion trends. However, men don’t accept all dresses worn by influencers. Moreover, many celebrities from all walks of life, such as sports, singers, and actors, have collaborated with several brands to increase their sales in the men's segment. 

Are Men Better Buyers?

Both men and women have their own needs and preferences related to apparel. For sellers, both are important. Both male and female buyers help them earn a profit for their business.

Tactics used to attract female buyers or customers may not be that beneficial with male buyers, as men prefer to buy clothes that suit them and last long. As discussed earlier, men are more loyal buyers because they prefer to buy the same items they feel comfortable wearing, only in different colors and patterns. 

Due to the change in trends all around the fashion world, many big names like Chanel and Madewell are expecting an exponential rise in men’s fashion. This rise in sales results from increasing awareness about fashion in men. Furthermore, the way men see apparel has changed due to the increase in men’s fashion influencers. With the inclusion of the men’s segment in Chanel and Madewell, more brands are sure to assimilate it into their business. 

Men’s interest in fashion will grow in the long run. However, if any fashion brand wants to source men’s clothes for their stores to profit from this emerging segment, they should contact Fashinza. This company helps some of the best clothing brands for men to manufacture their collections by connecting them with suitable suppliers. Fashinza oversees the entire production process from design to delivery, and brands only need to place the order through them. 


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