Advanced AdWords PPC Strategies For Fashion Retailers

Advanced AdWords PPC Strategies For Fashion Retailers

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Making or breaking a business depends on how you present it. And since the internet is how people openly see your business, you’d want to make a really good first impression.

Out of every eCommerce business out there, fashion is supposed to be the most interesting and competitive at the same time. Getting your business noticed among thousands of others needs a personalized marketing strategy and the right advertising platform.

While the largest advertising network, Google Ads (previously called AdWords), is a reasonable enough platform to reach new audiences with your fashion business, you also need to understand that the competition in the fashion industry is fierce.

For your business without a giant budget and big goals, there are a few DIY hacks you can implement into your AdWords PPC strategies to improve your overall ROI. If you are already running AdWords for your fashion business, you might still have areas to improve in.

Here are some of the essential advanced AdWords PPC strategies for fashion retailers:

1. Use Google Shopping

As a part of improving the shopping experience, Google Shopping has constantly been improving since its inception in 2002. 

Accessible through normal Google searches, Google Shopping is a dedicated tab that lists the relevant items you could buy from different sites when you are searching for something.

One of the best features of Google Shopping is that customers are targeted more for the intent than the keyword, making it easier for people to discover your products.

Google Shopping works extremely well with fashion brands. Helping people compare products directly and easily, Google Shopping is a great tool to have for detailed ad targeting. 

The Product Listing Ads (PLAs) also feature a product image that could directly be seen in the search results. PLAs go hand-in-hand with fashion brands and similar products, so not taking advantage of them means you are losing out on a significant number of opportunities. 

2. Don’t Underestimate Negative Keywords

Don’t Underestimate Negative Keywords

As crucial as relevant keywords are, negative keywords play an equally important role. Negative keywords refer to those keywords that you don’t want your brand ads to rank for.

If you are selling high-quality apparel and clothes, you might not want to rank for keywords such as ‘cheap’, or ‘low-quality’. These keywords that you don’t want to rank for are called negative keywords. 

You can use negative keywords for the brands that you don’t want your brands to show up with as well. 

A list of negative keywords featuring low-level competition and similar brands is going to save you a lot of trouble and bring filtered traffic from your ads. Negative keywords, just like branded keywords, could be set while creating your Google Ads campaigns. 

Being a fashion retailer, you can use negative keywords to not show your ads with brands/locations you don’t want or don’t ship to. You can even set negative keywords for specific ads, ad groups, or even campaigns.

3. Use Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing, a highly detailed ad targeting type, is an incredible Google Ads feature. It ensures that the users that didn’t take action with your product the first time they visited your site see your ad again and get remembered about the products they checked out. 

Remarketing serve ads to users who may have

  • Visited your website
  • Checked your products
  • Added your products to a cart
  • Forgot items after adding them to a wishlist

Remarketing also ensures that your money spent on your ads doesn’t go in vain.

What’s important is that this is quality traffic that doesn’t need to be acquainted with your brand all over again. 

They just need to make a decision whether to buy your product or not, and remarketing is going to make sure to help them make that decision. 

4. Put a lot of thought into creating your ad

Put a lot of thought into creating your ad

A Google Ad with really no thought on the headings, description, CTAs, and overall copy isn’t going to fetch you as many results as you’d expect.

In fact, your ad might end up underperforming.

Putting thought into copywriting for your ads is critically important as it brings a standard to your ad. 

You need to be precise with your ad text, make use of every possible character, and send out the message with your ad in the shortest and sweetest way possible.

  • In case you have promo codes running on your site, feature them in your ad directly
  • Mention some USPs of your brand in the ad only
  • Include the most searched for keywords in your ad as well 


AdWords allows the opportunity for every business to be seen and noticed by people, so make sure to create a great first impression.

And since the competition in the fashion industry is overwhelming, being smart about your approach might just take your ads the extra mile.

Whether you want to build your own clothing site or improve your existing one, you can practically get started with Fashinza and start sourcing clothes on your own. 


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